poniedziałek, 28 listopada 2011

Asclepios - 111, 2011 w numerze o Hoya matavanuensis, Hoya tauensis oraz Hoya cystiantha


Alan Butler

In Search of The Truth Modern techniques used in stapeliad taxonomy today
Dennis de Kock

New Hoya introductions: Hoya matavanuensis & Hoya tauensis
Dale Kloppenburg

A northeastern range extension of Orbea cooperi (N.E.Br.) L.C.Leach
S.M.Berruti & S.P.Bester

Notes on some Edible, Medicinal and Magical Xerophytic, Tuberous or Succulent Asclepiads and a Firework
Pat Collins

Designation of a neotype for a species of Hoya from Sumatra: Hoya cystiantha, Schlechter
Ted Green

Front Cover: Orbea cooperi at Lccuwkop - Photo by S.P. Bester.


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