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Gardenwise Singapore Botanic Gardens - 38, 2012



20th World Orchid Conference in Singapore
The precocious flowering of Arundina ‘Singapore Botanic
Gardens’, the world’s only Arundina hybrid
Resolving a century-old mystery: the parentage of Vanda
Miss Joaquim, Singapore’s national flower
Corybas orchids, elusive and enigmatic botanical gems 14 Joe Arditti’s collection of orchid literature comes toSingapore; A renowned orchidologist’s research collection of papers is now with the Singapore Botanic Gardens
Night encounters with bioluminescent mushrooms
Heritage of the Tan Phu forest
Rudraksha: the bead tree of India and related species

Regular Features:
Message from the Director
Launch of the Healing Garden
Rare books exhibition by the Makino Botanical Garden
Trees of the World
Forests, People, Environment Exhibition
Once upon a planarians
Matchmaking palms-double coconuts find love across the seas
New and Exciting
New in the library shop
Ginger and its Allies
Kaempferia candida: Curcuma in brilliant disguise
From Taxonomy Corner
What’s Blooming
Healing floras that enhance beauty and health
Staff Publications
Publications by garden staff in 2011
From Education Outreach
Outreach to educators
Beyond the Gardens
15th Flora of Thailand Meeting
2nd Red Listing Workshop on Threatened Plants from
Key Visitors to the Garden
July-December 2011
From the Archives
Back cover Reichenbachia: orchids illustrated and described


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