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Annals of Botany - 107 (5-6), 2011

Contents [107 (5), 2011]:


Yan Guo, Thierry Fourcaud, Marc Jaeger, Xiaopeng Zhang, and Baoguo Li
Plant growth and architectural modelling and its applications

B. Pallas, C. Loi, A. Christophe, P. H. Cournede, and J. Lecoeur
Comparison of three approaches to model grapevine organogenesis in conditions of fluctuating temperature, solar radiation and soil water content

Mikolaj Cieslak (Mikołaj Cieślak), Alla N. Seleznyova, and Jim Hanan
A functional–structural kiwifruit vine model integrating architecture, carbon dynamics and effects of the environment

Alexandra Jullien, Amélie Mathieu, Jean-Michel Allirand, Amélie Pinet, Philippe de Reffye, Paul-Henry Cournede, and Bertrand Ney
Characterization of the interactions between architecture and source–sink relationships in winter oilseed rape (Brassica napus) using the GreenLab model

Feng Wang, Mengzhen Kang, Qi Lu, Véronique Letort, Hui Han, Yan Guo, Philippe de Reffye, and Baoguo Li
A stochastic model of tree architecture and biomass partitioning: application to Mongolian Scots pines

Y. T. Ma, A. M. Wubs, A. Mathieu, E. Heuvelink, J. Y. Zhu, B. G. Hu, P. H. Cournede, and P. de Reffye
Simulation of fruit-set and trophic competition and optimization of yield advantages in six Capsicum cultivars using functional–structural plant modelling

MengZhen Kang, Li Li Yang, Bao Gui Zhang, and Philippe de Reffye
Correlation between dynamic tomato fruit-set and source–sink ratio: a common relationship for different plant densities and seasons?

Lifeng Xu, Michael Henke, Jun Zhu, Winfried Kurth, and Gerhard Buck-Sorlin
A functional–structural model of rice linking quantitative genetic information with morphological development and physiological processes

Johannes A. Postma and Jonathan P. Lynch
Theoretical evidence for the functional benefit of root cortical aerenchyma in soils with low phosphorus availability

Haiwen Wu, Marc Jaeger, Mao Wang, Baoguo Li, and Bao Gui Zhang
Three-dimensional distribution of vessels, passage cells and lateral roots along the root axis of winter wheat (Triticum aestivum)

Liqi Han, Peter M. Gresshoff, and Jim Hanan
A functional–structural modelling approach to autoregulation of nodulation

Tino Dornbusch, Jillian Watt, Rim Baccar, Christian Fournier, and Bruno Andrieu
A comparative analysis of leaf shape of wheat, barley and maize using an empirical shape model

V. Sarlikioti, P. H. B. de Visser, and L. F. M. Marcelis
Exploring the spatial distribution of light interception and photosynthesis of canopies by means of a functional–structural plant model

Jean-Baptiste Burie, Michel Langlais, and Agnes Calonnec
Switching from a mechanistic model to a continuous model to study at different scales the effect of vine growth on the dynamic of a powdery mildew epidemic


Contents [107 (6), 2011]:


Plant Cuttings

Kimberly Horsley, Lloyd R. Stark, and D. Nicholas McLetchie
Does the silver moss Bryum argenteum exhibit sex-specific patterns in vegetative growth rate, asexual fitness or prezygotic reproductive investment?

P. B. Tomlinson and Brett A. Huggett
Partial shoot reiteration in Wollemia nobilis (Araucariaceae) does not arise from ‘axillary meristems’

Rein Brys and Hans Jacquemyn
Variation in the functioning of autonomous self-pollination, pollinator services and floral traits in three Centaurium species

T. J. Stomph, E. Y. Choi, and J. C. R. Stangoulis
Temporal dynamics in wheat grain zinc distribution: is sink limitation the key?

Diana Soriano, Alma Orozco-Segovia, Judith Márquez-Guzmán, Kaoru Kitajima, Alicia Gamboa-de Buen, and Pilar Huante
Seed reserve composition in 19 tree species of a tropical deciduous forest in Mexico and its relationship to seed germination and seedling growth

Yuzou Sano, Hugh Morris, Hiroshi Shimada, Louis P. Ronse De Craene, and Steven Jansen
Anatomical features associated with water transport in imperforate tracheary elements of vessel-bearing angiosperms

Christiane Roscher, Werner L. Kutsch, Olaf Kolle, Waldemar Ziegler, and Ernst-Detlef Schulze
Adjustment to the light environment in small-statured forbs as a strategy for complementary resource use in mixtures of grassland species

Timotheüs van der Niet, Dennis M. Hansen, and Steven D. Johnson
Carrion mimicry in a South African orchid: flowers attract a narrow subset of the fly assemblage on animal carcasses

Lisa M. McFadyen, David Robertson, Margaret Sedgley, Paul Kristiansen, and Trevor Olesen
Post-pruning shoot growth increases fruit abscission and reduces stem carbohydrates and yield in macadamia

Elena Copete, José M. Herranz, Pablo Ferrandis, Carol C. Baskin, and Jerry M. Baskin
Physiology, morphology and phenology of seed dormancy break and germination in the endemic Iberian species Narcissus hispanicus (Amaryllidaceae)

Sylvie Pouteau and Catherine Albertini
An assessment of morphogenetic fluctuation during reproductive phase change in Arabidopsis

Tomohiro Isogimi, Michinari Matsushita, Yoichi Watanabe, and Michiko Nakagawa
Sexual differences in physiological integration in the dioecious shrub Lindera triloba: a field experiment using girdling manipulation

Elze Hesse and John R. Pannell
Sexual dimorphism in a dioecious population of the wind-pollinated herb Mercurialis annua: the interactive effects of resource availability and competition

Ana Zangirólame Gonçalves, Helenice Mercier, Paulo Mazzafera, and Gustavo Quevedo Romero
Spider-fed bromeliads: seasonal and interspecific variation in plant performance

Grażyna Korbecka, Alastair Hamilton, and John R. Pannell
Mixed mating in androdioecious Mercurialis annua inferred using progeny arrays and diploid-acting microsatellite loci in a hexaploid background

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