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African Journal of Biotechnology - 10 (43-46), 2011

Contents [10 (43), 2011]:

Kuben K. Naidoo and Roger M. Coopoosamy

Review on herbal remedies used by the 1860 South African Indian settlers

Atusa Vaziri, Nasrin Motamed, Ali-Reza Abbasi, Beniamin Yazdani and Vahid Niknam

Growth assessments of Nicotianatabaccumcv.Xanthitransformed with Arabidopsis thalianaP5CS under salt stress

Mohd Azinuddin Ahmad Mokhtar, Syarul Nataqain Baharum, Normah Mohd Noor and Vijay Kumar

Isolation and identification of microsatellite repeat motifs from the Epinephelus fuscoguttatus genome

K. P. Ramesha, K. V. Prasanna Kumar, K. Chandrashekar, Sandeep Das, B.C. Saravanan, R. Pourouchottamane and M. Kataktalware

Genetic variability of Indian yaks using random amplified polymorphic DNA markers

P. Thangavel, S. John Britto and S. R. Senthilkumar

Adventitious shoot regeneration from leaf explants of the valuable medicinal herb Plectranthus barbatus Andrews

Nidhal Marzougui, Anissa Boubaya, Ines Thabti, Walid Elfalleh, Ferdaous Guasmi and Ali Ferchichi

Polyploidy induction of Tunisian Trigonella foenum-greaum L. populations

Wajid Hussain, Inamullah, Habib Ahmad, Muhammad Sajjad Iqbal, Fida Muhammad Abbassi, Rabnawaz, Wesal Ahmad, Liaqat and Shah Hussain

Identification of leaf rust resistant gene Lr10 in Pakistani wheat germplasm

Dawood Ahmad, Noladhi Wicaksana, Takayoshi Shimazaki, Akira Kikuchi, Shakeel Ahmad Jatoi and Kazuo N. Watanabe

Environmentally safe in vitro regeneration protocol for Curcuma, Kaempferia and Zingiber

Tabassum Yaseen, Tanvir Burni and Farrukh Hussain

Effect of arbuscular mycorrhizal inoculation on nutrient uptake, growth and productivity of cowpea (Vigna unguiculata) varieties

Farhat Nazir, Mahmood-ul-Hassan, Zahid Akram, Muhammad Matloob Javed, Shoukat Ali, Ghulam Muhammad Ali and Yusuf Zafar

In vitro regeneration of Pakistani peanut (Arachis hypogea L.) varieties using de-embryonated coteledonary explants

Ismail Erper, Muharrem Turkkan, Gürsel H. Karaca and Gülay Kilic

Evaluation of in vitro antifungal activity of potassium bicarbonate on Rhizoctonia solani AG 4 HG-I, Sclerotinia sclerotiorum and Trichoderma sp.

Akila Mansseri-Lamrioui, Ali Louerguioui, Jaqueline Bonaly, Saliha Yakoub-Bougdal, Nacer Allili and Salima Gana-Kebbouche

Proliferation and rooting of wild cherry: The influence of cytokinin and auxin types and their concentration

K. A. Yongabi, D. M. Lewis and P. L. Harris

Indigenous plant based coagulants/disinfectants and sand filter media for surface water treatment in Bamenda, Cameroon

Santosh Kumar Yadav, Deepali Bisht, Shikha and Nandan Singh Darmwal

Oxidant and solvent stable alkaline protease from Aspergillus flavus and its characterization

G. I. Okwu, P. N. Achar, M. J. Ikenebomeh and M. Y. Sreenivasa

Studies of food thickeners in Nigeria for contamination by aflatoxigenic forms of Aspergillus and their detection by PCR

Zikhona T. Rani, Michael Chimonyo, Arno Hugo, Upenyu Marume and Voster Muchenje

Effect of parity on the proximate composition and fatty acid profile of milk from Nguni cattle grazing on natural pastures

Joginder Singh Duhan, Manju Bhardwaj and Surekha

Free radical-scavenging and antimutagenic potential of acetone, chloroform and methanol extracts of fruits of Argemone mexicana

Yan-Bin Wu, Xiong-Hao Lin, Jian-Guo Wu, Jun Yi, Yan-Zhi Zheng and Jin-Zhong Wu

Volatile components of fruits of Ligustrum lucidum Ait. stimulate proliferation and differentiation of rat calvarial osteoblasts

