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Applied Vegetation Science - 11 (4), 2008


Trends in the surface vegetation dynamics of the national parks of Spain as observed by satellite sensors

Domingo Alcaraz-Segura, Javier Cabello, José M. Paruelo and Miguel Delibes

Diversity of native and alien vascular plant species of dry grasslands in central Europe

Franz Essl and Thomas Dirnböck

Evaluation of floristic diversity in urban areas as a basis for habitat management

Audrey Muratet, E. Porcher, V. Devictor, G. Arnal, J. Moret, S. Wright and N. Machon

Tropical forest structure and diversity in relation to altitude and disturbance in a Biosphere Reserve in central India

P.K. Sahu, R. Sagar and J.S. Singh

Responses of native and invasive plant species to selective logging in an Acacia koa-Metrosideros polymorpha forest in Hawai'i

James B. Friday, Paul G. Scowcroft and Adrian Ares

Natural revegetation on forest topsoil and subsoil along roadsides in boreal forest

A.B. Skrindo and R. Halvorsen

Human activity facilitates altitudinal expansion of exotic plants along a road in montane grassland, South Africa

Jesse M. Kalwij, Mark P. Robertson and Berndt J. van Rensburg

Mapping mountain vegetation using species distribution modeling, image-based texture analysis, and object-based classification

Solomon Z. Dobrowski, Hugh D. Safford, Yen Ben Cheng and Susan L. Ustin

Land use designation and vegetation community structure in the Adirondack uplands (New York, USA)

T. Woodcock, C. Evans, C. Laxson, R. Tucker, J. Allen, J. Mihuc, E. Allen and T. Mihuc

Techniques for restoring fen vegetation on cut-away peatlands in North America

M.D. Graf and L. Rochefort

The effect of traditional management burning on lichen diversity

G. Matt Davies and Colin J. Legg

Forecasting the pattern and pace of Fagus forest expansion in Majella National Park, Italy

Hein van Gils, Orgil Batsukh, David Rossiter, Wizaso Munthali and Elena Liberatoscioli

Roadside revegetation with native plants: Experimental seeding and transplanting of stem cuttings

Azim U. Mallik and M.N. Karim


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