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Botany - 90 (7-9), 2012

Botany - 90 (7), 2012


Pollination biology research in Canada: perspectives on a mutualism at different scales

The use of pollination networks in conservation
 Elle, Elizabeth; Elwell, Sherri L.; Gielens, Grahame A.

Ecosystem services of pollinator diversity: a review of the relationship with pollen limitation of plant reproduction
 Davila, Yvonne C.; Elle, Elizabeth; Vamosi, Jana C.; Hermanutz, Luise; Kerr, Jeremy T.; Lortie, Christopher J.; Westwood, A. Richard; Woodcock, Thomas S.; Worley, Anne C.

Pollen diversity collected by honey bees in the vicinity of Vaccinium spp. crops and its importance for colony development
 Girard, Mélissa; Chagnon, Madeleine; Fournier, Valérie

A phylogenetic analysis of trait convergence in the spring flora
 Hensel, Lisa E.; Sargent, Risa D.

Sex-ratio variation versus interplant distances in the regulation of pollen deposition and seed production in dioecious Cirsium arvense (Asteraceae)
 Van Drunen, Wendy E.; Dorken, Marcel E.

Sex-ratio variation and the function of staminodes in Aralia nudicaulis
 Nicholls, Emony I.E.; Dorken, Marcel E.

Systemic range shift lags among a pollinator species assemblage following rapid climate change
 Bedford, Felicity E.; Whittaker, Robert J.; Kerr, Jeremy T.

Pollen-ovule ratios in seven species of Vaccinium (Ericaceae) and stamen structure in Vaccinium myrtilloides and Vaccinium vitis-idaea
 Stephens, Danielle T.; Levesque, Danielle E.; Davis, Arthur R.

Ploidy and sex expression in monoecious hop (Humulus lupulus)
 Skof, Suzana; Cerenak, Andreja; Jakse, Jernej; Bohanec, Borut; Javornik, Branka

Histological and anatomical responses in avocado, Persea americana, induced by the vascular wilt pathogen, Raffaelea lauricola
 Inch, Sharon; Ploetz, Randy; Held, Benjamin; Blanchette, Robert

Ecological niche modeling on the effect of climatic change and conservation of Ternstroemia lineata DC. (Ternstroemiaceae) in Mesoamerica
 Luna-Vega, Isolda; Alcántara-Ayala, Othón; Contreras-Medina, Raúl; Ríos-Munoz, César A.


Botany - 90 (8), 2012


Tribute / Hommage

Strategies and tools for studying the metabolism and function of ?-aminobutyrate in plants. I. Pathway structure
 Bozzo, Gale G.; Trobacher, Christopher P.; Chiu, Greta; Bajwa, Vikramjit S.

Tiller organization within the tussock grass Schizachyrium scoparium: a field assessment of competition-cooperation tradeoffs
 Briske, David D.; Polley, H. Wayne

Fidelity and diagnostic species concepts in vegetation classification in the Rocky Mountains, northern Utah, USA
 Long, James N.; Van Miegroet, Helga; Shultz, Leila M.

Alternate host ranges of Cronartium flaccidum and Cronartium ribicola in northern Europe
 Hiltunen, Ritva; Samils, Berit

Testing the interaction between inter-sexual competition and phosphorus availability in a dioecious grass
 Eppley, Sarah M.

Allometries of coarse tree, stem, and crown measures in Douglas-fir are altered by Armillaria root disease
 Filipescu, C.N.

Palynological analysis and taxonomic position of the genus Mertensia (Boraginaceae)
 Ikeda, Hiroshi

Morphological and germination response variability in seeds of wild yellow gentian (Gentiana lutea L.) accessions from northwest Spain
 Varela, Federico; González-Benito, M. Elena

New Cortinarius species from conifer-dominated forests of North America and Europe
 Liimatainen, Kare; Kytövuori, Ilkka; Ammirati, Joseph F.

Effects of collection time and after-ripening on chemical constituents and germinability of Scotch thistle (Onopordum acanthium) cypselas
 Cavers, Paul B.; Hamill, Allan S.; Bernards, Mark A.

New records of Drosera tokaiensis subsp. hyugaensis (Droseraceae) from Kochi Prefecture, Japan
 Hamachi, Hidenori; Ogawa, Kohei; Minaniya, Yukio; Yokoyama, Jun; Arakawa, Ryo; Fukuda, Tatsuya

Evolutionary relationships in Oxytropis species, as estimated from the nuclear ribosomal internal transcribed spacer (ITS) sequences point to multiple expansions into the Arctic
 Strömvik, Martina V.

Corrigendum: Comparison of Puccinia acroptili from Eurasia and the USA
  Eskandari, F.M.; Berner, D.K.; Aime, M.C.


Botany - 90 (9), 2012


Strategies and tools for studying the metabolism and function of ?-aminobutyrate in plants. II. Integrated analysis
 Bozzo, Gale G.; Zarei, Adel; Simpson, Jeffrey P.; Trobacher, Christopher P.; Allan, Wendy L.

Seed dynamics of two fire-dependent Geranium species in the boreal forest of southeastern Sweden
 Granström, Anders

Leaf epidermal characters of Brazilian species of Solanum section Torva as taxonomic evidence
 Costa-Silva, Rafael; Basílio, Ionaldo J.L.D.; Agra, Maria de Fátima

Pollination biology and genetic variability of a giant perfumed flower (Aristolochia gigantea Mart. and Zucc., Aristolochiaceae) visited mainly by small Diptera
 Viana, Blandina Felipe; Selbach-Schnadelbach, Alessandra; Galetto, Leonardo; Kevan, Peter G.

Biomass allocation and shade tolerance in tree species of the Atlantic Forest
 Boeger, Maria Regina Torres; Marques, Márcia Cristina Mendes

Development of mycelial slurries containing surfactant for cultivation of the edible ectomycorrhizal mushroom Rhizopogon roseolus (syn. Rhizopogon rubescens)
 Matsuda, Miyuki; Ariyoshi, Kunio; Aimi, Tadanori

Salicylic acid analogues with biological activity may induce chilling tolerance of maize (Zea mays) seeds
 Hu, Jin; Qin, Guochen; Cui, Huawei; Wang, Qitian

Flowering phenology and mimicry of the rattan Calamus castaneus (Arecaceae) in southern Thailand
 McKey, Doyle

Two new species of Undifilum, fungal endophytes of Astragalus (locoweeds) in the United States
 Romero, Marie; Belfon, Robert; Creamer, Rebecca

Nitrogen, phosphorus, and light effects on reproduction and fitness of wild rice
 Pastor, John; Lee, Tali; Dewey, Brad

Higher-order bud production increases tillering capacity in the perennial caespitose grass Scribner's Panicum (Dichanthelium oligosanthes)
 Hartnett, David C.

Evidence of nitrogen fixation in lodgepole pine inoculated with diazotrophic Paenibacillus polymyxa
 Chanway,  Christopher P.


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