Xuelan Liu, Weiyi Yu, Jinnian Li, Fangfang Chen, Shengjie Liu, Chao Wu and Jiaping Xu

cDNA cloning and primary structure analysis of invariant chain in Chinese Pengze crucian carp

Yan-tao Zhao, Xiao-dan Wang, Wan-yu Shi and Xiu-hui Zhong

Anti-abortive effect of quercetin and bornyl acetate on macrophages and IL-10 in uterus of mice


Contents [10 (44), 2011]:

Ali Suliman Al-Akel and Elamin Mohamed Suliman

Biological control agent for mosquito larvae: Review on the killifish, Aphanius dispar dispar (Rüppel, 1829)

Sagheer Atta, Yongqing Liu, Mengji Cao, Fang-yun Yang,Yan Zhou and Changyong Zhou

Molecular characterization of Citrus tristeza virus isolates from Pakistan based on CPG/Hinf I restriction fragment length polymorphism (RFLP) groups analysis

Xiaohong He, Yingfan Cai, Quan Sun, Youlu Yuan and Yuzheng Shi

MicroRNA expression profiling during upland cotton gland forming age by microarray and quantitative reverse-transcription polymerase chain reaction (qRT-PCR)

Amira Abdulbari Kassem, Md Zuki Abu Bakar, Goh Yong Meng and Noordin Mohamed Mustapha

Effect of dietary n-6 to n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid ratio on prostaglandin plasma levels and genes expression peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor (PPAR) in pregnant Sprague Dawley rats

Salim Khan, Khanda Jabeen Mirza and Malik Zainul Abdin

DNA fingerprinting for the authentication of Ruta graveolens

Mohammad Kassem, Ahmed El-Ahmed, Mohammad S. Hakim, Ahmad Al-Saleh, Mohammad EL-Khalifeh and Miloudi Nachit

Identifying leaf rust resistance gene Lr19 in durum wheat using simple sequence repeat (SSR) marker

Feng-Lan Li, Xiao-Jun Ma, Xin-Ling Hu, Angela Hoffman, Jun-Gui Dai and De-You Qiu

Antisense-induced suppression of taxoid 14ß-hydroxylase gene expression in transgenic Taxus × media cells

Lin Meng, Hong Xin Yang, Pei Chun Mao, Hong Wen Gao and Fu Ding Sun

Genetic diversity analysis of Arrhenatherum elatius germplasm with inter-simple sequence repeat (ISSR) markers

Hamid Rashid, Zubeda Chaudhry and Mohammad Haroon Khan

Effect of explant plant source and acetosyringone concentration on transformation efficiency of wheat cultivars

Mpho Edwin Maudu, Fhatuwani Nixwell Mudau and Irvine Kwaramba Mariga

The effect of gibberellins on sprouting of cuttings and quality of bush tea (Athrixia phylicoides DC)

K. S. Yobo, M. D. Laing and C. H. Hunter

Effects of single and combined inoculations of selected Trichoderma and Bacillus isolates on growth of dry bean and biological control of Rhizoctonia solani damping-off

Abdalmajid Nasher Mohamed, Mohd Razi Ismail, Mihdzar Abdul Kadir and Halimi Mohd Saud

In vitro performances of hypocotyl and cotyledon explants of tomato cultivars under sodium chloride stress

Elham Ramezani, Mehdi Ghajar Sepanlou and Hasan Ali Naghdi Badi

The effect of salinity on the growth, morphology and physiology of Echium amoenum Fisch. & Mey.

Ozlem Onal Asci

Salt tolerance in red clover (Trifolium pratense L.) seedlings

Lale Efe and Emine Yarpuz

The effect of zinc application methods on seed cotton yield, lint and seed quality of cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) in east Mediterranean region of Turkey

K. M. Pofu, P. W. Mashela and M. S. Mphosi

Management of Meloidogyne incognita in nematode-susceptible watermelon cultivars using nematode-resistant Cucumis africanus and Cucumis myriocarpus rootstocks

Zahra Aminfar, Mehdi Dadmehr, Behnaz Korouzhdehi, Baratali Siasar and Mohamad Heidari

Determination of chromosomes that control physiological traits associated with salt tolerance in barley at the seedling stage

Ananthapadmanaban Saravanakumar, Abubakker Aslam and Appakan Shajahan

Histochemical localization of cytokinin oxidase/dehydrogenase during the developmental stages of Withania somnifera (L.) Dunal

