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Journal of Experimental Botany - 6, 2010


Tocochromanol functions in plants: antioxidation and beyond
Falk, Jon; Munn-Bosch, Sergi

Agrobacterium-mediated transformation of durum wheat (Triticum turgidum L. var. durum cv Stewart) with improved efficiency
He, Y.; Jones, H. D.; Chen, S.; Chen, X. M.; Wang, D. W.; Li, K. X.; Wang, D. S.; Xia, L. Q.

Elevation of night-time temperature increases terpenoid emissions from Betula pendula and Populus tremula
Ibrahim, Mohamed A.; Menp, Maarit; Hassinen, Viivi; Kontunen-Soppela, Sari; Malec, Luk; Rousi, Matti; Pietikinen, Liisa; Tervahauta, Arja; Krenlampi, Sirpa; Holopainen, Jarmo K.; Oksanen, Elina J.

Aluminium reduces sugar uptake in tobacco cell cultures: a potential cause of inhibited elongation but not of toxicity
Abdel-Basset, Refat; Ozuka, Shotaro; Demiral, Tijen; Furuichi, Takuya; Sawatani, Ikuo; Baskin, Tobias I.; Matsumoto, Hideaki; Yamamoto, Yoko

Temporal analysis of natural variation for the rate of leaf production and its relationship with flowering initiation in Arabidopsis thaliana
Mndez-Vigo, Beln; de Andrs, M. Teresa; Ramiro, Mercedes; Martnez-Zapater, Jos M.; Alonso-Blanco, Carlos

Glyoxylate rather than ascorbate is an efficient precursor for oxalate biosynthesis in rice
Yu, Le; Jiang, Jingzhe; Zhang, Chan; Jiang, Linrong; Ye, Nenghui; Lu, Yusheng; Yang, Guozheng; Liu, Ee; Peng, Changlian; He, Zhenghui; Peng, Xinxiang

Cloning and expression analysis of the Ccrboh gene encoding respiratory burst oxidase in Citrullus colocynthis and grafting onto Citrullus lanatus (watermelon)
Si, Ying; Dane, Fenny; Rashotte, Aaron; Kang, Kwonkyoo; Singh, Narendra K.

Synergic effect of salinity and CO2 enrichment on growth and photosynthetic responses of the invasive cordgrass Spartina densiflora
Mateos-Naranjo, Enrique; Redondo-Gmez, Susana; lvarez, Rosario; Cambroll, Jess; Gandullo, Jacinto; Figueroa, M. Enrique

cpSecA, a thylakoid protein translocase subunit, is essential for photosynthetic development in Arabidopsis
Liu, Dong; Gong, Qingqiu; Ma, Yuanyuan; Li, Pengli; Li, Jinping; Yang, Shuhua; Yuan, Lingling; Yu, Yunqing; Pan, Dadi; Xu, Fan; Wang, Ning Ning

PtAAP11, a high affinity amino acid transporter specifically expressed in differentiating xylem cells of poplar
Couturier, Jrmy; de Fa, Elisabeth; Fitz, Michael; Wipf, Daniel; Blaudez, Damien; Chalot, Michel

Removing the mustard oil bomb from seeds: transgenic ablation of myrosin cells in oilseed rape (Brassica napus) produces MINELESS seeds
Borgen, Birgit Hafeld; Thangstad, Ole Petter; Ahuja, Ishita; Rossiter, John Trevor; Bones, Atle Magnar

Association between winter anthocyanin production and drought stress in angiosperm evergreen species
Hughes, Nicole M.; Reinhardt, Keith; Feild, Taylor S.; Gerardi, Anthony R.; Smith, William K.

