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Euphytica - 184 (1-3), 2012

Euphytica - 184 (1), 2012

    Mapping of QTLs associated with important agronomic traits using three populations derived from a super hybrid rice Xieyou9308
    Yongshu Liang, Xiaodeng Zhan, Zhiqiang Gao, Zechuan Lin, Zhanlie Yang
    A new gene controlling hybrid sterility in rice (Oryza sativa L.)
    Mingjiang Chen, Zhigang Zhao, Ling Jiang, Jianmin Wan 
    Sheath-blight resistance QTLS in japonica rice germplasm
    J. C. Nelson, J. H. Oard, D. Groth, H. S. Utomo, Y. Jia, G. Liu

    Analysis of rice blast resistance gene Pi-z in rice germplasm using pathogenicity assays and DNA markers
    Moytri RoyChowdhury, Yulin Jia, Aaron Jackson, Melissa H. Jia

    Genetic basis of control of Rhynchosporium secalis infection and symptom expression in barley
    M. E. Looseley, A. C. Newton, S. D. Atkins, B. D. L. Fitt, B. A. Fraaije

    Fine mapping of a major quantitative trait locus, qFLL6.2, controlling flag leaf length and yield traits in rice (Oryza sativa L.)
    Bo Shen, Wei-Dong Yu, Yu-Jun Zhu, Ye-Yang Fan, Jie-Yun Zhuang

    A novel frameshift mutant allele, fzp-10, affecting the panicle architecture of rice
    Tsuneo Kato, Akira Horibata

    Sequence variation in the barley genes encoding sucrose synthase I and sucrose phosphate synthase II, and its association with variation in grain traits and malting quality
    Inge E. Matthies, Shailendra Sharma, Stephan Weise, Marion S. Röder

    Agronomic diversity of naked barley (Hordeum vulgare L.): a potential resource for breeding new food barley for Europe
    Edward Dickin, Katherine Steele, Gareth Edwards-Jones, David Wright

    Identification of quantitative trait loci for seedling cold tolerance using RILs derived from a cross between japonica and tropical japonica rice cultivars
    J. P. Suh, C. K. Lee, J. H. Lee, J. J. Kim, S. M. Kim, Y. C. Cho, S. H. Park

    Genetic and physical mapping of qHY-8, a pleiotropic QTL for heading date and yield-related traits in rice
    Hai-Ya Cai, Shu Diao, Yong-Gang He, Li-Pan Zhang, Shao-Jia Liu, Ying-Guo Zhu

    Genetic diversity in blast resistance of Bhutan rice landraces
    Bhim Bahadur Ghaley, Jorgen Lindskrog Christiansen, Sven Bode Andersen

    Relationships among seed quality characteristics in a collection of western wheatgrass germplasms
    Joseph G. Robins, Kishor Bhattarai, B. Shaun Bushman, Steven R. Larson

    Substitution mapping of QTLs for blast resistance with SSSLs in rice (Oryza sativa L.)
    Yuexiong Zhang, Jianyuan Yang, Zelin Shan, Shen Chen, Weihua Qiao

Euphytica - 184 (2), 2012


Genetic dissection of intersubgenomic heterosis in Brassica napus carrying genomic components of B. rapa
Donghui Fu, Wei Qian, Jun Zou, Jinling Meng 

A reexamination of molecular markers for use in marker-assisted breeding in tomato
Dilip R. Panthee, Majid R. Foolad

Are specific testing protocols required for organic onion varieties? Analysis of onion variety testing under conventional and organic growing conditions
E. T. Lammerts van Bueren, A. M. Osman, M. Tiemens-Hulscher, P. C. Struik

Quantitative genetic analysis of condensed tannins in oilseed rape meal
Florin Daniel Lipsa, Rod Snowdon, Wolfgang Friedt

Harnessing mutant donor plants for microspore culture in Indian mustard [Brassica juncea (L.) Czern and Coss]
Deepak Prem, Kadambari Gupta, Abha Agnihotri

Fine mapping of two major QTLs conferring resistance to powdery mildew in tomato
Luigi Faino, Shiva Azizinia, Benyamin Houshyani Hassanzadeh, Estelle Verzaux

Influence of the stage for anther excision and heterostyly in embryogenesis induction from eggplant anther cultures
Pablo Salas, Alba Rivas-Sendra, Jaime Prohens, José M. Seguí-Simarro

Analysis of the genetic control of ß-carotene and l-ascorbic acid accumulation in an orange-brownish wild cherry tomato accession
Ana Maria Adalid, Salvador Roselló, Mercedes Valcárcel, Fernando Nuez

Genetic combining ability for concentration of mineral elements in cabbage head (Brassica oleracea var. capitata L.)
B. K. Singh, S. R. Sharma, B. Singh

Kale population improvement and cultivar production
John E. Bradshaw, Ralph N. Wilson

Euphytica - 184 (3), 2012


Architectural and genetic characterization of Hydrangea aspera subsp. aspera Kawakami group, H. aspera subsp. sargentiana and their hybrids
Laurent Crespel, Philippe Morel, Gilles Galopin

Heritability and genetic correlation in daylily selection
L. A. Fogaça, R. A. Oliveira, F. L. Cuquel, J. C. B. Filho, W. A. Vendrame

Morphology and SSR fingerprinting of newly developed Cynara cardunculus genotypes exploitable as ornamentals
Sergio Lanteri, Ezio Portis, Alberto Acquadro, Rosario P. Mauro

Reproductive biology of three commercially valuable Santalum species: development of flowers and inflorescences, breeding systems, and interspecific crossability
H. T. Tamla, J. P. Cornelius, T. Page

Development of DNA markers that discriminate between white- and blue-flowers in Japanese gentian plants
Takashi Nakatsuka, Misa Saito, Yuka Sato-Ushiku, Eri Yamada, Takashi Nakasato

Morphological changes and self-incompatibility breakdown associated with autopolyploidization in Hylocereus species (Cactaceae)
Hagai Cohen, Noemi Tel-Zur

Genetic variability of banana with ornamental potential
Everton Hilo de Souza, Maria Angélica Pereira de Carvalho Costa

The plant size and the spine characteristics of the first generation progeny obtained through the cross-pollination of different genotypes of Cactaceae
Lucica Mihalte, Radu E. Sestras

The carotenoid cleavage dioxygenase 4 (CmCCD4a) gene family encodes a key regulator of petal color mutation in chrysanthemum
Satoshi Yoshioka, Ryutaro Aida, Chihiro Yamamizo, Michio Shibata, Akemi Ohmiya

Confirmation and characterization of interspecific hybrids of Passiflora L. (Passifloraceae) for ornamental use
Eileen Azevedo Santos, Margarete Magalhaes Souza, Priscilla Patrocínio Abreu

Analysis of endosperm development of allotriploid × diploid/tetraploid crosses in Lilium
Shujun Zhou, Kehu Li, Guixue Zhou

Construction of a genetic linkage map with SSR, AFLP and morphological markers to locate QTLs controlling pathotype-specific powdery mildew resistance in diploid roses
Hossein Hosseini Moghaddam, Leen Leus, Jan De Riek, Johan Van Huylenbroeck

Anthocyanin and carotenoid pigmentation in flowers of section Mina, subgenus Quamoclit, genus Ipomoea
Chihiro Yamamizo, Naonobu Noda, Akemi Ohmiya


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