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Biotropica - 43 (1), 2011



Reviewing Peer Review (pages 1–2)

Jaboury Ghazoul


Trouble with the Gray Literature (pages 3–5)

Richard T. Corlett

Distributional Patterns of Epiphytic Ferns are Explained by the Presence of Cryptic Species (pages 6–7)

Tom M. Fayle, Alex J. Dumbrell, Edgar C. Turner and William A. Foster


Invertebrate Seed Predators are not all the Same: Seed Predation by Bruchine and Scolytine Beetles Affects Palm Recruitment in Different Ways (pages 8–11)

Caroline M. Dracxler, Alexandra S. Pires and Fernando A. S. Fernandez

Are We Misinterpreting Seed Predation in Palms? (pages 12–14)

Pedro H. S. Brancalion, Ricardo Ribeiro Rodrigues, Ana D. L. C. Novembre and José M. Gómez


Tropical Biology

What Factors Affect Diversity and Species Composition of Endangered Tumbesian Dry Forests in Southern Ecuador? (pages 15–22)

Carlos I. Espinosa, Omar Cabrera, Arantzazu L. Luzuriaga and Adrián Escudero

Stress-Driven Changes in the Strength of Facilitation on Tree Seedling Establishment in West African Woodlands (pages 23–30)

Samadori S. H. Biaou, Milena Holmgren, Frank J. Sterck and Godefridus M. J. Mohren

Assessing Tropical Forests' Climatic Sensitivities with Long-term Data (pages 31–40)

Deborah A. Clark and David B. Clark

Climate Influences on the Radial Growth of Centrolobium microchaete, a Valuable Timber Species from the Tropical Dry Forests in Bolivia (pages 41–49)

Lidio López and Ricardo Villalba

The Spatial Distribution of Mistletoe in a Southern Indian Tropical Forest at Multiple Scales (pages 50–57)

Lucy Rist, R. Uma Shaanker and Jaboury Ghazoul

Habitat Selection, the Included Niche, and Coexistence in Plant-Specialist Frogs from Madagascar (pages 58–67)

Richard M. Lehtinen and Gerardo L. F. Carfagno

The Effects of Cropping Systems on Avian Communities in Cacao and Banana Agro-Forestry Systems of Talamanca, Costa Rica (pages 68–76)

Chad B. Wilsey and Stanley A. Temple

Testing for Janzen–Connell Effects in a West African Montane Forest (pages 77–83)

Arne Matthesius, Hazel Chapman and Dave Kelly

Tamarins and Dung Beetles: An Efficient Diplochorous Dispersal System in the Peruvian Amazonia (pages 84–92)

Laurence Culot, Darren J. Mann, Fernando J. J. Munoz Lazo, Marie-Claude Huynen and Eckhard W. Heymann

Interspecific Aggression and Resource Monopolization of the Invasive Ant Anoplolepis gracilipes in Malaysian Borneo (pages 93–99)

Jochen Drescher, Heike Feldhaar and Nico Blüthgen

Termite Diversity along an Amazon–Andes Elevation Gradient, Peru (pages 100–107)

Olivia F. Palin, Paul Eggleton, Yadvinder Malhi, Cécile A.J. Girardin, Angela Rozas-Dávila and Catherine L. Parr

Sources of Assimilated Proteins in Old and New World Phytophagous Bats (pages 108–113)

Christian C. Voigt, Akbar Zubaid, Thomas H. Kunz and Tigga Kingston

Tropical Conservation

Conservation Genetics of the Endemic Mexican Heliconia uxpanapensis in the Los Tuxtlas Tropical Rain Forest (pages 114–121)

Pilar Suárez-Montes, Juan Fornoni and Juan Núnez-Farfán

Conversational Noise Reduction as a Win–Win for Ecotourists and Rain Forest Birds in Peru (pages 122–130)

Daniel S. Karp and Roger Guevara


Thanks to Editors and ad hoc Reviewers 2009–2010 (pages 131–134)


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