Accumulation of xylem transported protein at pit membranes and associated reductions in hydraulic conductance
Neumann, Peter M.; Weissman, Rachel; Stefano, Giovanni; Mancuso, Stefano

A transcriptomic study of grapevine (Vitis vinifera cv. Cabernet-Sauvignon) interaction with the vascular ascomycete fungus Eutypa lata
Camps, Cline; Kappel, Christian; Lecomte, Pascal; Lon, Cline; Goms, Eric; Coutos-Thvenot, Pierre; Delrot, Serge

A tomato strigolactone-impaired mutant displays aberrant shoot morphology and plant interactions
Koltai, Hinanit; LekKala, Sivarama P.; Bhattacharya, Chaitali; Mayzlish-Gati, Einav; Resnick, Nathalie; Wininger, Smadar; Dor, Evgenya; Yoneyama, Kaori; Yoneyama, Koichi; Hershenhorn, Joseph; Joel, Daniel M.; Kapulnik, Yoram

Diel time-courses of leaf growth in monocot and dicot species: endogenous rhythms and temperature effects
Poir, Richard; Wiese-Klinkenberg, Anika; Parent, Boris; Mielewczik, Michael; Schurr, Ulrich; Tardieu, Franois; Walter, Achim

Regulation of two germin-like protein genes during plum fruit development
El-Sharkawy, I.; Mila, I.; Bouzayen, M.; Jayasankar, S.

Brachypodium distachyon grain: identification and subcellular localization of storage proteins
Larr, C.; Penninck, S.; Bouchet, B.; Lollier, V.; Tranquet, O.; Denery-Papini, S.; Guillon, F.; Rogniaux, H.

Phloem sap and leaf 13C, carbohydrates, and amino acid concentrations in Eucalyptus globulus change systematically according to flooding and water deficit treatment
Merchant, Andrew; Peuke, Andreas D.; Keitel, Claudia; Macfarlane, Craig; Warren, Charles R.; Adams, Mark A.

Functional diversification of AGAMOUS lineage genes in regulating tomato flower and fruit development
Pan, Irvin L.; McQuinn, Ryan; Giovannoni, James J.; Irish, Vivian F.

Ergosterol triggers characteristic elicitation steps in Beta vulgaris leaf tissues
Rossard, Stphanie; Roblin, Gabriel; Atanassova, Rossitza

BrFLC2 (FLOWERING LOCUS C) as a candidate gene for a vernalization response QTL in Brassica rapa
Zhao, Jianjun; Kulkarni, Vani; Liu, Nini; Pino Del Carpio, Dunia; Bucher, Johan; Bonnema, Guusje

Identification and functional analysis of the genes encoding 6-desaturase from Ribes nigrum
Song, Li-Ying; Lu, Wan-Xiang; Hu, Jun; Zhang, Yan; Yin, Wei-Bo; Chen, Yu-Hong; Hao, Shan-Ting; Wang, Bai-Lin; Wang, Richard R-C; Hu, Zan-Min

Silencing of the HvCKX1 gene decreases the cytokinin oxidase/dehydrogenase level in barley and leads to higher plant productivity
Zalewski, Wojciech; Galuszka, Petr; Gasparis, Sebastian; Orczyk, Wacaw; Nadolska-Orczyk, Anna

Auxin polar transport is essential for the development of zygote and embryo in Nicotiana tabacum L. and correlated with ABP1 and PM H+-ATPase activities
Chen, Dan; Ren, Yujun; Deng, Yingtian; Zhao, Jie

Specific expression of apomixis-linked alleles revealed by comparative transcriptomic analysis of sexual and apomictic Paspalum simplex Morong flowers
Polegri, Livia; Calderini, Ornella; Arcioni, Sergio; Pupilli, Fulvio

Overexpression of Osta-siR2141 caused abnormal polarity establishment and retarded growth in rice
Wang, Jiang; Gao, Xiaoyan; Li, Lin; Shi, Xiangyi; Zhang, Jingliu; Shi, Zhenying

Hernandez, Mercedes; Fernandez-Garcia, Nieves; Diaz-Vivancos, Pedro; Olmos, Enrique


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