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Annals of Botany - 108 (5), 2011

Contents [108 (5), 2011]:


Nigel Chaffey
Plant Cuttings

Cristobal Uauy
Genetics and Genomics of the Triticeae

Michael F. Fay
Diversity, phylogeny, and evolution in the monocotyledons

Dugald E. Reid, Brett J. Ferguson, Satomi Hayashi, Yu-Hsiang Lin, and Peter M. Gresshoff
Molecular mechanisms controlling legume autoregulation of nodulation

Concepción M. Díez, Isabel Trujillo, Eladio Barrio, Angjelina Belaj, Diego Barranco, and Luis Rallo
Centennial olive trees as a reservoir of genetic diversity

Deval Patel, J. Brian Power, Paul Anthony, Farah Badakshi, J. S. (Pat) Heslop-Harrison, and Michael R. Davey
Somatic hybrid plants of Nicotiana × sanderae (+) N. debneyi with fungal resistance to Peronospora tabacina

Burcu K. Yordem, Sarah S. Conte, Jian Feng Ma, Kengo Yokosho, Kenneth A. Vasques, Srinivasa N. Gopalsamy, and Elsbeth L. Walker
Brachypodium distachyon as a new model system for understanding iron homeostasis in grasses: phylogenetic and expression analysis of Yellow Stripe-Like (YSL) transporters

Peter K. Endress and Joseph E. Armstrong
Floral development and floral phyllotaxis in Anaxagorea (Annonaceae)

Hilda Flores-Olvera, Alexander Vrijdaghs, Helga Ochoterena, and Erik Smets
The need to re-investigate the nature of homoplastic characters: an ontogenetic case study of the ‘bracteoles’ in Atripliceae (Chenopodiaceae)

H. Wilfried Bennert, Karsten Horn, Marion Kauth, Jörg Fuchs, Iben Sophie Bisgaard Jakobsen, Benjamin Ollgaard, Martin Schnittler, Matthias Steinberg, and Ronnie Viane
Flow cytometry confirms reticulate evolution and reveals triploidy in Central European Diphasiastrum taxa (Lycopodiaceae, Lycophyta)

Kuo Liao, Robert W. Gituru, You-Hao Guo, and Qing-Feng Wang
The presence of co-flowering species facilitates reproductive success of Pedicularis monbeigiana (Orobanchaceae) through variation in bumble-bee foraging behaviour

Mei Yu and Qiong Gao
Leaf-traits and growth allometry explain competition and differences in response to climatic change in a temperate forest landscape: a simulation study

Philipp M. Schlüter, Paulo M. Ruas, Gudrun Kohl, Claudete F. Ruas, Tod F. Stuessy, and Hannes F. Paulus
Evidence for progenitor–derivative speciation in sexually deceptive orchids

Frida I. Piper and Alex Fajardo
No evidence of carbon limitation with tree age and height in Nothofagus pumilio under Mediterranean and temperate climate conditions

Silvina A. Córdoba and Andrea A. Cocucci
Flower power: its association with bee power and floral functional morphology in papilionate legumes

Rowena L. Long, Jason C. Stevens, Erin M. Griffiths, Markus Adamek, Marta J. Gorecki, Stephen B. Powles, and David J. Merritt
Seeds of Brassicaceae weeds have an inherent or inducible response to the germination stimulant karrikinolide

Kevin L. Davies and Małgorzata Stpiczyńska
Comparative labellar micromorphology of Zygopetalinae (Orchidaceae)

Michal Gruntman and Ariel Novoplansky
Ontogenetic contingency of tolerance mechanisms in response to apical damage

Mouna Jeridi, Frédéric Bakry, Jacques Escoute, Emmanuel Fondi, Françoise Carreel, Ali Ferchichi, Angélique D'Hont, and Marguerite Rodier-Goud
Homoeologous chromosome pairing between the A and B genomes of Musa spp. revealed by genomic in situ hybridization

R. Danti, G. Della Rocca, R. Calamassi, B. Mori, and M. Mariotti Lippi
Insights into a hydration regulating system in Cupressus pollen grains

