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International Journal of Plant Sciences - 173 (8), 2012


Front Cover(pp. Front Cover-I) 

Development and Structure

    Ultrastructure of Stomatal Development in Ginkgo biloba(pp. 849-860) 
    Paula J. Rudall, Alice Rowland, and Richard M. Bateman
    Floral Development of Stephania (Menispermaceae): Impact of Organ Reduction on Symmetry(pp. 861-874) 
    Aiping Meng, Zigang Zhang, Jianqiang Li, Louis Ronse De Craene, and Hengchang Wang
    Leaf Shape and Size Differentiation in White Oaks: Assessment of Allometric Relationships among Three Sympatric Species and Their Hybrids(pp. 875-884) 
    Vincenzo Viscosi, Gaby Antonecchia, Olivier Lepais, Paola Fortini, Sophie Gerber, and Anna Loy
Reproductive Biology

    Morph Ratio Variation and Sex Organ Reciprocity in Style-Dimorphic Narcissus assoanus (pp. 885-893) 
    John D. Thompson, Adeline C. Cesaro, and Juan Arroyo

Systematics and Evolution

    Phylogeny of a Neotropical Clade in the Gesneriaceae: More Tales of Convergent Evolution (pp. 894-916) 
    John L. Clark, Mindie M. Funke, Aaron M. Duffy, and James F. Smith


    Reconsidering Relationships among Stem and Crown Group Pinaceae: Oldest Record of the Genus Pinus from the Early Cretaceous of Yorkshire, United Kingdom(pp. 917-932) 
    Patricia E. Ryberg, Gar W. Rothwell, Ruth A. Stockey, Jason Hilton, Gene Mapes, and James B. Riding

    Seeds of Ampelocissus, Cissus, and Leea (Vitales) from the Paleogene of Western Peru and Their Biogeographic Significance(pp. 933-943) 
    Steven R. Manchester, Iju Chen, and Terry A. Lott

    Miocene Origin of the Characteristic Broad-Leaved Evergreen Shrub Ammopiptanthus (Leguminosae) in the Desert Flora of Eastern Central Asia(pp. 944-955) 
    Lei Xie and Yong Yang

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