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Annals of Botany - 109 (1), 2012



Plant Cuttings
 Chaffey, Nigel

Graduate Prize Winner

Why people need plants
 Chaffey, Nigel

Fifty Plants that changed the course of history
 Chaffey, Nigel

Seeds of Amazonian plants
 Ferraz, Isolde Dorothea Kossmann

Elusive but not hypothetical: axillary meristems in Wollemia nobilis
 Burrows, Geoffrey E.

Axillary meristems in the Wollemi pine: a response to Geoffrey E. Burrows
 Tomlinson, P. B.; Huggett, Brett A.

Abscisic acid and CO2 signalling via calcium sensitivity priming in guard cells, new CDPK mutant phenotypes and a method for improved resolution of stomatal stimulus-response analyses
 Hubbard, Katharine E.; Siegel, Robert S.; Valerio, Gabriel; Brandt, Benjamin; Schroeder, Julian I.

The more the better? The role of polyploidy in facilitating plant invasions
 te Beest, Mariska; Le Roux, Johannes J.; Richardson, David M.; Brysting, Anne K.; Suda, Jan; Kubešová, Magdalena; Pyšek, Petr

Quite a few reasons for calling carnivores `the most wonderful plants in the world'
 Król, Elżbieta; Płachno, Bartosz J.; Adamec, Lubomír; Stolarz, Maria; Dziubińska, Halina; Trębacz, Kazimierz

Genome size and DNA base composition of geophytes: the mirror of phenology and ecology?
 Veselý, Pavel; Bureš, Petr; Šmarda, Petr; Pavlíček, Tomáš

Functional morphology and wasp pollination of two South American asclepiads (Asclepiadoideae-Apocynaceae)
 Wiemer, A. P.; Sérsic, A. N.; Marino, S.; Simoes, A. O.; Cocucci, A. A.

Inferences of biogeographical histories within subfamily Hyacinthoideae using S-DIVA and Bayesian binary MCMC analysis implemented in RASP (Reconstruct Ancestral State in Phylogenies)
 Ali, Syed Shujait; Yu, Yan; Pfosser, Martin; Wetschnig, Wolfgang

Phylogeny of Oedogoniales, Chaetophorales and Chaetopeltidales (Chlorophyceae): inferences from sequence-structure analysis of ITS2
 Buchheim, Mark A.; Sutherland, Danica M.; Schleicher, Tina; Förster, Frank; Wolf, Matthias

Occidental diffusion of cucumber (Cucumis sativus) 500-1300 CE: two routes to Europe
 Paris, Harry S.; Daunay, Marie-Christine; Janick, Jules

An extinct Eocene taxon of the daisy family (Asteraceae): evolutionary, ecological and biogeographical implications
 Barreda, Viviana D.; Palazzesi, Luis; Katinas, Liliana; Crisci, Jorge V.; Tellería, María C.; Bremer, Kare; Passala, Mauro G.; Bechis, Florencia; Corsolini, Rodolfo

A comparative survey of floral characters in Capanemia Barb. Rodr. (Orchidaceae: Oncidiinae)
 Buzatto, Cristiano Roberto; Davies, Kevin L.; Singer, Rodrigo B.; Pires dos Santos, Rinaldo; van den Berg, Cássio

Ant species identity mediates reproductive traits and allocation in an ant-garden bromeliad
 Leroy, Céline; Corbara, Bruno; Pélozuelo, Laurent; Carrias, Jean-François; Dejean, Alain; Céréghino, Régis

Insects, birds and lizards as pollinators of the largest-flowered Scrophularia of Europe and Macaronesia
 Ortega-Olivencia, Ana; Rodríguez-Riano, Tomás; Pérez-Bote, José L.; López, Josefa; Mayo, Carlos; Valtuena, Francisco J.; Navarro-Pérez, Marisa

Induced polyploidy dramatically increases the size and alters the shape of fruit in Actinidia chinensis
 Wu, Jin-Hu; Ferguson, A. Ross; Murray, Brian G.; Jia, Yilin; Datson, Paul M.; Zhang, Jingli

Seed ultrastructure and water absorption pathway of the root-parasitic plant Phelipanche aegyptiaca (Orobanchaceae)
 Joel, Daniel M.; Bar, Hilla; Mayer, Alfred M.; Plakhine, Dina; Ziadne, Hammam; Westwood, James H.; Welbaum, Gregory E.

Relationship between leaf traits and fire-response strategies in shrub species of a mountainous region of south-eastern Australia
 Vivian, Lyndsey M.; Cary, Geoffrey J.

Natural variation in germination responses of Arabidopsis to seasonal cues and their associated physiological mechanisms
 Barua, Deepak; Butler, Colleen; Tisdale, Tracy E.; Donohue, Kathleen

Biased morph ratios and skewed mating success contribute to loss of genetic diversity in the distylous Pulmonaria officinalis
 Meeus, Sofie; Honnay, Olivier; Brys, Rein; Jacquemyn, Hans

Effects of defoliation and shading on the physiological cost of reproduction in silky locoweed Oxytropis sericea
 Ida, Takashi Y.; Harder, Lawrence D.; Kudo, Gaku

Evolution and ecology meet molecular genetics: adaptive phenotypic plasticity in two isolated Negev desert populations of Acacia raddiana at either end of a rainfall gradient
 Ward, David; Shrestha, Madan K.; Golan-Goldhirsh, Avi

Genome size and base composition variation in natural and experimental Narcissus (Amaryllidaceae) hybrids
 Marques, Isabel; Nieto Feliner, Gonzalo; Martins-Louçao, Maria Amélia; Fuertes Aguilar, Javier

Germination responses to temperature and water potential in Jatropha curcas seeds: a hydrotime model explains the difference between dormancy expression and dormancy induction at different incubation temperatures
 Windauer, Liliana B.; Martinez, J.; Rapoport, D.; Wassner, D.; Benech-Arnold, Roberto

Identification of soybean purple acid phosphatase genes and their expression responses to phosphorus availability and symbiosis
 Li, Chengchen; Gui, Shunhua; Yang, Tao; Walk, Thomas; Wang, Xiurong; Liao, Hong

Prediction of in situ root decomposition rates in an interspecific context from chemical and morphological traits
 Aulen, Maurice; Shipley, Bill; Bradley, Robert

Soil seed bank recovery occurs more rapidly than expected in semi-arid Mediterranean gypsum vegetation
 Olano, J. M.; Caballero, I.; Escudero, A.

Totomatix: a novel automatic set-up to control diurnal, diel and long-term plant nitrate nutrition
 Adamowicz, Stéphane; Le Bot, Jacques; Huanosto Magana, Ruth; Fabre, José


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