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Pharmacognosy Magazine - 29-30, 2012 (vol.8)

Pharmacognosy Magazine - 29, 2012 (vol.8)



    2012 - Another successful new year for Pharmacogn Mag.    
K.K. Mueen Ahmed


    Application of deoxyribonucleic acid barcoding in Lauraceae plants    
Zhen Liu, Shi-Lin Chen, Jing-Yuan Song, Shou-Jun Zhang, Ke-Li Chen

    A new flavonol glycoside from the Abelmoschus esculentus Linn.    
Haibing Liao, Huixin Liu, Ke Yuan

    Phytochemical characterization of several hawthorn (Crataegus spp.) species sampled from the Eastern Mediterranean region of Turkey    
Oguzhan Çaliskan, Kazim Gündüz, Sedat Serçe, Celil Toplu, Önder Kamiloglu, Memnune Sengül, Sezai Ercisli

    Isolation and characterization of a bactericidal withanolide from Physalis virginiana    
Kathleen A. Gibson, R. Neil Reese, Fathi T. Halaweish, Yulin Ren

    Species identification of Rhododendron (Ericaceae) using the chloroplast deoxyribonucleic acid PsbA-trnH genetic marker    
Yimei Liu, Lehua Zhang, Zhen Liu, Kun Luo, Shilin Chen, Keli Chen

    Comparative study of rosmarinic acid content in some plants of Labiatae family    
Maryam Shekarchi, Homa Hajimehdipoor, Soodabeh Saeidnia, Ahmad Reza Gohari, Morteza Pirali Hamedani

    A novel high-performance liquid chromatography fingerprint approach to discriminate Phyllostachys pubescens from China    
Jin Yong-Chun, Yin Lin, Ke Yuan

    Validated reversed phase-high performance liquid chromatography-diode array detector method for the quantitation of Rutin, a natural immunostimulant for improving survival in aquaculture practice, in toonea sinensis folium    
Yuping Shen, Huawu Yin, Bin Chen, Guohua Xia, Huan Yang, Xiaobin Jia

    Effects of H2O2, paraquat, and ethephon on herbal drug quality of Schiandra chinensis based on reactive oxygen species system    
Meng Xiang-Cai, Yang Guo-Hui, Sun Hui, Yu Dong-Mei, Wang Xi-Jun, Wang Ping, Niu Yi-Min

    Cytotoxicity of fucosterol containing fraction of marine algae against breast and colon carcinoma cell line    
Mahnaz Khanavi, Razieh Gheidarloo, Nargess Sadati, Mohammad Reza Shams Ardekani, Seyed Mohammad Bagher Nabavi, Shohreh Tavajohi, Seyed Nasser Ostad

    Antihyperglycemic and antihyperlipidemic effects of guar gum on streptozotocin-induced diabetes in male rats    
Samarghandian Saeed, Hadjzadeh Mosa-Al-Reza, Amin Nya Fatemeh, Davoodi Saeideh

    Inorganic ions in the medium modify tropane alkaloids and riboflavin output in Hyoscyamus niger root cultures    
Katrin Pudersell, Tonis Vardja, Rael Vardja, Vallo Matto, Elmar Arak, Ain Raal

    Clonal propagation of Phyllanthus amarus: A hepatoprotector    
Janifer R. Xavier, Ramaswamy Gnanam, Muthiah P. Murugan, Anju Pappachan

Pharmacognosy Magazine - 30, 2012 (vol.8)



    Pharmacognosy in modern pharmacy curricula    
Satyajit D Sarker

    Identification and elimination of bacterial contamination during in vitro propagation of Guadua angustifolia Kunth Highly      
Harleen Kaur Nadha, Richa Salwan, Ramesh Chand Kasana, Manju Anand, Anil Sood

    Chemical constituents with free-radical-scavenging activities from the stem of Fissistigma polyanthum    
Hua Fan, Tong Zheng, Yu Chen, Guang-Zhong Yang

    Evaluation of the antifungal activity and modulation between Cajanus cajan (L.) Millsp. leaves and roots ethanolic extracts and conventional antifungals    
Samara A. Brito, Fabíola F. G. Rodrigues, Adriana R. Campos, José G. M. da Costa

    Identification of four Sedum plant medicines by Fourier transform infrared spectra    
Ran Xu, Yujie Chen, Dingrong Wan, Jing Wang

    Effect of Agrobacterium rhizogenes and elicitation on the asiaticoside production in cell cultures of Centella asiatica    
Komar Ruslan, Anggrahaeni Dewi Selfitri, Shella A. Bulan, Yaya Rukayadi, Elfahmi

    Hepatoprotective and antioxidant activity of standardized herbal extracts Highly accessed article    
Deepak Bhaskarmurthy Hiraganahalli, Chinampudur Velusami Chandrasekaran, Shekhar Dethe, Deepak Mundkinajeddu, Manoj Kumar Pandre, Jaya Balachandran, Amit Agarwal

    Biotransformation of furannoligularenone by transgenic crown galls of Panax quinquefolium    
Chunyan Yan, Jue Wang, Guoyan Duan, Rongmin Yu

    Biodistribution properties of cleistanthin A and cleistanthin B using magnetic resonance imaging in a normal and tumoric animal model    
Subramani Parasuraman, Ramasamy Raveendran, Mehdi Shafiee Ardestani, Ramesh Ananthakrishnan, Ali Jabbari-Arabzadeh, Mohammad Shafiee Alavidjeh, Mohammad Reza Aghasadeghi, Sundararajan Elangovan, Halanaik Dhanapathi

    Antifungal activity of Arctotis arctotoides (L.f.) O. Hoffm. and Gasteria bicolor Haw. against opportunistic fungi associated with human immunodeficiency virus/acquired immunodeficiency syndrome
Wilfred M. Otang, Donald S. Grierson, Roland N. Ndip

    The impact of the Uighur medicine abnormal savda munziq on antitumor and antioxidant activity in a S180 and Ehrlich ascites carcinoma mouse tumor model    
Ainiwaer Aikemu, Abdiryim Yusup, Anwar Umar, Bénédicte Berké, Nicholas Moore, Halmurat Upur

    Kirenol production in hairy root culture of Siegesbeckea orientalis and its antimicrobial activity    
Jian-Ping Wang, Ya-Ming Zhou, Yong-Hui Zhang

    Analysis and comparison of the active components and antioxidant activities of extracts from Abelmoschus esculentus L    
Haibing Liao, Wenqi Dong, Xiangjun Shi, Hualiang Liu, Ke Yuan

    Simultaneous determination of four bioactive compounds in Verbena officinalis L. by using high-performance liquid chromatography    
Zhen Liu, Zhiwei Xu, Hanyu Zhou, Gang Cao, Xiao-Dong Cong, Yun Zhang, Bao-Chang Cai

    Ultrasound-assisted extraction of total flavonoids from Inula helenium 
Jin Wang, Yong-Ming Zhao, Chun-Yan Guo, Shao-Meng Zhang, Chun-Lei Liu, Dan-Shen Zhang, Xue-Mei Bai

    Electron spin resonance measurement of radical scavenging activity of Aronia melanocarpa fruit juice    
Stefka Valcheva-Kuzmanova, Branka Blagovic, Srecko Valic

    Anatomical study of secondary tuberized roots of Harpagophytum procumbens DC and quantification of harpagoside by high-performance liquid chromatography method     p. 175
Fatiha El Babili, I. Fouraste, C. Rougaignon, C. Moulis, C. Chatelain

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