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Applied Vegetation Science - 11 (3), 2008


Additive effects of a potentially invasive grass and water stress on the performance of seedlings of gypsum specialists
Silvia Matesanz, Adrián Escudero and Fernando Valladares

Natural revegetation of coal fly ash in a highly saline disposal lagoon in Hong Kong
L.M. Chu

Colonization of recent coniferous versus deciduous forest stands by vascular plants at the local scale
Monika Wulf and Thilo Heinken

Occurrence of Senecio aquaticus in relation to grassland management
Matthias Suter and Andreas Lüscher

Relationships between soil seed bank, vegetation and soil fertility along an urbanisation gradient
Vincent Pellissier, Françoise Rozé, Rahim Aguejdad, Hervé Quénol and Philippe Clergeau

The natural regeneration of salt marsh on formerly reclaimed land
Angus Garbutt and Mineke Wolters

Microclimatic buffering by logging residues and forest edges reduces clear-cutting impacts on forest bryophytes
Mats Dynesius, Marcus Aström and Christer Nilsson

The role of the soil seed bank in vegetation recovery on an oceanic island severely damaged by introduced goats
Udayani R. Weerasinghe, Shimizu Akiko, Jayasekara Palitha and Takatsuki Seiki

After the hotspots are gone: Land use history and grassland plant species diversity in a strongly transformed agricultural landscape
Sara A.O. Cousins and Ove Eriksson

What is the role of local landscape structure in the vegetation composition of field boundaries?
Tsipe Aavik, Isabel Augenstein, Debra Bailey, Felix Herzog, Martin Zobel and Jaan Liira

Plant traits and regeneration of urban plant communities after disturbance: Does the bud bank play any role?
Vít Latzel, Stanislav Mihulka and Jitka Klimešová

Long-term impacts of nitrogen and sulphur deposition on forest floor vegetation in the Northern limestone Alps, Austria
Karl Hülber, Thomas Dirnböck, Ingrid Kleinbauer, Wolfgang Willner, Stefan Dullinger, Gerhard Karrer and Michael Mirtl

The influence of aspect on the early growth dynamics of hydroseeded species in coal reclamation areas
J. González-Alday, R.H. Marrs and C. Martínez-Ruiz

Can atmospheric input of nitrogen affect seed bank dynamics in habitats of conservation interest? The case of dune slacks
Katharina Plassmann, Nigel Brown, M. Laurence M. Jones and Gareth Edwards-Jones

Spatial scale of GIS-derived categorical variables affects their ability to separate sites by community composition
Emily A. Holt, Bruce McCune and Peter Neitlich


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