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International Journal of Plant Sciences - 174 (1), 2013


Front Cover(pp. Front Cover-I) 

Editorial Announcement

    Change in Leadership for International Journal of Plant Sciences(p. 1) 
Coulter Review

    Natural Variation in Abiotic Stress and Climate Change Responses in Arabidopsis: Implications for Twenty-First-Century Agriculture(pp. 3-26) 
    Sarah M. Assmann
Development and Structure

    The Bitter and the Sweet: Inference of Homology and Evolution of Leaf Glands in Prunus (Rosaceae) through Anatomy, Micromorphology, and Ancestral–Character State Reconstruction(pp. 27-46) 
    Siew-wai Chin, Sue Lutz, Jun Wen, and Dan Potter

Reproductive Biology

    Trimorphic Incompatibility in Pontederia subovata (Pontederiaceae): An Aquatic Macrophyte from Lowland South America(pp. 47-56) 
    Adriana Puentes, William W. Cole, and Spencer C. H. Barrett


    Geographical Variation in Hybridization of Ipomopsis (Polemoniaceae): Testing the Role of Photosynthetic Responses to Temperature and Water(pp. 57-64) 
    Diane R. Campbell and Carrie A. Wu
    Consequences of Mycorrhizal Colonization for Piriqueta Morphotypes under Drought Stress(pp. 65-73) 
    Paul Sochacki, Jennifer Rhode Ward, and Mitchell B. Cruzan
    Floral Water Costs and Size Variation in the Highly Selfing Leptosiphon bicolor (Polemoniaceae)(pp. 74-84) 
    Susan C. Lambrecht
    Advantages of Multivariate Analysis of Profiles for Studies with Temporal Variation of Treatment Effects in Plants(pp. 85-96) 
    Luiz Roberto Martins Pinto, Charles Leonel Galvao Sanches, Carlos Tadeu dos Santos Dias, and Leandro Lopes Loguercio

    Phylogenetic Relationships within Ruellieae (Acanthaceae) and a Revised Classification(pp. 97-137) 
    Erin A. Tripp, Thomas F. Daniel, Siti Fatimah, and Lucinda A. McDade

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