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Acta Palaeontologica Polonica - 57 (3), 2012


A New Omomyid Primate from the Earliest Eocene of Southern England: First Phase of Microchoerine Evolution 

Jerry J. Hooker

Tapirs from the Pleistocene of Venezuela 

elizete c. holanda and Ascanio D. Rincón

Connecting Hunter-Schreger Band Microstructure to Enamel Microwear Features: New Insights from Durophagous Carnivores 

Zhijie Jack Tseng

A Dental Microwear Texture Analysis of the Mio-Pliocene Hyaenids from Langebaanweg, South Africa 

Deano D. Stynder, Peter S. Ungar, Jessica R. Scott and Blaine W. Schubert

A Small Camelid Hemiauchenia from the Late Pleistocene of Hidalgo, Central Mexico 

Victor M. Bravo-Cuevas, Eduardo Jiménez-Hidalgo, Gloria E. Cuevas-Ruiz and Miguel A. Cabral-Perdomo

New Large Leptictid Insectivore from the Late Paleogene of South Dakota, USA 

TJ Meehan and Larry D. Martin

New Bird Remains from the Middle Eocene of Guangdong, China 

Min Wang, Gerald Mayr, Jiangyong Zhang and Zhonghe Zhou

Osteology and Relationships of Olorotitan arharensis, A Hollow-Crested Hadrosaurid Dinosaur from the Latest Cretaceous of Far Eastern Russia 

Pascal Godefroit, Yuri L. Bolotsky and Ivan Y. Bolotsky

A New Maastrichtian Species of the Centrosaurine Ceratopsid Pachyrhinosaurus from the North Slope of Alaska 

Anthony R. Fiorillo and Ronald S. Tykoski

The European Early Cretaceous Cryptodiran Turtle Chitracephalus dumonii and the Diversity of a Poorly Known Lineage of Turtles 

Adán Pérez-García

Phyletic Evolution and Iterative Speciation in the Persistent Pristiograptus dubius Lineage 

Adam Urbanek, Sigitas Radzevičius, Anna Kozłowska and Lech Teller

Crinoids from the Silurian of Western Estonia 

William I. Ausich, Mark A. Wilson and Olev Vinn

Predation by Drilling Gastropods and Asteroids Upon Mussels in Rocky Shallow Shores of Southernmost South America: Paleontological Implications 

Sandra Gordillo and Fernando Archuby

The Earliest Record of Pylochelid Hermit Crabs from the Late Jurassic of Southern Poland, with Notes on Paguroid Carapace Terminology 

René H.B. Fraaije, Wiesław Krzemiński, Barry W.M. Van Bakel, Ewa Krzemińska and John W.M. Jagt

The Earliest Record of a Diogenid Hermit Crab from the Late Jurassic of the Southern Polish Uplands, with Notes on Paguroid Carapace Terminology 

René H.B. fraaije, Wiesław Krzemiński, Barry w.m. van Bakel, Ewa Krzemińska and John W.M. Jagt

Brief report

Evidence of a New Carcharodontosaurid from the Upper Cretaceous of Morocco 

Andrea Cau, Fabio Marco Dalla Vecchia and Matteo Fabbri

Boine Snake Bavarioboa from the Oligocene/Miocene of Eastern Turkey with Comments on Connections Between European and Asiatic Snake Faunas 

Zbigniew Szyndlar and Izzet HoşGör


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