Vahi Rahimi, Mohammad Sadat-Hosseini Grouh, Ammanollah Solymani, Nadia Bahermand and Heidar Meftahizade

Assessment of cytological and morphological variation among Iranian native Iris species

Mostafa Heidar, Mohammad Galavi and Maryam Hassani

Effect of sulfur and iron fertilizers on yield, yield components and nutrient uptake in sesame (Sesamum indicum L.) under water stress

Yasin Ucarli

Effects of wild boar (Sus scrofa) on farming activities: A case study of Turkey

R. Vennila and V. Kannan

Bioremediation of petroleum refinery effluent by Planococcus halophilus

Amjad Khalil

Isolation and characterization of three thermophilic bacterial strains (lipase, cellulose and amylase producers) from hot springs in Saudi Arabia

Shuaib Kaleem, Fayyaz- ul- Hassan, M. Ahmad, Imran Mahmood, Allah Wasaya, M. A. Randhawa and Pervaiz Khaliq

Effect of growing degree days on autumn planted sunflower

Yanhao Xu, Fei Yang, Xiaohai Tian, Wenying Zhang, Xiaoyan Wang and Guohui Ma

Different patterns of transcriptomic response to high temperature between diploid and tetraploid Dioscorea zingiberensis C. H.

Mariane Gioppo, Jean Ricardo Olinik and Ricardo Antonio Ayub

Postharvest quality of carrot cultivars, packaged and in bulk

Ali Özcan, Mustafa Pehlivan, Ayşe Gaye Tomatir, E. Karaca, Cihangir Özkinay, Filiz Özdemir and Sacide Pehlivan

Polymorphisms of the DNA repair gene XPD (751) and XRCC1 (399) correlates with risk of hematological malignancies in Turkish population

Mohaddeseh Behjati, Mohammad Hashemi, Mohammad Kazemi and Mansoor Salehi

Nitric oxide level and von Willebrand factor (vWF) secretion are not candidate markers of endothelial cell dysfunction in adenosine triphosphate (ATP) depleted endothelial cells

Bifang Hao, XiaoFang Guo, Meng Wang and Xingjia Shen

Subcelluar localization of orf126 of Bombyx mori nucleopolyhedrovirus

Mani Sathiya and Krishnaswamy Muthuchelian

Anti-tumor potential of total alkaloid extract of Prosopis juliflora DC. leaves against Molt-4 cells in vitro

Hua-you Chen, Jin-hong Zhang, Jian Lu, Qing-gang Xu, Xiang-hui Qi and Dao-chen Zhu

Simple and efficient methods for isolation and activity measurement of the recombinant hirudin variant 3 from Bacillus subtilis

Niloufar Rashidi, Sharareh Moghim, Jamshid Fagheri and Hajieh Ghasemian Safaei

Catalase epitopes vaccine design for Helicobacter pylori: A bioinformatics approach

Seyda Berk, Bektas Tepe, Serdal Arslan and Cengiz Sarikurkcu

Screening of the antioxidant, antimicrobial and DNA damage protection potentials of the aqueous extract of Asplenium ceterach DC

Farooq Ahmad, Mir Ajab Khan, Mushtaq Ahmad, Muhammad Zafar, Ameer Khan and Zafar Iqbal

Palynological studies in tribe Chlorideae (Poaceae) from salt range of Pakistan

Nabeel A. Adeyemi, Akm Mohiuddin and Tariq Jameel

Waste cooking oil transesterification: Influence of impeller type, temperature, speed and bottom clearance on FAME yield

Linzhu Ren, Daxin Pang, Mingjun Zhang, Li Li, Tiedong Wang, Hongsheng Ouyang and Aimin Li

Comparative analysis of the activity of two promoters in insect cells

Taddese Ayele, Zuki, A. B. Z., Noorjahan, B. M. A. and Noordin, M. M.

A comparative study of lyophilized bovine pericardium and tunica parietalis vaginalis for repair of large abdominal wall defects in a rabbit model

Kamran Zand, Farhad Foroudi, Albert V. Vardanyan and Mohamad Molaei

Effect of autoclave processing and gamma irradiation on apparent ileal amino acids digestibility of cottonseed meal in male broiler breeders

Farzana Perveen

Effects of sublethal doses of chlorfluazuron on the testicular biochemical constituents of Spodoptera litura (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)

Iraj Ashrafi, Hamid Kohram, Hamid Naijian, Mehdi Poorhamdollah and Hamid Mirzakhani

Effect of controlled and uncontrolled cooling rate on motility parameters of cryopreserved ram spermatozoa

S. R. Magano, F. Nchu and J. N. Eloff

In vitro investigation of the repellent effects of the essential oil of Lippia javanica on adults of Hyalomma marginatum rufipes

Al-Timmemi, H. A., Ibrahim, R., Zuki, A. Z., Azmi, T. I. and Al-Jashamy, K.

