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Arctic, Antarctic and Alpine Research - 43 (1-3), 2011

Arctic, Antarctic and Alpine Research - 43 (1), 2011


Twenty-First Century Calving Retreat of Tasman Glacier, Southern Alps, New Zealand
R. C. Dykes, M. S. Brook, C. M. Robertson, and I. C. Fuller

The “High Arctic Maritime Snow Climate” in Central Svalbard
Markus Eckerstorfer and Hanne H. Christiansen

An Update on Sedimentary Pigments in Victoria Land Lakes (East Antarctica)
Francesca Borghini, Andrea Colacevich, Tancredi Caruso, and Roberto Bargagli

Vegetation Development on Deglaciated Rock Outcrops from Glaciar Frías, Argentina
Irene A. Garibotti, Clara I. Pissolito, and Ricardo Villalba

Norway Spruce Shows Contrasting Changes in Below- Versus Above-Ground Carbon Partitioning towards the Alpine Treeline: Evidence from a Central European Case Study
Dietrich Hertel and Dorothea Schöling

Non-stationary Responses of Tree-Ring Chronologies and Glacier Mass Balance to Climate in the European Alps
Giovanni Leonelli, Manuela Pelfini, Rosanne D’Arrigo, Wilfried Haeberli, and Paolo Cherubini

Establishing the Timing of Chemical Deposition Events on Belukha Glacier, Altai Mountains, Russia, Using Pollen Analysis
Fumio Nakazawa, Takayuki Miyake, Koji Fujita, Nozomu Takeuchi, Jun Uetake, Toshiyuki Fujiki, Vladimir Aizen, and Masayoshi Nakawo

Endorhizal Fungi Associated with Vascular Plants on Truelove Lowland, Devon Island, Nunavut, Canadian High Arctic
Catherine Peters, James F. Basinger, and Susan G. W. Kaminskyj

Synoptic Influences on Snow Accumulation on Glaciers East and West of a Topographic Divide: Southern Alps, New Zealand
Heather Purdie, Andrew Mackintosh, Wendy Lawson, and Brian Anderson

Evidence of Nonlinearity in the Response of Net Ecosystem CO2 Exchange to Increasing Levels of Winter Snow Depth in the High Arctic of Northwest Greenland
Matthew C. Rogers, Patrick F. Sullivan, and Jeffrey M. Welker

Blister Rust Incidence in Treeline Whitebark Pine, Glacier National Park, U.S.A.: Environmental and Topographic Influences
Emily K. Smith, Lynn M. Resler, Eric A. Vance, Laurence W. Carstensen, Jr., and Korine N. Kolivras

Winter Climatic Controls on Spring Snowpack Density in the Western United States
Bohumil M. Svoma

Variations of NDVI Over Elevational Zones During the Past Two Decades and Climatic Controls in the Qilian Mountains, Northwestern China
Jie Wang, Baisheng Ye, Fengjing Liu, Jing Li, and Guojing Yang

Ecosystem Respiration in a Seasonally Snow-Covered Subalpine Grassland
Charles R. Warren and Maria T. Taranto

Characteristics and Changes in Air Temperature and Glacier’s Response on the North Slope of Mt. Qomolangma (Mt. Everest)
Xingguo Yang, Tingjun Zhang, Dahe Qin, Shichang Kang, and Xiang Qin

Climate Change and Arctic Sustainable Development: Scientific, Social, Cultural and Educational Challenges, by UNESCO reviewed work
Craig M. Lee

Tree Rings and Natural Hazards: a State-of-the-Art, edited by Markus Stoffel, Michelle Bollschweiler, David R. Butler, and Brian H. Luckman reviewed work
Jeff Lukas



Arctic, Antarctic and Alpine Research - 43 (2), 2011


Review -- Mountain Treelines: a Roadmap for Research Orientation
George P. Malanson, Lynn M. Resler, Maaike Y. Bader, Friedrich-Karl Holtmeier, David R. Butler, Daniel J. Weiss, Lori D. Daniels, and Daniel B. Fagre

Spatial Patterns of Soil Development, Methane Oxidation, and Methanotrophic Diversity along a Receding Glacier Forefield, Southeast Greenland
Teresa G. Bárcena, Kai W. Finster, and Jacob C. Yde

Vegetation Community, Foliar Nitrogen, and Temperature Effects on Tundra CO2 Exchange across a Soil Moisture Gradient
Jennifer Dagg and Peter Lafleur

Effects of Simulated Grazing in Ungrazed Wet Sedge Tundra in the High Arctic
Tammy L. Elliott and Gregory H. R. Henry

Mass Elevation Effect and Its Contribution to the Altitude of Snowline in the Tibetan Plateau and Surrounding Areas
Han Fang, Zhang Baiping, Yao Yonghui, Zhu Yunhai, and Pang Yu

Runoff and Sediment Transport during the Snowmelt Period in a Mediterranean High-Mountain Catchment
Noemí Lana-Renault, Bernardo Alvera, and José M. García-Ruiz

Spatial Association of Lemming Burrows with Landforms in the Swedish Subarctic Mountains: Implications for Periglacial Feature Stability
Peter C. le Roux, Jan Boelhouwers, Jacqueline K. Davis, Natalie S. Haussmann, Elin J. Jantze, and K. Ian Meiklejohn

Spatiotemporal Variability of Soil Temperature and Moisture across two Contrasting Timberline Ecotones in the Sergyemla Mountains, Southeast Tibet
Xinsheng Liu and Tianxiang Luo