Markus Hauck, Philipp I. Otto, Sebastian Dittrich, Mascha Jacob, Claudia Bade, Inken Dörfler, and Christoph Leuschner
Small increase in substratum pH causes the dieback of one of Europe's most common lichens, Lecanora conizaeoides


Contents [108 (6), 2011]:


Theodore M. DeJong, David Da Silva, Jan Vos, and Abraham J. Escobar-Gutiérrez
Using functional–structural plant models to study, understand and integrate plant development and ecophysiology

Sylvain Delagrange and Pascal Rochon
Reconstruction and analysis of a deciduous sapling using digital photographs or terrestrial-LiDAR technology

Damien Sellier, Michael J. Plank, and Jonathan J. Harrington
A mathematical framework for modelling cambial surface evolution using a level set method

Romain Barillot, Gaëtan Louarn, Abraham J. Escobar-Gutiérrez, Pierre Huynh, and Didier Combes
How good is the turbid medium-based approach for accounting for light partitioning in contrasted grass–legume intercropping systems?

Mikolaj Cieslak (Mikołaj Cieślak), Alla N. Seleznyova, Przemyslaw (Przemysław) Prusinkiewicz, and Jim Hanan
Towards aspect-oriented functional–structural plant modelling

E. David Ford and Maureen C. Kennedy
Assessment of uncertainty in functional–structural plant models

Katrin Kahlen and Hartmut Stützel
Simplification of a light-based model for estimating final internode length in greenhouse cucumber canopies

V. Sarlikioti, P. H. B. de Visser, G. H. Buck-Sorlin, and L. F. M. Marcelis
How plant architecture affects light absorption and photosynthesis in tomato: towards an ideotype for plant architecture using a functional–structural plant model

Dirk Wiechers, Katrin Kahlen, and Hartmut Stützel
Dry matter partitioning models for the simulation of individual fruit growth in greenhouse cucumber canopies

Jessica Bertheloot, Paul-Henry Cournede, and Bruno Andrieu
NEMA, a functional–structural model of nitrogen economy within wheat culms after flowering. I. Model description

Jessica Bertheloot, Qiongli Wu, Paul-Henry Cournede, and Bruno Andrieu
NEMA, a functional–structural model of nitrogen economy within wheat culms after flowering. II. Evaluation and sensitivity analysis

M. Saudreau, A. Marquier, B. Adam, and H. Sinoquet
Modelling fruit-temperature dynamics within apple tree crowns using virtual plants

Gerhard Buck-Sorlin, Pieter H. B. de Visser, Michael Henke, Vaia Sarlikioti, Gerie W. A. M. van der Heijden, Leo F. M. Marcelis, and Jan Vos
Towards a functional–structural plant model of cut-rose: simulation of light environment, light absorption, photosynthesis and interference with the plant structure

David Da Silva, Romeo Favreau, Inigo Auzmendi, and Theodore M. DeJong
Linking water stress effects on carbon partitioning by introducing a xylem circuit into L-PEACH

Veerle De Schepper and Kathy Steppe
Tree girdling responses simulated by a water and carbon transport model

M. Paulina Fernández, Aldo Norero, Jorge R. Vera, and Eduardo Pérez
A functional–structural model for radiata pine (Pinus radiata) focusing on tree architecture and wood quality

Rim Baccar, Christian Fournier, Tino Dornbusch, Bruno Andrieu, David Gouache, and Corinne Robert
Modelling the effect of wheat canopy architecture as affected by sowing density on Septoria tritici epidemics using a coupled epidemic–virtual plant model

Sydney E. Everhart, Ashley Askew, Lynne Seymour, Imre J. Holb, and Harald Scherm
Characterization of three-dimensional spatial aggregation and association patterns of brown rot symptoms within intensively mapped sour cherry trees

Didier Combes, Marie-Laure Decau, Miroslava Rakocevic, Alain Jacquet, Jean Claude Simon, Hervé Sinoquet, Gabriéla Sonohat, and Claude Varlet-Grancher
Simulating the grazing of a white clover 3-D virtual sward canopy and the balance between bite mass and light capture by the residual sward

