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Castanea - 77 (1), 2012

Letter to the Readers 

John Pascarella

Multivariate Analysis of Stream Substrates in Subpopulations of Harperella (Ptilimnium nodosum (Rose) Mathias: Apiaceae) at Sideling Hill Creek, Maryland, USA

Christopher T. Frye and Samantha M. Tessel

Mating System Analysis of Alnus maritima (Seaside Alder), a Rare Riparian Tree

James M. Jones and J. Phil Gibson

Stand Dynamics of a 46-Year Invasion by Phellodendron amurense Rupr. in an Eastern North American Forest 

Eric C. Morgan

Study of Understory Vegetation at The University of Mississippi Field Station in North Mississippi 

Rani Menon and Marjorie M. Holland

Seeds of Eriocaulaceae of the United States and Canada 

Scott Zona, Philip Davis, L. A. A. H. Gunathilake, Jeffery Prince, and James W. Horn

Biodiversity Data in the Information Age: Do 21st Century Floras Make the Grade? 

Michael W. Palmer and J. Channing Richardson

Vascular Plant Flora of Two Natural Areas in Wabash County, Indiana 

David J. Hicks

Noteworthy Collections: North Carolina 

David Campbell

Phylogenetics and Diversification of Syringa Inferred from Nuclear and Plastid DNA Sequences 

Jianhua Li, Benjamin Goldman-Huertas, Jeffrey DeYoung, and John Alexander III

Perspectives on Chemotaxonomy: Molecular Data Confirm the Existence of Two Morphologically Distinct Species within a Chemically Defined Lepraria caesiella (Stereocaulaceae)

James C. Lendemer

A Subspecific Revision of North American Saltmarsh Mallow Kosteletzkya pentacarpos (L.) Ledeb. (Malvaceae) 

Sara N. Alexander, Lee-Ann C. Hayek, and Andrea Weeks

Old Growth Urban Forests (Springer Briefs in Ecology) 

Robert James Scheff


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