Bone marrow stromal cells implantation and suture repair of peripheral nerve: A comparative study of functional, histopathological, morphometric and relative gastrocnemius muscle weight in rabbits


Contents [10 (45), 2011]:

B. Guo, Bilal Haider Abbasi, Amir Zeb, L. L. Xu and Y. H. Wei

Thidiazuron: A multi-dimensional plant growth regulator

Sobhy Al Sohaimy, Eiman Aleem, Elsayed E Hafez, Sally S Esmail, Muhammad El-Saadani and Nihad Abdel Moneim

Expression of recombinant Streptokinase from local Egyptian Streptococcus sp. SalMarEg

Zu-Ping Zheng, Xiao-Hong Liu, Yu-Bi Huang, Xun Wu, Chuan He and Zhong Li

A quantitative trait locus for the number of days from sowing to seedling emergence in maize

Sehrish Kanwal, Hina Iqbal, Alia Parveen, Jabber Zaman Khattak and Asif Mir

CatSper ion channels: Bioinformatics analysis in Homo sapiens

Haiyan Ge, Huaizhi Li, Yang Liu, Xiang Li and Huoying Chen

Characterization of novel developed expressed sequence tag (EST)-derived simple sequence repeat (SSR) markers and their application in diversity analysis of eggplant

Feng Li, Chengjun Yang, Haifeng liu and Jun Wang

An effective method for RNA extraction from grapevine berry skins

Ramazan Acar, Rahim Ada and Abdullah Özköse

Effects of different mowing dates of plant top on tuber yield of Jerusalem artichoke (Helianthus tuberosus L.)

Xiao-yan Zhu, Rong-tang Liu and Ying-jun Zhang

Interactions of a hairy vetch-corn rotation and P fertilizer on the NPK balance in an upland red soil of the Yunnan plateau

Yi Wu, Hongxiang Zhang and Daowei Zhou

Emergence and seedling growth of five forage legume species at various burial depth and two light levels

Awais Zulfiqar, Ren He, Jie Zhang, Jing Li, Xiaofeng Cui and Yan Xie

Molecular characterization of two isolates of sweet potato leaf curl virus infecting Ipomoea indica in China

Masoumeh Maleki, Hassan Ebrahimzade, Mansour Gholami, Vahid Niknam

The effect of drought stress and exogenous abscisic acid on growth, protein content and antioxidative enzyme activity in saffron (Crocus sativus L.)

Reza Yari, Farah Farahani, Masoud Sheidai, Shideh Montasser Kouhsarri and Hamid fahimi

The effects of prolonged vegetative reproduction of the two Iranian olive cv. tree cultivars (Dezful Baghmalek and Dezful Safiabad) on morphological traits

Farhad Lashgarara, S. Mehdi Mirdamadi and S.Jamal Farajollah Hosseini

Identification of appropriate tools of information and communication technologies (ICT) in the improvement of food security of Iran's rural households

A. R. Bagheri

Effect of salinity and inoculation with Azosprillium on carbohydrate production, nitrogen status and yield of barley

Hayet Lahmar Edziri, Gutman Laurent, Aouni Mahjoub and Maha Mastouri

Antiviral activity of Conyza canadensis (L.) Cronquist extracts grown in Tunisia

Raheela Chaudhry and Abdul Rauf Shakoori

Characterization of copper resistant ciliates: Potential candidates for consortia of organisms used in bioremediation of wastewater

Mukhtar Ahmed, Fayyaz-ul-Hassan, M. Aqeel Aslam, Mustazhar Nasib Akram and M. Akmal

Regression model for the study of sole and cumulative effect of temperature and solar radiation on wheat yield

Haifeng Li, Wei Sun, YunyunGao, YudanWu, Lifeng Huang, Eric Zhijian Huang, Anming Wang, Xiaopu Yin, Qiuyan Wang, Tian Xie and Zhaowu Zeng

Cloning, recombinant expression and characterization of a new glucoamylase gene from Aureobasidium pullulans NRRL 12974 and its potential application in raw potato starch degradation

