wtorek, 4 grudnia 2012

Castanea - 77 (2), 2012


Influences of Hemlock Woolly Adelgid–Induced Stand-Level Mortality on Nitrogen Cycling and Stream Water Nitrogen Concentrations in Southern Pennsylvania

Jason F. Cessna and Caroline Nielsen

Soil Factors in Three Populations of Endangered Golden Sedge (Carex lutea LeBlond)

John B. Taggart and Zachary T. Long

Reintroduction of Federally Endangered Harperella (Harperella nodosum Rose) in Flood-Prone, Artificial, and Natural Habitats 

Elizabeth Fortson Wells

Scientific Note: Addendum to a Calculation of Expected Plant Frequency 

Steven R. Helm

Floral Colonization of a Free-Water Surface Constructed Wetland System in Grady County, Georgia 

Sarah A. White, Milton D. Taylor, and Dixie Z. Damrel

Diarrhena obovata in the Potomac River Watershed: A New Invader? 

Chris Lea

Noteworthy Collections: Pennsylvania 

Jerry G. Chmielewski

Noteworthy Collections: Mississippi and Louisiana 

Mac H. Alford

Phylogeny and Phylogeography of North American Castanea Mill. (Fagaceae) Using cpDNA Suggests Gene Sharing in the Southern Appalachians (Castanea Mill., Fagaceae) no access

Joey Shaw, J. Hill Craddock, and Meagan A. Binkley

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