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Brittonia - 64 (1), 2012


    Gasteranthus diverticularis, a new species of Gesneriaceae from southern Ecuador
    John L. Clark 
    A synopsis of the genus Poteranthera (Melastomeae: Melastomataceae) with the description of a new, apparently pollinator deceiving species
    Ricardo Kriebel 
    Three new species of Eleocharis (Cyperaceae) from Brazil
    Rafael Trevisan, M. Socorro González-Elizondo, et al.
    Two new species and a new combination of Neotropical Sapotaceae
    Anderson Alves-Araújo, Marccus Alves Pages 
    A new Comanthera (Eriocaulaceae) from the Espinhaço Range, Minas Gerais, Brazil
    Livia Echternacht, Paulo Takeo Sano 
    What is Ceratozamia brevifrons (Zamiaceae)?
    Andrew P. Vovides, Sergio Avendano, Miguel Angel Pérez-Farrera et al.
    Matayba obovata, a new species of Matayba sect. Matayba (Sapindaceae) from Brazil
    Rubens L. Gayoso Coelho, Vinicius Castro Souza, María S. Ferrucci 
    An ecologically significant new species of Dacryodes from the northern Andes. Studies in neotropical Burseraceae XV
    Douglas C. Daly, David Neill, María Cristina Martínez-Habibe 
    A new species of Rhodospatha (Araceae), with a key to species from the Atlantic Rainforest, Brazil
    Lívia Godinho Temponi, Letícia Peres Poli, Thomas Bernard Croat 
    Two new species of Miconia sect. Sagraea (Melastomataceae) from the Macaya Biosphere Reserve, Haiti, and twelve relevant new species combinations
    Gretchen M. Ionta, Walter S. Judd, James D. Skean Jr, Conley K. McMullen 
    A new tribe, Bryantheae (Ericoideae: Ericaceae), composed of disjunct genera from South America and Japan
    Emily L. Gillespie, Kathleen A. Kron 
    Phytogeography of the trees of the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica
    Xavier Cornejo, Scott A. Mori, Reinaldo Aguilar et al.
    Erratum to: Before it had a name: Diagnostic characteristics, geographic distribution, and the conservation of Cupressus tonkinensis (Cupressaceae)
    Damon P. Little, Philip Thomas, Hiep T. Nguy?n, Lôc K. Phan 


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