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Crop & Pasture Science - 63 (2), 2012


Breeding lucerne for persistence

J. H. Bouton

Perennial ryegrass breeding in New Zealand: A dairy industry perspective

Julia M. Lee, Cory Matthew, Errol R. Thom and David F. Chapman

Evaluation of a reduced-tillering (tin) gene in wheat lines grown across different production environments

J. H. Mitchell, S. C. Chapman, G. J. Rebetzke, D. G. Bonnett and S. Fukai

Adaptation analysis of diversity in adzuki germplasm introduced into Australia

R. J. Redden, P. M. Kroonenberg and K. E. Basford

Assessment of gene flow in white clover (Trifolium repens L.) under field conditions in Australia using phenotypic and genetic markers

J. A. De Lucas, J. W. Forster, K. F. Smith and G. C. Spangenberg

Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi improve the growth and nodulation of the annual legume messina (Melilotus siculus) under saline and non-saline conditions

B. A. L. Wilson, G. J. Ash and J. D. I. Harper

Dry matter allocation in Medicago arborea and Medicago citrina in response to drought and defoliation

Elkadri Lefi, Miquel A. Conesa, Josep Cifre, Javier Gulías and Hipólito Medrano


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