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Castanea - 76 (4), 2011


President's Message

Lytton John Musselman

Remembering…My Thirty Years with Castanea 

Audrey Mellichamp, Managing Editor, Castanea

Lost and Found: Remnants of the Big Savannah and Their Relationship to Wet Savannas in North Carolina 

W. A. Wall, T. R. Wentworth, S. Shelingoski, J. M. Stucky, R. J. LeBlond, and W. A. Hoffmann

Community Analysis of Green Pitcher Plant (Sarracenia oreophila) Bogs in Alabama 

Terry Boyer and Robert Carter

Mode of Substrate Adaptation in Rock Outcrop Plants: Cyperus aristatus Rottb. and Cyperus granitophilus McVaugh 

Stewart Ware, Susan E. Crow, and Benjamin A. Waitman

Forest Succession After 43 Years Without Disturbance on Ex-arable Land, Northern Florida 

Andre Clewell

Evaluating Physiological and Growth Responses of Arundinaria Species to Inundation 

Mary Catherine Mills, Brian S. Baldwin, and Gary N. Ervin

The Relationship Between Soil Environmental Factors and Flowering Phenology in Two Sympatric Southeastern Gelsemium Species—Does Habitat Specialization Determine Differences in Flowering Time? 

John B. Pascarella

Noteworthy Collections
North Carolina 

John B. Taggart and Brenda L. Wichmann

Kentucky A Record of Cyrtomium fortunei J. Sm. in Kentucky with Comments on the Spread of this Exotic Species in the Southeastern United States 

Thomas Aaron Hulsey and Albert J. Meier

Florida Nelsonia canescens, a Genus and Species New to the Adventive Flora of the United States 

Alan R. Franck and Thomas F. Daniel

Manual of the Vascular Flora of Nags Head Woods, Outer Banks, North Carolina 

Alan S. Weakley

Wildflowers and Plant Communities of the Southern Appalachian Mountains and Piedmont 

Beverly Collins and Katherine Mathews


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