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American Journal of Botany - vol. 97 no. 5

American Journal of Botany

Volume 97, Issue 5; May 2010

Special Invited Paper

James I. Cohen
"A case to which no parallel exists": The influence of Darwin’s Different Forms of Flowers

Anatomy and Morphology

Christian A. Zanotti, Raúl Pozner, and Osvaldo Morrone
Understanding spikelet orientation in Paniceae (Poaceae)

Clara de Vega, Montserrat Arista, Pedro L. Ortiz, and Salvador Talavera
Anatomical relations among endophytic holoparasitic angiosperms, autotrophic host plants and mycorrhizal fungi: A novel tripartite interaction

Bryology and Lichenology

Sergio Pérez-Ortega, Asunción de los Ríos, Ana Crespo, and Leopoldo G. Sancho
Symbiotic lifestyle and phylogenetic relationships of the bionts of Mastodia tessellata (Ascomycota, incertae sedis)


Friederike Wagner-Cremer, Timme H. Donders, and Henk Visscher
Drought stress signals in modern and subfossil Quercus laurifolia (Fagaceae) leaves reflect winter precipitation in southern Florida tied to El Nino–Southern Oscillation activity

Amparo Lázaro and Orjan Totland
Population dependence in the interactions with neighbors for pollination: A field experiment with Taraxacum officinale

Stéphane Boudreau, Pascale Ropars, and Karen Amanda Harper
Population dynamics of Empetrum hermaphroditum (Ericaceae) on a subarctic sand dune: Evidence of rapid colonization through efficient sexual reproduction

Evolution and Phylogeny

Suzana Alcantara and Lúcia G. Lohmann
Evolution of floral morphology and pollination system in Bignonieae (Bignoniaceae)

Winfried S. Peters, Dietmar Haffer, Claudia B. Hanakam, Aart J. E. van Bel, and Michael Knoblauch
Legume phylogeny and the evolution of a unique contractile apparatus that regulates phloem transport


Rosemary Paull and Robert S. Hill
Early Oligocene Callitris and Fitzroya (Cupressaceae) from Tasmania

Population Biology

Silke Werth and Victoria L. Sork
Identity and genetic structure of the photobiont of the epiphytic lichen Ramalina menziesii on three oak species in southern California

Mark A. Chapman, John Hvala, Jason Strever, and John M. Burke
Population genetic analysis of safflower (Carthamus tinctorius; Asteraceae) reveals a Near Eastern origin and five centers of diversity

Reproductive Biology

Thomas E. Marler
Cycad mutualist offers more than pollen transport

Claire G. Williams
Long-distance pine pollen still germinates after meso-scale dispersal

Systematics and Phytogeography

Pieter B. Pelser, Aaron H. Kennedy, Eric J. Tepe, Jacob B. Shidler, Bertil Nordenstam, Joachim W. Kadereit, and Linda E. Watson
Patterns and causes of incongruence between plastid and nuclear Senecioneae (Asteraceae) phylogenies

Jerrold I. Davis and Robert J. Soreng
Migration of endpoints of two genes relative to boundaries between regions of the plastid genome in the grass family (Poaceae)

Brief Communication

Ernesto Ch. Rodríguez-Ramírez and Claudia E. Moreno
Bolete diversity in two relict forests of the Mexican beech (Fagus grandifolia var. mexicana; Fagaceae)

Lea Rahel Wirth, René Graf, Felix Gugerli, Urs Landergott, and Rolf Holderegger
Lower selfing rate at higher altitudes in the alpine plant Eritrichium nanum (Boraginaceae)

AJB Primer Notes & Protocols in the Plant Sciences

Rafael G. Albaladejo, Federico Sebastiani, Santiago C. González-Martínez, Juan P. González-Varo, Giovanni G. Vendramin, and Abelardo Aparicio
Isolation of microsatellite markers for the common Mediterranean shrub Myrtus communis (Myrtaceae)

Juan M. Arroyo, Cristina Rigueiro, Rocío Rodríguez, Arndt Hampe, Alfredo Valido, Francisco Rodríguez-Sánchez, and Pedro Jordano
Isolation and characterization of 20 microsatellite loci for laurel species (Laurus, Lauraceae)

Jana Raabová, Guillaume Hans, Ange-Marie Risterucci, Anne-Laure Jacquemart, and Olivier Raspé
Development and multiplexing of microsatellite markers in the polyploid perennial herb, Menyanthes trifoliata (Menyanthaceae)

Kathrin Luettmann, Inga M. Michalczyk, Christina Mengel, Birgit Ziegenhagen, Eckhard W. Heymann, Pedro P. Pinedo Saboya, and Ronald Bialozyt
Characterization of nuclear microsatellite loci in the Neotropical tree Parkia panurensis (Fabaceae)

Susan M. Kabat, Christopher W. Dick, and Mark D. Hunter
Isolation and characterization of microsatellite loci in the common milkweed, Asclepias syriaca (Apocynaceae)



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