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Forest Pathology - 42 (5), 2012

        Issue Information (page I)

        Brown root rot of trees caused by Phellinus noxius in the Ryukyu Islands, subtropical areas of Japan (pages 353–361)

        N. Sahashi, M. Akiba, M. Ishihara, Y. Ota and N. Kanzaki

        Behaviour and survival of Phytophthora cambivora inoculum in soil-like substrate under different water regimes (pages 362–370)

        A. Vannini, M. Breccia, N. Bruni, A. Tomassini and A.M. Vettraino

        A new phytoplasma associated with witches’-broom on Japanese maple in China (pages 371–376)

        Z.-N. Li, L. Zhang, L. Zhao and Y.-F. Wu

        Involvement of Phytophthora spp. in chestnut decline in the Black Sea region of Turkey (pages 377–386)

        S. Akilli, Ç. U. Serçe, Y. Z. Kati rcioglu and S. Maden

        Discoloration and associated fungi in stems of silver birch (Betula pendula Roth.) following logging damage (pages 387–392)

        R. Vasaitis, R. Bakys and A. Vasiliauskas

        Effects of salicylic acid, 1-aminocyclopropan-1-carboxylic acid and methyl jasmonate on the frequencies of endophytic fungi in Quercus serrata leaves (pages 393–396)

        D. Kusumoto and E. Matsumura

        Chestnut blight in south-western Germany: multiple introductions of Cryphonectria parasitica and slow hypovirus spread (pages 397–404)

        F. S. Peters, C. L. Holweg, D. Rigling and B. Metzler

        Development and evaluation of a real-time PCR seed lot screening method for Fusarium circinatum, causal agent of pitch canker disease (pages 405–411)

        T. J. Dreaden, J. A. Smith, E. L. Barnard and G. Blakeslee

        Diversity of Cryphonectria parasitica in western Spain and identification of hypovirus-infected isolates (pages 412–419)

        P. Zamora, A. B. Martín, D. Rigling and J. J. Diez

        The effect of Phlebiopsis gigantea and urea stump treatment against spore infection of Heterobasidion spp. on hybrid larch (Larix × eurolepis) in southern Sweden (pages 420–428)

        L.Y Wang, H. Palsson, E. Ek and J. Rönnberg

        Molecular phylogeny of Ganoderma lucidum isolates collected from northern India (pages 429–436)

        P. S. Mohanty, N. S. K. Harsh and A. Pandey

        First report of Mycosphaerella dearnessii on Pinus nigra var. nigra in Austria (pages 437–440)

        M. Hintsteiner, T. L. Cech, E. Halmschlager, C. Stauffer and T. Kirisits

        Edwin Donaubauer, 1932–2012 (pages 441–442)

        E. Halmschlager, T. Kirisits, T. L. Cech and C. Tomiczek



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