Feasibility of Retrieving Land Surface Heat Fluxes from ASTER Data Using SEBS: a Case Study from the NamCo Area of the Tibetan Plateau
Weiqiang Ma, Yaoming Ma, and Bob Su

Temporal Changes in Elevation of the Debris-Covered Ablation Area of Khumbu Glacier in the Nepal Himalaya since 1978
Takayuki Nuimura, Koji Fujita, Kotaro Fukui, Katsuhiko Asahi, Raju Aryal, and Yutaka Ageta

Effects of Fine-Scale Topography on CO2 Flux Components of Alaskan Coastal Plain Tundra: Response to Contrasting Growing Seasons
Paulo C. Olivas, Steven F. Oberbauer, Craig Tweedie, Walter C. Oechel, David Lin, and Andrea Kuchy

Nitrogen Inputs by Associative Cyanobacteria across a Low Arctic Tundra Landscape
Katherine J. Stewart, Darwyn Coxson, and Paul Grogan

Environmental Controls on Needle Gas Exchange and Growth of White Spruce (Picea glauca) on a Riverside Terrace near the Arctic Treeline
Patrick F. Sullivan and Bjartmar Sveinbjörnsson

Bryophytes as Heavy Metal Biomonitors in the Canadian High Arctic
David Wilkie and Catherine La Farge

Epigeal Spider (Araneae) Communities in Moist Acidic and Dry Heath Tundra at Toolik Lake, Alaska
Karl A. Wyant, Michael L. Draney, and John C. Moore

Alpines: from Mountain to Garden, by Richard Wilford reviewed work
Joyce Gellhorn

Siku: Knowing Our Ice. Documenting Inuit Sea-Ice Knowledge and Use, edited by Igor Krupnik, Claudio Aporta, Shari Gearheard, Gita J. Laidler, and Lene Kielsen Holm reviewed work
John T. Andrews


Arctic, Antarctic and Alpine Research - 43 (3), 2011

Quantifying Twentieth Century Glacier Change in the Sierra Nevada, California
H. J. Basagic and A. G. Fountain

Distribution of Alpine Tundra in the Adirondack Mountains of New York, U.S.A.
Bradley Z. Carlson, Jeffrey S. Munroe, and Bill Hegman

Ecology of Invasive Melilotus albus on Alaskan Glacial River Floodplains
Jeffery S. Conn, Nancy R. Werdin-Pfisterer, Katherine L. Beattie, and Roseann V. Densmore

Shrub Cover on the North Slope of Alaska: a circa 2000 Baseline Map
Pieter S. A. Beck, Ned Horning, Scott J. Goetz, Michael M. Loranty, and Ken D. Tape

Water Flow Dynamics of Groundwater-Fed Streams and Their Ecological Significance in a Glacierized Catchment
J. Crossman, C. Bradley, I. Boomer, and A. M. Milner

Parameter Sensitivity of the Arctic Biome–BGC Model for Estimating Evapotranspiration in the Arctic Coastal Plain
Ryan Engstrom and Allen Hope

The Effects of Fertilization and Herbivory on the Phenology of the Understory Vegetation of the Boreal Forest in Northwestern Canada
Kate M. Fremlin, Jennie R. McLaren, Lisa DeSandoli, and Roy Turkington

Initial Colonization of New Terrain in an Alpine Glacier Foreland by Carabid Beetles (Carabidae, Coleoptera)
Barbara-Amina Gereben-Krenn, Harald W. Krenn, and Markus A. Strodl

Growth and Reproductive Responses of Cassiope tetragona, a Circumpolar Evergreen Shrub, to Experimentally Delayed Snowmelt
Azim U. Mallik, Julia V. Wdowiak, and Elisabeth J. Cooper

Difference in Floral Traits, Pollination, and Reproductive Success between White and Blue Flowers of Gentiana leucomelaena (Gentianaceae) in an Alpine Meadow
Junpeng Mu, Guoyong Li, Karl J. Niklas, and Shucun Sun

Benthic Macroinvertebrate Communities in Arctic Lakes and Ponds of Central Nunavut, Canada
Armin Namayandeh and Roberto Quinlan

Simulating Biome Distribution on the Tibetan Plateau Using a Modified Global Vegetation Model
Jian Ni and Ulrike Herzschuh

Plant Responses to Natural and Experimental Variations in Temperature in Alpine Tundra, Southern Yukon, Canada
Sara J. Pieper, Val Loewen, Mike Gill, and Jill F. Johnstone

Multi-scale Influence of Snowmelt on Xylogenesis of Black Spruce
Sergio Rossi, Hubert Morin, and Annie Deslauriers

Microbial Mobilization of Major and Trace Elements from Catchment Rock Samples of a High Mountain Lake in the European Alps
Renate Sonnleitner, Bernhard Redl, and Franz Schinner

Thermal Erosion of a Permafrost Coastline: Improving Process-Based Models Using Time-Lapse Photography
Cameron Wobus, Robert Anderson, Irina Overeem, Nora Matell, Gary Clow, Frank Urban

In memoriam - James Bell Benedict
Peter W. Birkeland

Discoveries of the Census of Marie Life--Making Ocean Life Count, by Paul V. R. Snelgrove
Marianne Helene Rasmussen

BERG 2011, edited by Walter Theil
Miriam Dühnforth



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