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The Plant Journal (Volume 61, number 3 & 4)

Spis treści (Volume 61, Number 3, February 2010):

The rice yellow mottle virus P1 protein exhibits dual functions to suppress and activate gene silencing

Identification of protein factors and U3?snoRNAs from a Brassica oleracea RNP complex involved in the processing of pre-rRNA

Microtubules are an intracellular target of the plant terpene citral

The chloroplast protein BPG2 functions in brassinosteroid-mediated post-transcriptional accumulation of chloroplast rRNA

The nucleotide sugar transporters AtUTr1 and AtUTr3 are required for the incorporation of UDP-glucose into the endoplasmic reticulum, are essential for pollen development and are needed for embryo sac progress in Arabidopsis thaliana

Plant lipid-associated fibrillin proteins condition jasmonate production under photosynthetic stress

The PPR protein encoded by the LOVASTATIN INSENSITIVE 1 gene is involved in RNA editing at three sites in mitochondria of Arabidopsis thaliana

The mitochondrial PPR protein LOVASTATIN INSENSITIVE 1 plays regulatory roles in cytosolic and plastidial isoprenoid biosynthesis through RNA editing

Degradation of cytokinins by maize cytokinin dehydrogenase is mediated by free radicals generated by enzymatic oxidation of natural benzoxazinones

Medicago truncatula Vapyrin is a novel protein required for arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis

The AtNHX1 exchanger mediates potassium compartmentation in vacuoles of transgenic tomato

Prf immune complexes of tomato are oligomeric and contain multiple Pto-like kinases that diversify effector recognition

A rapid and non-destructive screenable marker, FAST, for identifying transformed seeds of Arabidopsis thaliana

The Chloroplast Function Database: a large-scale collection of Arabidopsis Ds/Spm- or T-DNA-tagged homozygous lines for nuclear-encoded chloroplast proteins, and their systematic phenotype analysis

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Spis treści (Volume 61, Number 4, February 2010):

Transposon-induced gene activation as a mechanism generating cluster shape somatic variation in grapevine

A mitochondrial rRNA dimethyladenosine methyltransferase in Arabidopsis

Detection of protein-protein interactions in plants using the transrepressive activity of the EAR motif repression domain

Broad connections in the Arabidopsis seed metabolic network revealed by metabolite profiling of an amino acid catabolism mutant

Sequence-level comparative analysis of the Brassica napus genome around two stearoyl-ACP desaturase loci

The Arabidopsis SMO2, a homologue of yeast TRM112, modulates progression of cell division during organ growth

Gene expression profiling identifies two regulatory genes controlling dormancy and ABA sensitivity in Arabidopsis seeds

(ESD7) encodes the catalytic subunit of DNA polymerase epsilon and is required for flowering repression through a mechanism involving epigenetic gene silencing

AtTRB1, a telomeric DNA-binding protein from Arabidopsis, is concentrated in the nucleolus and shows highly dynamic association with chromatin

Transcriptional regulation of aquaporins in accessions of Arabidopsis in response to drought stress

Cold activation of a plasma membrane-tethered NAC transcription factor induces a pathogen resistance response in Arabidopsis

AREB1, AREB2, and ABF3 are master transcription factors that cooperatively regulate ABRE-dependent ABA signaling involved in drought stress tolerance and require ABA for full activation

The transcript elongation factor FACT affects Arabidopsis vegetative and reproductive development and genetically interacts with HUB1/2

Early transcriptomic events in microdissected Arabidopsis nematode-induced giant cells

GO-At : in silico prediction of gene function in Arabidopsis thaliana by combining heterogeneous data


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