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Euphytica - 186 (2), 2012

    A new method for producing allohexaploid Brassica through unreduced gametes
    Annaliese S. Mason, Guijun Yan, Wallace A. Cowling, Matthew N. Nelson

    Allocation patterns and phenology in wild and selected accessions of annual and perennial Physaria (Lesquerella, Brassicaceae)
    Luciana González-Paleo, Damián A. Ravetta

    Estimation of genetic parameters and gains for color traits of strawberry
    Tomas Hasing, Luis F. Osorio, Vance M. Whitaker

    Genetic and cytological analysis of a new spontaneous male sterility in radish (Raphanus sativus L.)
    Zhi-Wei Wang, Lei Gao, Hai Zhou Liu, Shi Yong Mei, Yuan Zhou, Chang Ping Xiang

    Nicotiana debneyi has a single dominant gene causing hybrid lethality in crosses with N. tabacum
    Takahiro Iizuka, Tsutomu Kuboyama, Wataru Marubashi, Masayuki Oda

    Identification and validation of a core set of microsatellite markers for genetic diversity analysis in watermelon, Citrullus lanatus Thunb. Matsum. & Nakai
    Haiying Zhang, Hui Wang, Shaogui Guo, Yi Ren, Guoyi Gong, Yiqun Weng, Yong Xu

    Inheritance of anthocyanin content in the ripe berries of a tetraploid × diploid grape cross population
    Zhenchang Liang, Min Sang, Benhong Wu, Aihong Ma, Shengjian Zhao

    Genotypic and bio-agronomical characterization of an early Sicilian landrace of globe artichoke
    Rosario Paolo Mauro, Ezio Portis, Sergio Lanteri, Giovanni Mauromicale

    Study on inheritance of seed technological characteristics in sugar beet
    Valiollah Yousefabadi, Abazar Rajabi

    Diploid and tetraploid progenitors of wheat are valuable sources of resistance to the root lesion nematode Pratylenchus thornei
    J. G. Sheedy, J. P. Thompson, A. Kelly

    Phenotypic segregation and relationships of agronomic traits in Monastrell × Syrah wine grape progeny
    Almudena Bayo-Canha, José Ignacio Fernández-Fernández

    Genetic effect on phytoaccumulation of arsenic in Brassica juncea L
    Moupia Rahman, Nazmul Haq, Ian D. Williams

    Assessment of the uniformity and stability of grapevine cultivars using a set of microsatellite markers
    M. Dolores Vélez, Javier Ibánez

    Characterization of Italian spring globe artichoke germplasm: morphological and molecular profiles
    Anna Ciancolini, Nestor Alonso Rey, Mario Augusto Pagnotta, Paola Crino

    Improved S-genotyping and new incompatibility groups in Japanese plum
    María E. Guerra, Margarita López-Corrales, Ana Wünsch

    Mapping of the ms8 male sterility gene in sweet pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) on the chromosome P4 using PCR-based markers useful for breeding programmes
    Grzegorz Bartoszewski, Cezary Waszczak, Piotr Gawroński, Iwona Stępień

    Prediction of breeding values for average fruit weight in mango using a multivariate individual mixed model
    C. M. Hardner, I. S. E. Bally, C. L. Wright

    Induction and identification of hexadecaploid of Pinellia ternate
    LiangYan He, Zhishan Ding, Fusheng Jiang, Bo Jin, Weiping Li, Xinghong Ding

    Effect of region on the uncertainty in crop variety trial programs with a reduced number of trials
    Johannes Forkman, Saeid Amiri, Dietrich von Rosen

    A limited set of starch related genes explain several interrelated traits in potato
    Jeroen S. Werij, Heleen Furrer, Herman J. van Eck, Richard G. F. Visser

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