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Annales Botanici Fennici - Volume 47 (1)

Spis treści (Volume 47 Number 1, 2010):

Leimu, R. 2010: Habitat quality and population size as determinants of performance of two endangered hemiparasites.

Vignolio, O. R. & Fernández, O. N. 2010: Cattle dung as vector of spreading seeds of exotic species in the Flooding Pampa grasslands (Buenos Aires, Argentina).

Wróblewska, A., Brzosko, E., Chudzińska, E., Bordács, S. & Prokopiv, A. I. 2010: Cytotype distribution and colonization history of the steppe plant Iris aphylla.
Dong, Y. H., Wahiti Gituru, R. & Wang, Q. F. 2010: Genetic variation and gene flow in the endangered aquatic fern Ceratopteris pteridoides in China, and conservation implications.

Lorite, J., Penas, J., Benito, B., Canadas, E. & Valle, F. 2010: Conservation status of the first known population of Polygala balansae in Europe.

Sa, R., Su, D. & Debreczy, Z: 2010: Taxonomic notes on the Hedysarum gmelinii complex (Fabaceae).

Akpulat, H. A. & Akalin, E. 2010: Peucedanum ozhatayiorum (Apiaceae), a new species from NE Turkey.

Celep, F. & Dogan, M. 2010: Salvia ekimiana (Lamiaceae), a new species from Turkey.

Sennikov, A. N. & Weber, H. E. 2010: Atlas Florae Europaeae notes. 16. New names in Rubus (Rosaceae).

Zhang, M. D., Shui, Y. M., Chen, W. H., Zhang, R. M. & Li, G. Y. 2010: Raphiocarpus maguanensis (Gesneriaceae), a new species from China.

Yin, J. T. & Gusman, G. 2010: Arisaema linearifolium (Araceae), a new species from northern Yunnan, China.

Nomenclatural novelties in Ann. Bot. Fennici 47(1).



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