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International Journal of Plant Sciences - 173 (6), 2012


    Front Cover (pp. Front Cover-I) 
    Celebrating Giant Steps toward a Synthetic History of Angiosperm Evolution (pp. 559-560) 
    Taylor S. Feild and Erika J. Edwards
    The Paleontological Context of Angiosperm Vegetative Evolution (pp. 561-568) 
    C. Kevin Boyce and Andrew B. Leslie
    Fire and the Angiosperm Revolutions (pp. 569-583) 
    William J. Bond and Jeremy J. Midgley
    Evolutionary Patterns and Biogeochemical Significance of Angiosperm Root Traits (pp. 584-595) 
    L. H. Comas, K. E. Mueller, L. L. Taylor, P. E. Midford, H. S. Callahan, and D. J. Beerling
    Evolutionary Voyage of Angiosperm Vessel Structure-Function and Its Significance for Early Angiosperm Success (pp. 596-609) 
    Taylor S. Feild and Jonathan P. Wilson
    Growth Form Evolution in Piperales and Its Relevance for Understanding Angiosperm Diversification: An Integrative Approach Combining Plant Architecture, Anatomy, and Biomechanics (pp. 610-639) 
    Sandrine Isnard, Juliana Prosperi, Stefan Wanke, Sarah T. Wagner, Marie-Stéphanie Samain, Santiago Trueba, Lena Frenzke, Christoph Neinhuis, and Nick P. Rowe
    Ovule Function and the Evolution of Angiosperm Reproductive Innovations(pp. 640-648) 
    Andrew B. Leslie and C. Kevin Boyce
    Pollen Tube Growth Rates and the Diversification of Flowering Plant Reproductive Cycles(pp. 649-661) 
    Joseph H. Williams
    Tests of the Link between Functional Innovation and Positive Selection at Phytochrome A: The Phylogenetic Distribution of Far-Red High-Irradiance Responses in Seedling Development (pp. 662-672)  Contains supplements
    Sarah Mathews and Donna Tremonte
    Elegance versus Speed: Examining the Competition between Conifer and Angiosperm Trees (pp. 673-694) 
    Timothy J. Brodribb, Jarmila Pittermann, and David A. Coomes
    Ferns in an Angiosperm World: Cretaceous Radiation into the Epiphytic Niche and Diversification on the Forest Floor (pp. 695-710) 
    J. E. WatkinsJr. and Catherine L. Cardelús
    Evidence for Adaptation to Fire Regimes in the Tropical Savannas of the Brazilian Cerrado (pp. 711-723) 
    Marcelo F. Simon and Toby Pennington
    Angiosperm Responses to a Low-CO2 World: CAM and C4 Photosynthesis as Parallel Evolutionary Trajectories (pp. 724-733) 
    Erika J. Edwards and R. Matthew Ogburn


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