Daniella Valeri, André Moreni Lopes* and Adalberto Pessoa-Júnior

Evaluation of xylanases from Aspergillus niger and Trichoderma sp. on dough rheological properties

Khaled A. Al-Khaza’leh, Khalid Omar and M. S. Jaafar

Photobleaching of Sn(IV) chlorine e6 dichloride trisodium salt in different environments

Ju Guoquan and Liu Yueying

Study of safflower on blood lactate concentration and exercise function of mice after exercise

H. Sher and M. N. Alyemeni

Pharmaceutically important plants used in traditional system of Arab medicine for the treatment of livestock ailments in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia

P. Avinash, Idress H. Attitalla, M. Ramgopal, Santhosh Ch and M. Balaji

In vitro antimicrobial and antioxidant activities of bark extracts of Bauhinia purpurea

Siriporn Kaewklom and Renu Vejaratpimol

In vitro protective effect of Pandanus ordoratissimus extract on ultraviolet B (UVB)-induced DNA damage

Jia Li and Long Zhang

Indication of bioactive candidates among body volatiles of gregarious adult locusts Locusta migratoria manilensis by electroantennography (EAG) test

S. A. Masudul Hoque, Sanjoy Kumar Kabiraj, M. A. M. Yahia Khandoker, Anupom Mondal and K. M. A. Tareq

Effect of collection techniques on cumulus oocyte complexes (COCs) recovery, in vitro maturation and fertilization of goat oocytes

YouShuang Zhu, HaiBo Zhang, YingLong Zhang and Feng Huang

Lignocellulose degradation, enzyme production and protein enrichment by Trametes versicolor during solid-state fermentation of corn stover

Abdallah Atia, Hafsi Chokri, Rabhi Mokded, Zouhaier Barhoumi, Chedly Abdelly and Abderrazak Smaoui

Anatomy of the fruit of the halophyte Crithmum maritimum L. with emphasis on the endosperm structure and histochemistry

Fatemeh Shirmohammad and Morteza Mehri

Effects of dietary supplementation of multi-enzyme complex on the energy utilization in rooster and performance of broiler chicks

Enayat Rahmatnejad, Mohamad Bojar Pour, Morteza Mamuei, Khalil Mirzadeh and Ali Hossein Perai

The effects of dried tomato pomace and a multiple-enzyme mixture supplementation (Rovabio ExcelTM) on performance and carcass quality of broiler chickens

Hai-feng Wang, Xiu-hui Zhong, Wan-yu Shi1 and Bing Guo

Study of malondialdehyde (MDA) content, superoxide dismutase (SOD) and glutathione peroxidase (GSH-Px) activities in chickens infected with avian infectious bronchitis virus


Contents [10 (46), 2011]:

Zhou Wen Ting, Hao Ming Ming, Liu Jing, Qian Wen Jing and He Zheng Quan

Rabbit defensin (NP-1) genetic engineering of plant

Yanzhen Wang, Hongzhi Wang, Ruifen Li, Yan Ma and Jianhua Wei

Expression of a SK2-type dehydrin gene from Populus euphratica in a Populus tremula × Populus alba hybrid increased drought tolerance

Jian Zhao, Nana Ni, Chang Liu, Pengju Zhang, Yang Yu, Zhaobo Chen, Weiwen Chen and Anli Jiang

Cloning and characterization of the 5' flanking region of microRNA let-7a-1/let-7f-1 gene cluster in human lung cancer cell

Manoj Kumar Srivastava, Chandrabhan Yadav, Vishnu Bhat and Suresh Kumar

Cloning and characterization of cDNA encoding xyloglucan endotransglucosylase in Pennisetum glaucum L.

Wei Yang, Xiaoming Yu, Weiguang Yang and Bao Liu

Parental epigenetic difference in DNA methylation-level may play contrasting roles for different agronomic traits related to yield heterosis in maize

Shiragambi Hanumantagouda Manohar and Hosakatte Niranjana Murthy

Use of random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) in differentiation of selected species of Cucumis grown in Southern India

Manuel Cabrera Jova, Rafael Gómez Kosky, Ayme Rayas Cabrera, Manuel De Feria, Milagros Basail Perez, Victor Medero Vega and Jorge López Torres

Performance of yam microtubers from temporary immersion system in field conditions

Wentao Xu, Feng Guo, Xin Zhou, Ying Shang, Yanfang Yuan, Fangfang Zhang and Kunlun Huang

