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Ecology, Evolution, and Systematics - 42, 2011


Evolution of Anopheles Mosquitoes in Relation to Humans and Malaria
Nora J. Besansky

Use of Stable Isotopes in Foraging Ecology and Food Web Analysis
William J. Boecklen

The Genetics and Evolution of Cave Animals
Richard Borowsky

Physiology and Range Limits of Animals
Francisco Bozinovic

Causes and Consequences of Root Foraging Behavior
James F. Cahill Jr.

New Insights into Pelagic Migrations: Ecology and Conservation
Dan Costa

Scaling Up from Individual Cophysiology to Populations and Communities
Mark W. Denny

The Role of Mountains in the Diversification of Birds
Jon Fjeldsa, and Carsten Rahbek

Microbially Mediated Plant Functional Traits
Maren Friesen

Linking Marine Reserves to Terrestrial Processes
Steven Gaines

Variation in the Rates of Molecular Evolution in Plants
Brandon S. Gaut

Climatic Relicts: Past, Present, Future
Arndt Hampe

Ehrlich and Raven Revisited: Mechanisms Underlying Codiversification of Plants and Enemies
Niklas Janz

Division of Labor in Social Insects
Laurent Keller

Rapid Evolution and Mechanisms of Species Coexistence
Richard Lankau

Beyond Wallace’s Line: Genes and Biology Inform Historical Biogeographical Insights in the Indo-Australian Archipelago
David J. Lohman, Mark de Bruyn, Timothy Page, Kristina von Rintelen, Robert Hall, Peter K.L. Ng, Hsi-Te Shih, Gary C. Carvalho, and Thomas von Rintelen

Biogeography and Evolutionary Ecology of Reproduction in the Sea
Dustin Marshall

Fossil Calibrations and Molecular Dating of the Tree of Life
Thomas J. Near

Ecological and Evolutionary Lessons From Free Air Carbon Enhancement (FACE) Experiments
Richard J. Norby

Effects of Host and Vector Diversity on Disease
Richard S. Ostfeld

Functional Biology of Heterotrophic Nitrogen-Fixing Bacteria
Sasha Reed

Phylogenetic Methods in Historical Biogeography
Fredrik Ronquist

Processes in Rangeland Invasions
Tim Seastedt, and Petr Pysek

Phylogenetic Insights on Evolutionary Novelties in Lizards and Snakes
Jack W. Sites, Jr.

Understanding Successes and Failures in Restoration Ecology
Katharine Suding

Novel Pathways and Organisms in Global Nitrogen Cycling
Bo Thamdrup

Long-Term Ecological Records and Their Relevance for Climate Change Predictions
Katherine J. Willis

The Ecology and Genetics of Mimulus
John H. Willis, Lila Fishman, and Andrea Sweigart

Native Pollinators in Anthropogenic Systems
Rachael Winfree, Daniel P. Cariveau, and Ignasi Bartomeus

Evolution in the Genus Homo: Phylogeny, Paleobiology, and Biogeography
Bernard Wood


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