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Annals of Botany - 108 (1), 2011



Nigel Chaffey
Plant Cuttings

Graduate Prize Winners

Stephen C. Fry
Plant cell walls. From chemistry to biology

Heather S. McHaffie
Fern ecology

Jessica R. K. Forrest, Jane E. Ogilvie, Alex M. Gorischek, and James D. Thomson
Seasonal change in a pollinator community and the maintenance of style length variation in Mertensia fusiformis (Boraginaceae)

Ching-Te Chien, Shun-Ying Chen, Ching-Chu Tsai, Jerry M. Baskin, Carol C. Baskin, and Ling-Long Kuo-Huang
Deep simple epicotyl morphophysiological dormancy in seeds of two Viburnum species, with special reference to shoot growth and development inside the seed

Paola Tosi, Cristina Sanchis Gritsch, Jibin He, and Peter R. Shewry
Distribution of gluten proteins in bread wheat (Triticum aestivum) grain

Pablo Aleza, Yann Froelicher, Sergio Schwarz, Manuel Agustí, María Hernández, José Juárez, François Luro, Raphael Morillon, Luis Navarro, and Patrick Ollitrault
Tetraploidization events by chromosome doubling of nucellar cells are frequent in apomictic citrus and are dependent on genotype and environment

N. S. Gama-Arachchige, J. M. Baskin, R. L. Geneve, and C. C. Baskin
Acquisition of physical dormancy and ontogeny of the micropyle–water-gap complex in developing seeds of Geranium carolinianum (Geraniaceae)

Qian Yu, Deng-Xiu Li, Wei Luo, and You-Hao Guo
Function and evolution of sterile sex organs in cryptically dioecious Petasites tricholobus (Asteraceae)

David S. Chatelet, Christina M. Wistrom, Alexander H. Purcell, Thomas L. Rost, and Mark A. Matthews
Xylem structure of four grape varieties and 12 alternative hosts to the xylem-limited bacterium Xylella fastidious

Renato Mello-Silva, Déborah Yara A. C. Santos, Maria Luiza F. Salatino, Lucimar B. Motta, Marina B. Cattai, Denise Sasaki, Juliana Lovo, Patrícia B. Pita, Cintia Rocini, Cristiane D. N. Rodrigues, Mehdi Zarrei, and Mark W. Chase
Five vicarious genera from Gondwana: the Velloziaceae as shown by molecules and morphology

Graciela Inés Lavia, Alejandra Marcela Ortiz, Germán Robledo, Aveliano Fernández, and Guillermo Seijo
Origin of triploid Arachis pintoi (Leguminosae) by autopolyploidy evidenced by FISH and meiotic behaviour

Yung-I Lee, Fang-Chi Chang, and Mei-Chu Chung
Chromosome pairing affinities in interspecific hybrids reflect phylogenetic distances among lady's slipper orchids (Paphiopedilum)

Aleksey A. Penin and Maria D. Logacheva
Correlation between number and position of floral organs in Arabidopsis

Yasuko Yoshida, Saneyoshi Ueno, Masanori Honjo, Naoko Kitamoto, Mihoko Nagai, Izumi Washitani, Yoshihiko Tsumura, Yasuo Yasui, and Ryo Ohsawa
QTL analysis of heterostyly in Primula sieboldii and its application for morph identification in wild populations

Harriet V. Hunt, Stephen W. Ansell, Stephen J. Russell, Harald Schneider, and Johannes C. Vogel
Dynamics of polyploid formation and establishment in the allotetraploid rock fern Asplenium majoricum

Sébastien Tisné, François Barbier, and Christine Granier
The ERECTA gene controls spatial and temporal patterns of epidermal cell number and size in successive developing leaves of Arabidopsis thaliana

Miki U. Ueda, Eri Mizumachi, and Naoko Tokuchi
Foliage nitrogen turnover: differences among nitrogen absorbed at different times by Quercus serrata saplings

R. Lutz Eckstein, Eva Pereira, Ann Milbau, and Bente Jessen Graae
Predicted changes in vegetation structure affect the susceptibility to invasion of bryophyte-dominated subarctic heath

Cairo N. Forrest, Kym M. Ottewell, Robert J. Whelan, and David J. Ayre
Tests for inbreeding and outbreeding depression and estimation of population differentiation in the bird-pollinated shrub Grevillea mucronulata

Gidi Ne'eman, Shirrinka Goubitz, Marinus J. A. Werger, and Avi Shmida
Relationships between tree size, crown shape, gender segregation and sex allocation in Pinus halepensis, a Mediterranean pine tree

Hisae Nagashima and Kouki Hikosaka
Plants in a crowded stand regulate their height growth so as to maintain similar heights to neighbours even when they have potential advantages in height growth

Robyn L. Cave, Colin J. Birch, Graeme L. Hammer, John E. Erwin, and Margaret E. Johnston
Juvenility and flowering of Brunonia australis (Goodeniaceae) and Calandrinia sp. (Portulacaceae) in relation to vernalization and daylength

Joseph Levillain, Armel Thongo M'Bou, Philippe Deleporte, Laurent Saint-André, and Christophe Jourdan
Is the simple auger coring method reliable for below-ground standing biomass estimation in Eucalyptus forest plantations?


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