Unintended effects were investigated in antioxidant activity between genetically modified organisms and their nontransgenic control

Hernández Aguilar Claudia, Rodríguez Páez Carmen Liliana, Domínguez- Pacheco Flavio Arturo, Hernández Anguiano Ana María, Cruz-Orea Alfredo and Carballo Carballo Aquiles

Laser light on the mycoflora content in maize seeds

Lin Han, Hai-de Zhang, Shi-shu Luo and Kai Luo

Optimization of ultrasound-assisted extraction of total phenol from betel (Areca catechu L.) nut seed and evaluation of antioxidant activity in vitro

Li Xiao-Peng, Li Xin-Gang, Dong Quan-Min and Liu Zhen-Heng

Effects of animal’s rumen juice on seed germination of Vicia angustifolia with different seed size

Faridah, Q. Z., Abdelmageed, A. H. A., Julia, A. A. and Nor Hafizah, R.

Efficient in vitro regeneration of Zingiber zerumbet Smith (a valuable medicinal plant) plantlets from rhizome bud explants

Younes Sharghi, Amir Hossein Shirani Rad, Amir Ayeneh Band, Ghorban Noormohammadi and Hossein Zahedi

Yield and yield components of six canola (Brassica napus L.) cultivars affected by planting date and water deficit stress

Nadali Bagheri and Nadali Babaeian-Jelodar

Genetics and combining ability of fertility restoration of 'wild abortive' cytoplasmic male sterility in rice

P. Barzali, A.J. Mofidabadi, M. R. Zangi and R. Bozorgi

The using of gibberellic acid hormone on cotton mature embryo resulted by crossing between wild and commercial species on artificial medium

A. Ugraiah, V. Raja Sreelatha, P.V. Krishna Reddy, K. Rajasekhar, S. Sandhya Rani, S. Karuppusamy and T. Pullaiah

In vitro shoot multiplication and conservation of Caralluma bhupenderiana Sarkaria - an endangered medicinal plant from South India

Mahmoud Shomeili, Majid Nabipour, Mosa Meskarbashee and Hamid Rajabi Memari

Evaluation of sugarcane (Saccharum officinarum L.) somaclonal variants tolerance to salinity in vitro and in vivo cultures

Serik Mukhambetzhanov, Svetlana Nam, Valentina Mursalieva and Izbasar Rakhimbaev

Micropropagation of rose cultivar ‘Pareo’

Abdullahi Bako Rabah, Maryam Lami Ibrahim, Udeme Joshua Josiah Ijah and 1Shu’aibu Bala Manga

Assessment of the efficiency of a yeast biofilter in the treatment of abattoir wastewater

Elhem Mansour, Abdennaceur Ben khaled, Mansour Haddad, Mabrouka Abid, Khouloud Bachar, and Ali Ferchichi

Selection of pomegranate (Punica granatum L.) in south-eastern Tunisia

Azita Shabrangi, Ahmad Majd and Masoud Sheidai

Effects of extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields on growth, cytogenetic, protein content and antioxidant system of Zea mays L.

Zhongyang Ding, Shuangping Liu, Zhenghua Gu, Liang Zhang, Kechang Zhang and Guiyang Shi

Production of milk-clotting enzyme by Bacillus subtilis B1 from wheat bran

Ergün Şakalar and Mustafa Fatih Abasiyanik

Qualitative analysis of meat and meat products by multiplex polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technique

Tingtao Chen, Mengjuan Wang, Shuying Jiang, Shunqiang Xiong and Hua Wei

The application of polymerase chain reaction-denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis (PCR-DGGE) method in microbial screening

Eugene K. A. Fletcher, Theresa N. E. Amoako and Peter Twumasi

Effect of 2,4-D, explants type and cultivar on the callogenesis expression of cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) in Ghana

Manisya Zauri Abdul Wahid, Madihah Salleh, Faridah Yusof, Mohammed Ismail Abdul Karim and Md. Zahangir Alam

Factors affecting endoglucanase production by Trichoderma reesei RUT C-30 from solid state fermentation of oil palm empty fruit bunches using Plackett-Burman design

Nasrin Sheikh, Iraj Amiri, Marzieh Farimani, Mahnaz Yavangi and Soghra Rabiee

Interleukin 6, interleukin 1?, estradiol and testosterone concentrations in serum and follicular fluid of females with stimulated and non-stimulated ovaries