Michael Renton, Michael Airey, Marion L. Cambridge, and Gary A. Kendrick
Modelling seagrass growth and development to evaluate transplanting strategies for restoration


Contents [108 (7), 2011]:


Nigel Chaffey
Plant Cuttings

Stephen Jackson
Photoperiodism. The biological calendar

Susanna Pollastri and Massimiliano Tattini
Flavonols: old compounds for old roles

Vishal V. Raut, Shashibhal M. Pandey, and Jayashree K. Sainis
Histone octamer trans-transfer: a signature mechanism of ATP-dependent chromatin remodelling unravelled in wheat nuclear extract

James R. P. Worth, James R. Marthick, Gregory J. Jordan, and René E. Vaillancourt
Low but structured chloroplast diversity in Atherosperma moschatum (Atherospermataceae) suggests bottlenecks in response to the Pleistocene glacials

Yang Niu, Yang Yang, Zhi-Qiang Zhang, Zhi-Min Li, and Hang Sun
Floral closure induced by pollination in gynodioecious Cyananthus delavayi (Campanulaceae): effects of pollen load and type, floral morph and fitness consequences

Warren M. Williams, Isabelle M. Verry, Helal A. Ansari, S. Wajid Hussain, Ihsan Ullah, Michelle L. Williamson, and Nicholas W. Ellison
Eco-geographically divergent diploids, Caucasian clover (Trifolium ambiguum) and western clover (T. occidentale), retain most requirements for hybridization

Rie Miyata, Takuya Kubo, Eri Nabeshima, and Takashi S. Kohyama
Common allometric response of open-grown leader shoots to tree height in co-occurring deciduous broadleaved trees

Qing Liu, Jimmy K. Triplett, Jun Wen, and Paul M. Peterson
Allotetraploid origin and divergence in Eleusine (Chloridoideae, Poaceae): evidence from low-copy nuclear gene phylogenies and a plastid gene chronogram

Naoko Momokawa, Yasuro Kadono, and Hiroshi Kudoh
Effects of light quality on leaf morphogenesis of a heterophyllous amphibious plant, Rotala hippuris

Michael W. Shane, Margaret E. McCully, Martin J. Canny, John S. Pate, and Hans Lambers
Development and persistence of sandsheaths of Lyginia barbata (Restionaceae): relation to root structural development and longevity

Xiling Zou, Yuanyuan Jiang, Yonglian Zheng, Meidong Zhang, and Zuxin Zhang
Prolyl 4-hydroxylase genes are subjected to alternative splicing in roots of maize seedlings under waterlogging

J. G. Hodgson, G. Montserrat-Martí, M. Charles, G. Jones, P. Wilson, B. Shipley, M. Sharafi, B. E. L. Cerabolini, J. H. C. Cornelissen, S. R. Band, A. Bogard, P. Castro-Díez, J. Guerrero-Campo, C. Palmer, M. C. Pérez-Rontomé, G. Carter, A. Hynd, A. Romo-Díez, L. de Torres Espuny, and F. Royo Pla
Is leaf dry matter content a better predictor of soil fertility than specific leaf area?

Martin Weih, Lorenzo Bonosi, Luisa Ghelardini, and Ann Christin Rönnberg-Wästljung
Optimizing nitrogen economy under drought: increased leaf nitrogen is an acclimation to water stress in willow (Salix spp.)

Mihail Garbuzov, Stefan Reidinger, and Susan E. Hartley
Interactive effects of plant-available soil silicon and herbivory on competition between two grass species

John H. M. Thornley
Plant growth and respiration re-visited: maintenance respiration defined – it is an emergent property of, not a separate process within, the system – and why the respiration : photosynthesis ratio is conservative

Etsushi Kumagai, Takuya Araki, Norimitsu Hamaoka, and Osamu Ueno
Ammonia emission from rice leaves in relation to photorespiration and genotypic differences in glutamine synthetase activity


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