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Crop & Pasture Science - 63 (4), 2012


Genetic diversity among a founder parent and widely grown wheat cultivars derived from the same origin based on morphological traits and microsatellite markers

X. J. Li, X. Xu, X. M. Yang, X. Q. Li, W. H. Liu, A. N. Gao and L. H. Li

The storage protein activator gene Spa-B1 and grain quality traits in southern Australian wheat breeding programs

H. A. Eagles, Karen Cane, Marie Appelbee, Haydn Kuchel, R. F. Eastwood and P. J. Martin

Greenhouse gas emissions profile for 1 tonne of wheat produced in Central Zone (East) New South Wales: a life cycle assessment approach

Philippa Brock, Patrick Madden, Graeme Schwenke and David Herridge

Oil yield components and oil quality of high stearic-high oleic sunflower genotypes as affected by intercepted solar radiation during grain filling

Roberto D. Martínez, Natalia G. Izquierdo, Raúl González Belo, Luis A. N. Aguirrezábal, Fernando Andrade and Roberto Reid

Identifying resistance genes to Leptosphaeria maculans in Australian Brassica napus cultivars based on reactions to isolates with known avirulence genotypes

Steve J. Marcroft, Vicki L. Elliott, Anton J. Cozijnsen, Phillip A. Salisbury, Barbara J. Howlett and Angela P. Van de Wouw

Resistance of standing milkvetch (Astragalus adsurgens) varieties to Embellisia astragali

B. H. Yu, Z. B. Nan, Y. Z. Li and H. L. Lin

Drought-tolerance indices in a tall fescue population and its polycross progenies

Maryam Ebrahimiyan, Mohammad Mahdi Majidi, Aghafakhr Mirlohi and Mahdi Gheysari

Selection for late flowering and greater number of basal branches increases the leaf dry matter yield in Melilotus albus Desr.

J. M. Zabala, G. Schrauf, J. Baudracco, J. Giavedoni, O. Quaino and P. Rush

Agronomic value and morphophysiological diversity of non-Ladino Italian white clover wild populations compared with variety germplasm

P. Annicchiarico

Climatic conditions for seedling recruitment within perennial grass swards in south-eastern Australia

R. Thapa, D. R. Kemp and M. L. Mitchell


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