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American Journal of Botany - vol. 97 no.4

American Journal of Botany

Volume 97, Issue 4; April 2010

Anatomy and Morphology

Bradley E. Layton, M. Brent Boyd, Manuela S. Tripepi, Beatrice M. Bitonti, M. Norman R. Dollahon, and Ronald A. Balsamo
Dehydration-induced expression of a 31-kDa dehydrin in Polypodium polypodioides (Polypodiaceae) may enable large, reversible deformation of cell walls

David A. Waters, Geoffrey E. Burrows, and John D. I. Harper
Eucalyptus regnans (Myrtaceae): A fire-sensitive eucalypt with a resprouter epicormic structure

Céline Leroy, Alain Jauneau, Angélique Quilichini, Alain Dejean, and Jérôme Orivel
Comparative structure and ontogeny of the foliar domatia in three neotropical myrmecophytes

Bryology and Lichenology

Neil E. Bell and Jaakko Hyvönen
A phylogenetic circumscription of Polytrichastrum (Polytrichaceae): Reassessment of sporophyte morphology supports molecular phylogeny

Pradeep K. Divakar, H. Thorsten Lumbsch, Zuzana Ferencova, Ruth Del Prado, and Ana Crespo
Remototrachyna, a newly recognized tropical lineage of lichens in the Hypotrachyna clade (Parmeliaceae, Ascomycota), originated in the Indian subcontinent

Developmental Biology and Developmental Genetics

Hokuto Nakayama, Takahiro Yamaguchi, and Hirokazu Tsukaya
Expression patterns of AaDL, a CRABS CLAW ortholog in Asparagus asparagoides (Asparagaceae), demonstrate a stepwise evolution of CRC/DL subfamily of YABBY genes


Brian Young, Diane Wagner, Patricia Doak, and Thomas Clausen
Within-plant distribution of phenolic glycosides and extrafloral nectaries in trembling aspen (Populus tremuloides; Salicaceae)

Hong Chen, Sara Felker, and Shucun Sun
Allometry of within-fruit reproductive allocation in subtropical dicot woody species

Evolution and Phylogeny

Leah M. Morris and Melvin R. Duvall
The chloroplast genome of Anomochloa marantoidea (Anomochlooideae; Poaceae) comprises a mixture of grass-like and unique features

Craig F. Barrett, John V. Freudenstein, D. Lee Taylor, and Urmas Koljalg
Rangewide analysis of fungal associations in the fully mycoheterotrophic Corallorhiza striata complex (Orchidaceae) reveals extreme specificity on ectomycorrhizal Tomentella (Thelephoraceae) across North America

Physiology and Biochemistry

Nathan M. Krah and Barry A. Logan
Loss of psbS expression reduces vegetative growth, reproductive output, and light-limited, but not light-saturated, photosynthesis in Arabidopsis thaliana (Brassicaceae) grown in temperate light environments

Population Biology

Andrew J. Eckert, Melissa L. Eckert, and Benjamin D. Hall
Effects of historical demography and ecological context on spatial patterns of genetic diversity within foxtail pine (Pinus balfouriana; Pinaceae) stands located in the Klamath Mountains, California

Bee F. Gunn, Mallikarjuna Aradhya, Jan M. Salick, Allison J. Miller, Yang Yongping, Liu Lin, and Hai Xian
Genetic variation in walnuts (Juglans regia and J. sigillata; Juglandaceae): Species distinctions, human impacts, and the conservation of agrobiodiversity in Yunnan, China

Reproductive Biology

Eduardo Narbona and Rodolfo Dirzo
A reassessment of the function of floral nectar in Croton suberosus (Euphorbiaceae): A reward for plant defenders and pollinators

Systematics and Phytogeography

Takuya Nakazato, Dan L. Warren, and Leonie C. Moyle
Ecological and geographic modes of species divergence in wild tomatoes

Brief Communication

John L. Orrock and Cory C. Christopher
Density of intraspecific competitors determines the occurrence and benefits of accelerated germination

AJB Primer Notes & Protocols in the Plant Sciences

Jessica R. Brzyski
Isolation and characterization of microsatellite markers in the rare clonal plant, Spiraea virginiana (Rosaceae)


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