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African Journal of Plant Science - 4 (12), 2010


Amrita Gupta, R. K. Gupta, G. K. Dhingra, Swati Kuriyal, Sanjeev Lal and Ramdas Arya

Variations in growth of tubers of field grown Coleus barbatus as affected by different hormonal treatments

Olawole O. Obembe

Offspring of the crosses of two anti-sense potato plants exhibit additive cellulose reduction

Monireh Cheniany, Hassan Ebrahimzadeh, Ali Masoudi-nejad, Kourosh Vahdati and Charles Leslie

Effect of endogenous phenols and some antioxidant enzyme activities on rooting of Persian walnut (Juglans regia L.)

Vivek Tripathi, Sandhya Goswami and Palpu Pushpangadan

Isolation and expression analysis of Berberis chitria Lidl. specific transcripts using subtractive hybridization technique

Elkana M. Nyambati, Francis N. Muyekho, Evans Onginjo and Charles M. Lusweti

Production, characterization and nutritional quality of Napier grass [Pennisetum purpureum (Schum.)] cultivars in Western Kenya

M. Ibrahim Khan, Afzal Ahmed, M. Akram, E. Mohiuddin, Khan usmanghani, Sultan Ayaz, S. M. Ali Shah, M. Asif, Ghazala Shaheen, Khalil Ahmed and Riaz Ur Rehman

Monograph of Embelia ribes Burm. f.


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