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Euphytica - 189 (1), 2013


    Development and characterization of synthetic amphiploid (AABB) between Oryza sativa and Oryza punctata
    Aiyun Wang, Xianhua Zhang, Chunhua Yang, Zhaojian Song, Chaoqun Du

    Genetic analysis and phenotypic associations for drought tolerance in Hordeum spontaneum introgression lines using SSR and SNP markers
    Berhane Lakew, Robert J. Henry, Salvatore Ceccarelli, Stefania Grando

    Meta-analysis of QTL associated with tolerance to abiotic stresses in barley
    Wei-Tao Li, Chunji Liu, Ya-Xi Liu, Zhi-En Pu, Shou-Fen Dai, Ji-Rui Wang

    Mapping QTLs for seedling root traits in a doubled haploid wheat population under different water regimes
    Xiulin Liu, Runzhi Li, Xiaoping Chang, Ruilian Jing

    Detection of exotic QTLs controlling nitrogen stress tolerance among wild barley introgression lines
    Florian Schnaithmann, Klaus Pillen

    Generation mean analysis of spring wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) seedlings tolerant to high levels of manganese
    J. S. Moroni, K. G. Briggs, P. V. Blenis, G. J. Taylor

    Physiological responses and tolerance to NaCl stress in different biotypes of Malus prunifolia
    Mingyang Fu, Chao Li, Fengwang Ma

    Generation mean analysis of leaf chlorophyll concentration from mid-silking to physiological maturity in some tropical maize (Zea mays L.) genotypes under low and high nitrogen dosages
    A. A. Mushongi, J. Derera, P. Tongoona, N. G. Lyimo

    Genotypic variation and relationships between seedling and adult plant traits in maize (Zea mays L.) inbred lines grown under contrasting nitrogen levels
    Adel H. Abdel-Ghani, Bharath Kumar, Jenaro Reyes-Matamoros

    Evaluation of genetic diversity and root traits of sea beet accessions of the Adriatic Sea coast
    Piergiorgio Stevanato, Daniele Trebbi, Enrico Biancardi, Giovanni Cacco

    Estimation of salt tolerance in Andrographis paniculata accessions using multiple regression model
    Daryush Talei, Alireza Valdiani, Mohd Khanif Yusop, Mohd Puad

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