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International Journal of Plant Sciences - 173 (7), 2012


    Front Cover(pp. Front Cover-I) 
    Development and Structure

        Reassessing Inflorescence and Floral Morphology and Development in Hedyosmum (Chloranthaceae)(pp. 735-750) 
        María Gabriela Doria, Natalia Pabón-Mora, and Favio González
        Fruit Development and Pericarp Structure in Nypa fruticans Wurmb (Arecaceae): A Comparison with Other Palms(pp. 751-766) 
        Alexey V. F. Ch. Bobrov, David H. Lorence, Mikhail S. Romanov, and Ekaterina S. Romanova
    Reproductive Biology

        Floral Anatomy of Xyrids (Poales): Contributions to Their Reproductive Biology, Taxonomy, and Phylogeny(pp. 767-779) 
        Aline Oriani and Vera L. Scatena

        Heteroblasty in Bromeliads: Its Frequency in a Local Flora and the Timing of the Transition from Atmospheric to Tank Form in the Field(pp. 780-788) 
        Kerstin Meisner and Gerhard Zotz
    Population Genetics

        Genetic Variation, Biogeographical History, and Conservation of Anthyllis montana L. Ssp. jacquinii (Kern.) Hayek (Fabaceae) at Its Northern Distribution Limit(pp. 789-801) 
        Matthias Kropf
        Declining Genetic Diversity and Increasing Genetic Isolation toward the Range Periphery of Stipa pennata, a Eurasian Feather Grass(pp. 802-811) 
        Viktoria Wagner, Jan Treiber, Jiři Danihelka, Eszter Ruprecht, Karsten Wesche, and Isabell Hensen

        The First Permineralized Microsporophyll of the Glossopteridales: Eretmonia macloughlinii sp. nov.(pp. 812-822) 
        Patricia E. Ryberg, Edith L. Taylor, and Thomas N. Taylor
        Phenotypic Plasticity of the Hydrasperman Seed Fern Tetrastichia bupatides Gordon (Lyginopteridaceae)(pp. 823-834) 
        Michael T. Dunn and Gar W. Rothwell
        A Novel Coniferous Tree Trunk with Septate Pith from the Guadalupian (Permian) of China: Ecological and Evolutionary Significance(pp. 835-848) 
        Zhuo Feng, Jun Wang, Lu-Jun Liu, and Ronny Rößler


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