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Euphytica - 188 (1), 2012


    Pre-harvest sprouting in cereals
    Joseph M. Nyachiro

    Developing standardized methods for breeding preharvest sprouting resistant wheat, challenges and successes in Canadian wheat
    R. M. DePauw, R. E. Knox, A. K. Singh, S. L. Fox, D. G. Humphreys, P. Hucl

    Determination of the influence of climate on falling number of winter wheat in the dryland production areas of the Free State Province of South Africa
    Annelie Barnard, Marie F. Smith

    The effect of germination temperature on seed dormancy in Croatian-grown winter wheats
    I. Ikić, M. Maričević, S. Tomasović, J. Gunjača, Z. Šatović, H. Šarčević

    Wheat ABA-insensitive mutants result in reduced grain dormancy
    Elizabeth C. Schramm, Sven K. Nelson, Camille M. Steber

    Effects of exogenous abscisic acid and gibberellic acid on pre-maturity alfa-amylase formation in wheat grains
    K. R. Kondhare, P. S. Kettlewell, A. D. Farrell, P. Hedden, J. M. Monaghan

    Vp1 expression profiles during kernel development in six genotypes of wheat, triticale and rye
    Sarah De Laethauwer, Dirk Reheul, Jan De Riek, Geert Haesaert

    Isolation and characterization of Viviparous-1 haplotypes in wheat related species
    Y. W. Sun, Y. Yang, P. R. Shewry, H. D. Jones, L. Q. Xia

    Integration of marker-assisted selection for resistance to pre-harvest sprouting with selection for grain-filling rate in breeding of white-kernelled wheat for the Chinese environment
    Shi-He Xiao, Hai-Ping Zhang, Guang-Xia You, Xiu-Ying Zhang, Chang-Sheng Yan

    Association mapping for pre-harvest sprouting tolerance in common wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)
    V. Jaiswal, R. R. Mir, A. Mohan, H. S. Balyan, P. K. Gupta

    Comparative analysis of Australian and Canadian barleys for seed dormancy and malting quality
    Xiao-Qi Zhang, Sharon Westcott, Joe Panozzo, Mehmet Cakir, Stefan Harasymow

    Grain dormancy QTL identified in a doubled haploid barley population derived from two non-dormant parents
    L. T. Hickey, W. Lawson, V. N. Arief, G. Fox, J. Franckowiak, M. J. Dieters

    Seed development-related expression of ARGONAUTE4_9 class of genes in barley: possible role in seed dormancy
    Manjit Singh, Jaswinder Singh

    Stability of genome-wide QTL effects on malt ?-amylase activity in a barley doubled-haploid population
    R.-C. Yang, B. J. Ham

    Ant28 gene for proanthocyanidin synthesis encoding the R2R3 MYB domain protein (Hvmyb10) highly affects grain dormancy in barley
    Eiko Himi, Yuko Yamashita, Naoto Haruyama, Takashi Yanagisawa


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