C. N. Okwuosa, P.C. Unekwe, P.U. Achukwu, T. K. C. Udeani and U. H. Ogidi

Glucose and triglyceride lowering activity of Pterocarpus santaniloides leaf extracts against dexamethasone induced hyperlipidemia and insulin resistance in rats

Benali Setti, Mohamed Bencheikh and Jamel Eddine Henni

Applications of response surface methodology approach to determine the effect of temperature, time of incubation and light conditions on germination and germ tube growth of Puccinia coronata f.sp. avenae urediosopores

Haiyue Zhang, Xiaojuan Yan, Yan Jiang, Yongshuang Han and Yifa Zhou

The extraction, identification and quantification of hypoglycemic active ingredients from stinging nettle (Urtica angustifolia)

Jinfeng Yang, Ju-Sung Kim, Yeo Jin Sa, Myeong Ok Kim, Hyun Ju Jeong, Chang Yeon Yu and Myong Jo Kim

Antioxidant, antibacterial and ?-glucosidase inhibitory activities of different extracts of Cortex Moutan

Jia-He Wang, Yi-Jun Zhou, Dong-Mei Yue, Xue Bai and Ping He

Ethanol extract of Hedyotis diffusa willd. induction of apoptosis via PI3K/Akt and XIAP pathways in human leukemic THP-1 cells

Mohammad Kazem Sharifi Yazdi, Mohammad Mehdi Soltan Dallal, Hedroosha Molla Agha Mirzaei, Ailar Sabbaghi Jalil Fallah Mehrabadi, Abdolaziz Rastegar Lari , Mohammad Reza Eshraghian ,Atefeh Fard Saneiee , Mojtaba Hanafi Abdar, Ronak Bakhtiari

Molecular detection of TEM broad spectrum ß-lactamase in clinical isolates of Escherichia coli

Hamid Esmailzadeh, Mohammad Hossein Mehralhasani, Reza Dehnavieh, Hosein Ibrahimipour ,Somayeh Noori Hekmat and Mehdi jafari

Review of the biotechnology research and development (R and D) in OECD countries concerning biological drugs

Samy M. Sayed, Ahmed M. El-Shehawi and Saad A. Al-Otaibi

Molecular and biological characterization of Trichogramma turkestanica (Hymenoptera: Trichogrammatidae) which inhabits Taif governorate at the west of Saudi Arabia

F. G. Bob-Manuel and J. F. Alfred-Ockiya

Evaluation of yeast single cell protein (SCP) diets on growth performance, feed conversion and carcass composition of Tilapia Oreochromis niloticus (L.) fingerlings

Ali Türker and Önder Yildirim

The effect of feeding frequency on growth performance and body composition in juvenile rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) reared in cold seawater

Samy Yehya El-Zaeem

Phenotype and genotype differentiation between flathead grey mullet [Mugil cephalus] and thinlip grey mullet [Liza ramada (Pisces: Mugilidae)]

Yibo Yan, Bushuai Zhong, Weiwei Qi, Yang Song, Yongcong Wu, Yixuan Fan and Feng Wang

In vitro differentiation of mouse embryonic stem cells into functional hepatocytes by sodium butyrate, hepatocyte growth factor and dexamethasone under chemically defined conditions

Ping He, Linguang Li, Huifeng Li, Haibo Wang, Jianming Yang and Yuxia Wang

Genetic analysis of wild apple resources in Shandong province based on inter-simple sequence repeats (ISSR) and sequence-specific amplification polymorphism (S-SAP) markers

Gongnian Xiao, Min Zhang, Liang Shan, Yuru You and Vilas M. Salokhe

Extension of the shelf-life of fresh oyster mushrooms (Pleurotus ostreatus) by modified atmosphere packaging with chemical treatments

Ai-Xia Li, Li-Zhong Guo, Qiang Fu and Wei-Dong Lu

A simple and rapid plate assay for screening of inulin-degrading microorganisms using Lugol’s iodine solution

A. S. Elsheikh, Y. Takahashi and H. Kanagawa

DNA topoisomerase II enzyme activity appears in mouse sperm heads after fertilization

Avesta Sadrzadeh, Gholamreza Nikbakht Brujeni, Masoud Livi, Mohammad Javad Nazari, Meysam Tehrani Sharif, Hossein Hassanpour and Nasrin Haghighi

Cellular immune response of infectious bursal disease and Newcastle disease vaccinations in broilers exposed to monochromatic lights


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