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Planta - Volume 230, Number 3, August 2009

Spis treści:

Regulation of stipule development by COCHLEATA and STIPULE-REDUCED genes in pea Pisum sativum

Independence of stem and leaf hydraulic traits in six Euphorbiaceae tree species with contrasting leaf phenology

Metabolomic evaluation of pulsed electric field-induced stress on potato tissue

Over-expression of CONSTANS-LIKE 5 can induce flowering in short-day grown Arabidopsis

Sequence, expression divergence, and complementation of homologous ALCATRAZ loci in Brassica napus

Increased DNA repair in Arabidopsis plants overexpressing CPD photolyase

Accumulation of hydroxycinnamic acid amides induced by pathogen infection and identification of agmatine coumaroyltransferase in Arabidopsis thaliana

WUS and STM homologs are linked to the expression of lateral dominance in the acaulescent Streptocarpus rexii (Gesneriaceae)

Distribution and phylogeny of the blue light receptors aureochromes in eukaryotes

On the mechanism of apoplastic H2O2 production during lignin formation and elicitation in cultured spruce cells—peroxidases after elicitation

Pythium infection activates conserved plant defense responses in mosses

Induction of multinucleation by ß-glucosyl Yariv reagent in regenerated cells from Marchantia polymorpha protoplasts and involvement of arabinogalactan proteins in cell plate formation

Label-free in situ imaging of lignification in the cell wall of low lignin transgenic Populus trichocarpa


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