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American Journal of Botany - Volume 97, Issue 2

Spis treści (Volume 97, Issue 2, luty 2010 ):

Anatomy and Morphology

Favio A. González and Paula J. Rudall
Flower and fruit characters in the early-divergent lamiid family Metteniusaceae, with particular reference to the evolution of pseudomonomery

Amy E. Zanne, Mark Westoby, Daniel S. Falster, David D. Ackerly, Scott R. Loarie, Sarah E. J. Arnold, and David A. Coomes
Angiosperm wood structure: Global patterns in vessel anatomy and their relation to wood density and potential conductivity

Bryology and Lichenology

Mónica A. G. Otálora, Isabel Martínez, Gregorio Aragón, and M. Carmen Molina
Phylogeography and divergence date estimates of a lichen species complex with a disjunct distribution pattern

Developmental Biology and Developmental Genetics

Michael Marcotrigiano
A role for leaf epidermis in the control of leaf size and the rate and extent of mesophyll cell division


Beatrix Vonlanthen, Ximing Zhang, and Helge Bruelheide
Clonal structure and genetic diversity of three desert phreatophytes

Lesley A. DeFalco, Todd C. Esque, Sara J. Scoles-Sciulla, and Jane Rodgers
Desert wildfire and severe drought diminish survivorship of the long-lived Joshua tree (Yucca brevifolia; Agavaceae)

Megan L. Blanchard, Jacob N. Barney, Kristine M. Averill, Charles L. Mohler, and Antonio DiTommaso
Does polyembryony confer a competitive advantage to the invasive perennial vine Vincetoxicum rossicum (Apocynaceae)?


Kozue Nitta, Akiko A. Yasumoto, and Tetsukazu Yahara
Variation of flower opening and closing times in F1 and F2 hybrids of daylily (Hemerocallis fulva; Hemerocallidaceae) and nightlily (H. citrina)


Linda E. Graham, Martha E. Cook, David T. Hanson, Kathleen B. Pigg, and James M. Graham
Structural, physiological, and stable carbon isotopic evidence that the enigmatic Paleozoic fossil Prototaxites formed from rolled liverwort mats

Thomas Denk, Fri?geir Grímsson, and Reinhard Zetter
Episodic migration of oaks to Iceland: Evidence for a North Atlantic "land bridge" in the latest Miocene

Raymond J. Carpenter, Gregory J. Jordan, Daphne E. Lee, and Robert S. Hill
Leaf fossils of Banksia (Proteaceae) from New Zealand: An Australian abroad

Population Biology

Joe Hereford
Does selfing or outcrossing promote local adaptation?

Marta Dubreuil, Miquel Riba, Santiago C. González-Martínez, Giovanni G. Vendramin, Federico Sebastiani, and Maria Mayol
Genetic effects of chronic habitat fragmentation revisited: Strong genetic structure in a temperate tree, Taxus baccata (Taxaceae), with great dispersal capability

Reproductive Biology

Kim E. Steiner
Twin oil sacs facilitate the evolution of a novel type of pollination unit (meranthium) in a South African orchid

Systematics and Phytogeography

Laurie L. Consaul, Lynn J. Gillespie, and Marcia J. Waterway
Evolution and polyploid origins in North American Arctic Puccinellia (Poaceae) based on nuclear ribosomal spacer and chloroplast DNA sequences

Rachel Schmidt Jabaily and Kenneth J. Sytsma
Phylogenetics of Puya (Bromeliaceae): Placement, major lineages, and evolution of Chilean species

Brief Communication

Mingshu Huang and David M. Braun
Genetic analyses of cell death in maize (Zea mays, Poaceae) leaves reveal a distinct pathway operating in the camouflage1 mutant

Béatrice Albert, Alexis Matamoro-Vidal, Christian Raquin, and Sophie Nadot
Formation and function of a new pollen aperture pattern in angiosperms: The proximal sulcus of Tillandsia leiboldiana (Bromeliaceae)

AJB Primer Notes & Protocols in the Plant Sciences

Sara López-Vinyallonga, Mónica Arakaki, Núria Garcia-Jacas, Alfonso Susanna, Matthew A. Gitzendanner, Douglas E. Soltis, and Pamela S. Soltis
Isolation and characterization of novel microsatellite markers for Arctium minus (Compositae)


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