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International Journal of Plant Sciences - 174 (3), 2013


    Special Issue: Conceptual Advances in Fossil Plant Biology Edited by Gar Rothwell and Ruth Stockey

        Front Cover(pp. Front Cover-I) 
        Conceptual Advances in Fossil Plant Biology: Introduction and Dedication(pp. 267-268) 
        Gar W. Rothwell and Ruth A. Stockey
        A Putative Zygomycetous Fungus with Mantled Zygosporangia and Apposed Gametangia from the Lower Coal Measures (Carboniferous) of Great Britain(pp. 269-277) 
        Michael Krings, James F. WhiteJr, Nora Dotzler, and Carla J. Harper
        A Perithecial Sordariomycete (Ascomycota, Diaporthales) from the Lower Cretaceous of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada(pp. 278-292) 
        Allison W. Bronson, Ashley A. Klymiuk, Ruth A. Stockey, and Alexandru M. F. Tomescu
        Reproductive Organs and In Situ Spores of Asteroxylon mackiei Kidston & Lang, the Most Complex Plant from the Lower Devonian Rhynie Chert(pp. 293-308) 
        Hans Kerp, Charles H. Wellman, Michael Krings, Patricia Kearney, and Hagen Hass
        Ultrastructure of Transitional Dispersed Megaspores from the Middle Devonian of New York(pp. 309-316) 
        Wilson A. Taylor and Kari A. Gullickson
        A New Look at the Carboniferous Lepidodendroid Stem Genus Sublepidophloios Sterzel(pp. 317-327) 
        Barry A. Thomas, Yanaki Tenchov, and Alan Howell
        Ashicaulis beipiaoensis sp. nov., a New Osmundaceous Fern Species from the Middle Jurassic of Liaoning Province, Northeastern China(pp. 328-339) 
        Ning Tian, Yongdong Wang, Wu Zhang, Zikun Jiang, and David L. Dilcher
        Regnellidium (Salviniales, Marsileaceae) Macrofossils and Associated Spores from the Late Cretaceous of South America(pp. 340-349) 
        N. Rubén Cúneo, Elizabeth J. Hermsen, and Maria A. Gandolfo
        New Observations and Synthesis of Paleogene Heterosporous Water Ferns(pp. 350-363) 
        Margaret E. Collinson, Selena Y. Smith, Johanna H. A. van Konijnenburg-van Cittert, David J. Batten, Johan van der Burgh, Judith Barke, and Federica Marone
        Archaeopterid Root Anatomy and Architecture: New Information from Permineralized Specimens of Famennian Age from Anti-Atlas (Morocco)(pp. 364-381) 
        Brigitte Meyer-Berthaud, Anne-Laure Decombeix, and Xavier Ermacora
        Reinvestigation of the Carboniferous Multiovulate Cupule Gnetopsis elliptica and Its Evolutionary Significance(pp. 382-395) 
        Jean Galtier
        Lonchiphyllum aplospermum gen. et sp. nov.: An Anatomically Preserved Glossopterid Megasporophyll from the Upper Permian of Skaar Ridge, Transantarctic Mountains, Antarctica(pp. 396-405) 
        Patricia E. Ryberg and Edith L. Taylor
        Leaf Cuticle Anatomy and the Ultrastructure of Ginkgoites ticoensis Archang. from the Aptian of Patagonia(pp. 406-424) 
        Georgina M. Del Fueyo, Gaëtan Guignard, Liliana Villar de Seoane, and Sergio Archangelsky
        Whole-Plant Concept and Environment Reconstruction of a Telemachus Conifer (Voltziales) from the Triassic of Antarctica(pp. 425-444) 
        Benjamin Bomfleur, Anne-Laure Decombeix, Ignacio H. Escapa, Andrew B. Schwendemann, and Brian Axsmith
        Pararaucaria carrii sp. nov., Anatomically Preserved Evidence for the Conifer Family Cheirolepidiaceae in the Northern Hemisphere(pp. 445-457) 
        Ruth A. Stockey and Gar W. Rothwell
        Pararaucaria delfueyoi sp. nov. from the Late Jurassic Canadón Calcáreo Formation, Chubut, Argentina: Insights into the Evolution of the Cheirolepidiaceae(pp. 458-470) 
        Ignacio H. Escapa, Néstor R. Cúneo, Gar Rothwell, and Ruth A. Stockey
        Cunninghamia taylorii sp. nov., a Structurally Preserved Cupressaceous Conifer from the Upper Cretaceous (Campanian) Horseshoe Canyon Formation of Western North America(pp. 471-488) 
        Rudolph Serbet, Benjamin Bomfleur, and Gar W. Rothwell
        The Biogeography of the Araucarian Dispersed Pollen Cyclusphaera(pp. 489-498)  
        Carlos Jaramillo, Michael Zavada, John Ortiz, Andrés Pardo, and Diana Ochoa
        Aerodynamic Characteristics of Saccate Pollen Grains(pp. 499-510) 
        Lisa Grega, Sean Anderson, Matthew Cheetham, Matthew Clemente, Alex Colletti, Winston Moy, David Talarico, Scott L. Thatcher, and Jeffrey M. Osborn
        Evolution and Phylogeny of Gnetophytes: Evidence from the Anatomically Preserved Seed Cone Protoephedrites eamesii gen. et sp. nov. and the Seeds of Several Bennettitalean Species(pp. 511-529)  
        Gar W. Rothwell and Ruth A. Stockey
        New Diversity among Chlamydospermous Seeds from the Early Cretaceous of Portugal and North America(pp. 530-558) 
        Else Marie Friis, Kaj Raunsgaard Pedersen, and Peter R. Crane
        Aptian Angiosperm Pollen from the Ticó Flora Patagonia, Argentina(pp. 559-571) 
        Sergio Archangelsky and Ana Archangelsky
        Fossil Ericales from the Upper Cretaceous of New Jersey(pp. 572-584)  
        William L. Crepet, Kevin C. Nixon, and Charles P. Daghlian
        Silicified Termite Coprolites in Mesquite-Like Wood from the Miocene of La Rioja, Argentina(pp. 585-591) 
        Juan L. Garcia Massini and Roberto R. Pujana
        Paleobotanical Evidence for the Origins of Temperate Hardwoods(pp. 592-601) 
        Melanie L. DeVore and Kathleen B. Pigg
        Three Palynological Puzzles(pp. 602-607) 
        William G. Chaloner

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