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Journal of Ecology - 98 (6), 2010


Strong facilitation in mild environments: the stress gradient hypothesis revisited
Holmgren, Milena; Scheffer, Marten

Environment-enhanced self-fertilization: implications for niche shifts in adjacent populations
Levin, Donald A.

Effect of explosive shallow hydrothermal vents on 13C and growth performance in the seagrass Posidonia oceanica
Vizzini, Salvatrice; Tomasello, Agostino; Maida, Germana Di; Pirrotta, Maria; Mazzola, Antonio; Calvo, Sebastiano

The role of dispersal in shaping plant community composition of wetlands within an old-growth forest
Flinn, Kathryn M.; Gouhier, Tarik C.; Lechowicz, Martin J.; Waterway, Marcia J.

Seed dispersal by scatter-hoarding rodents in arid environments
Beck, Maurie J.; Vander Wall, Stephen B.

Chasing the unknown: predicting seed dispersal mechanisms from plant traits
Thomson, Fiona J.; Moles, Angela T.; Auld, Tony D.; Ramp, Daniel; Ren, Shiquan; Kingsford, Richard T.

A 350-year tree-ring fire record from Białowieża Primeval Forest, Poland: implications for Central European lowland fire history
Niklasson, Mats; Zin, Ewa; Zielonka, Tomasz; Feijen, Markus; Korczyk, Adolf F.; Churski, Marcin; Samojlik, Tomasz; Jędrzejewska, Bogumiła; Gutowski, Jerzy M.; Brzeziecki, Bogdan

Dynamics of long-lived foundation species: the history of Quercus in southern Scandinavia
Lindbladh, Matts; Foster, David R.

Species responses to fire, climate and human impact at tree line in the Alps as evidenced by palaeo-environmental records and a dynamic simulation model
Colombaroli, Daniele; Henne, Paul D.; Kaltenrieder, Petra; Gobet, Erika; Tinner, Willy

Holocene fires and a herb-dominated understorey track wetter climates in subalpine forests
Blarquez, Olivier; Bremond, Laurent; Carcaillet, Christopher

Spread of invasive Phragmites australis in estuaries with differing degrees of development: genetic patterns, Allee effects and interpretation
McCormick, Melissa K.; Kettenring, Karin M.; Baron, Heather M.; Whigham, Dennis F.

Invasion of Solidago gigantea in contrasting experimental plant communities: effects on soil microbes, nutrients and plant-soil feedbacks
Scharfy, Deborah; Güsewell, Sabine; Gessner, Mark O.; Venterink, Harry Olde

Effects of population size on plant reproduction and pollinator abundance in a specialized pollination system
Klank, Charlotte; Pluess, Andrea R.; Ghazoul, Jaboury

Both seedling banks and specialist seed predators promote the evolution of synchronized and intermittent reproduction (masting) in trees
Tachiki, Yuuya; Iwasa, Yoh

The shared influence of phylogeny and ecology on the reproductive patterns of Myrteae (Myrtaceae)
Staggemeier, Vanessa Graziele; Diniz-Filho, José Alexandre Felizola; Morellato, Leonor Patrícia Cerdeira

Stand development moderates effects of ungulate exclusion on foliar traits in the forests of New Zealand
Mason, Norman W. H.; Peltzer, Duane A.; Richardson, Sarah J.; Bellingham, Peter J.; Allen, Robert B.

The effects of plant pathogens on tree recruitment in the Western Amazon under a projected future climate: a dynamical systems analysis
Thompson, Sally; Alvarez-Loayza, Patricia; Terborgh, John; Katul, Gabriel

Unexpected understorey community development after 30?years in ancient and post-agricultural forests
Baeten, Lander; Hermy, Martin; Van Daele, Sander; Verheyen, Kris

The phylogenetic structure of plant facilitation networks changes with competition
Verdú, Miguel; Jordano, Pedro; Valiente-Banuet, Alfonso

Interspecific variation in functional traits, not climatic differences among species ranges, determines demographic rates across 44 temperate and Mediterranean tree species
Martínez-Vilalta, Jordi; Mencuccini, Maurizio; Vayreda, Jordi; Retana, Javier

Biological Flora of the British Isles : Stachys sylvatica L.
Taylor, Kenneth; Rowland, Philip


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