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Cladistics - 28 (3), 2012


    Confusing homologs as homologies: a reply to “On homology” (pages 223–224)

    David M. Williams and Malte C. Ebach

    More on homology (pages 225–226)

    Kevin C. Nixon and James M. Carpenter

    Counterfeit cladistics (pages 227–228)

    James S. Farris

    “Phenetics” and its application (pages 229–230)

    David M. Williams and Malte C. Ebach

    Fudged “phenetics” (pages 231–233)

    James S. Farris

    Systematics and evolution of syllids (Annelida, Syllidae) (pages 234–250)

    M. Teresa Aguado, Guillermo San Martín and Mark E. Siddall

    Comprehensive taxon sampling reveals unaccounted diversity and morphological plasticity in a group of dimitic polypores (Polyporales, Basidiomycota) (pages 251–270)

    Otto Miettinen, Ellen Larsson, Elisabet Sjökvist and Karl-Henrik Larsson

    Relationships within Podocarpaceae based on DNA sequence, anatomical, morphological, and biogeographical data (pages 271–299)

    Patrick Knopf, Christian Schulz, Damon P. Little, Thomas Stützel and Dennis W. Stevenson

    A comparison of DNA-based methods for delimiting species in a Cretan land snail radiation reveals shortcomings of exclusively molecular taxonomy (pages 300–316)

    Jan Sauer and Bernhard Hausdorf

    Detecting areas of endemism with a taxonomically diverse data set: plants, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds, and insects from Argentina (pages 317–329)

    Claudia Szumik, Lone Aagesen, Dolores Casagranda, Vanesa Arzamendia, Diego Baldo, Lucía E. Claps, Fabiana Cuezzo, Juan M. Díaz Gómez, Adrián Di Giacomo, Alejandro Giraudo, Pablo Goloboff, Cecilia Gramajo, Cecilia Kopuchian, Sonia Kretzschmar, Mercedes Lizarralde, Alejandra Molina, Marcos Mollerach, Fernando Navarro, Soledad Nomdedeu, Adela Panizza, Verónica V. Pereyra, María Sandoval, Gustavo Scrocchi and Fernando O. Zuloaga

    Does the clash between instinct and science exist in naming nature? (pages 330–332)

    Larissa N. Vasilyeva


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