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Journal of Tropical Medicinal Plants - 13 (1), 2012


Isolation and Identification of Bioactive Compounds from Leaf Extracts and Leaf Callus of Indigofera tinctoria
K.K. Sindhu and M.M. Mathew    
Bioactivity guided fractionation in experimentally induced hyperlipidemia in rats and characterization of phytoconstituent from Salvadora persica
Deepa Iyer , Brajesh K. Sharma and U. K. Patil    
Selection Among Two Varieties of Labisia pumila that Yield High Phenolic Contents For Establishing Plant Stock and Further Cultivation
Farah Fazwa, M.A., Ab. Rasip, A.G., Maideen, H. & Mohamad, O    

Properties, Effects & Treatments    
Viola species and Tinospora cordifolia. Potential as Herbal Antibiotics
Jha Alok, Kaur Prabhjot, Sharma Neeta Raj    
Phytochemical and Antimicrobial Studies of Some Species of Adiantum
P. Amrutha Lakshmi and T. Pullaiah    

Tissue Culture    
Micropropagation of Acmella calva using encapsulated in vitro nodal explants
Chitra Devi, B., Mahendran, P., Servin Wesley, P., Sahaya Shibu,B., Vetrivel, P., Malligavathi, D    
Somatic Embryogenesis and Plant Regeneration in Mucuna pruriens
Kotisree Lahiri, Madhumita J Mukhopadhyay and Sandip Mukhopadhyay    
In Vitro Plant Regeneration System for Berberis lyciumry Node Explant
Satesh Dhar, Y. P. Sharma and A.K.Wakhlu    

A Brief Perspective Of Plant Tissue Culture Research and Recent Studies On Woody Medicinal Plant Species
Tham Foong Yee and A.N. Rao    

Ethnomedicinal Uses Of Certain Plants Among Tribal People Of Andhra, India
J.Koteswara Rao and T.V.V.Seetharami Reddi    
Medicinal Tree Species in The Plantation Of Chittagong University Campus In Bangladesh
Tarit Kumar Baul and Mohammed Mohiuddin    

Foliar Pharmacognostical Studies Of Three Species Used To Cure Diabetes
Roseline. A and Francisca. P    
Anatomical Differences in Stem and Leaf Structure of Sophora japonica Infested by Witches Broom
Xiang Yao Gao and A. N. Rao


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