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Archives of Phytopathology and Plant Protection - 44 (4), 2011


Agro-ecological incidence and severity of Pepper veinal mottle virus, genus Potyvirus, family Potyviridae, on cultivated pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) in Nigeria
 Fajinmi, A. A.

Temperature response, pathogenicity, seed infection and mutant evaluation against Macrophomina phaseolina causing charcoal rot disease of sesame
 Akhtar, K. P.; Sarwar, G.; Arshad, H. M. I.

A survey of die-back disease of neem in Tamil Nadu, India and PCR-based confirmation of the isolates
 Nagendra Prasad, M.N.; Shankara Bhat, S.; Girish, K.

First record for the slug parasitic nematode, Phasmarhabditis hermaphrodita (Schneider) in Egypt
  Genena, Marwa; Mostafa, Fatma; Fouly, A. H.; Yousef, A. A.

Deterioration of cashewnuts in Kerala state of India due to insect infestation along with the fungal incidence
 Sharma, Vishnupriya

Artificial diet for continuous maintenance of the maritima earwig Anisolabis maritima (Bonelli) (Dermaptera: Carcinophoridae)
 Sharaby, A.; Fallata, S. A.; Ibrahim, S. A.

Insecticidal effect of plant extracts on two termite species
 Elsayed, G.

The comparative efficacy of some botanicals for the control of the seed weevil Caryedon serratus Olivier (Col., Bruchidae) in seeds of Acacia seyal Del.
 El Atta, H.A.; Aref, I. M.; El Sheikh, A.

Efficacy of crude neem seed kernel oil (NSKO) in controlling the tree locust (Anacridium melanorhodon melanorhodon Walker), a serious pest of the gum arabic producing tree (Acacia senegal L. Willd.) in the Sudan
 El Atta, H.A.; Aref, I. M.; Mohager, M.

Antimicrobial activity of some 2-amino-5-subsituted pyridine derivatives
 El-Zemity, Saad

Identification and detectability of broad bean stain virus in broad bean seeds and effects on nodulation
 Abd El-Ghaffar, Mamdouh; Abo-El Maaty, Sabah; Mahmoud, Sabry


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