sobota, 16 czerwca 2012

Applied Vegetation Science - 15 (1), 2012


    Editors’ Award, vegetation survey, remote sensing and restoration (pages 1–3)

    J. Bastow Wilson, Alessandro Chiarucci, Milan Chytrý and Meelis Pärtel

    Regional context affects native and alien plant species richness across habitat types (pages 4–13)

    Núria Gassó, Joan Pino, Xavier Font and Montserrat Vila

    Plant diversity consequences of a herbivore-driven biome switch from Grassland to Nama-Karoo shrub steppe in South Africa (pages 14–25)

    Michael C. Rutherford, Leslie W. Powrie and Lara B. Husted

    Active restoration of woody canopy dominants in degraded South African semi-arid thicket is neither ecologically nor economically feasible (pages 26–34)

    Marius L. van der Vyver, Richard M. Cowling, Eileen E. Campbell and Mark Difford

    Direct and indirect effects of grazing constrain shrub encroachment in semi-arid Patagonian steppes (pages 35–47)

    Pablo A. Cipriotti and Martín R. Aguiar

    Resilience, persistence and relationship to standing vegetation in soil seed banks of semi-arid Australian old fields (pages 48–61)

    Andrew J. Scott and John W. Morgan

    Vegetation changes associated with cattle (Bos taurus) and wombat (Vombatus ursinus) activity in a riparian forest (pages 62–70)

    Philip Borchard and David J. Eldridge

    Restoration of native vegetation following exclosure establishment on communal grazing lands in Tigray, Ethiopia (pages 71–83)

    Wolde Mekuria and Edzo Veldkamp

    Decadal-scale aspen changes: evidence in remote sensing and tree ring data

    Temuulen Tsagaan Sankey

    Recolonization of vascular epiphytes in a shaded coffee agroecosystem (pages 99–107)

    Tarin Toledo-Aceves, José G. García-Franco, Adriana Hernández-Rojas and Keith MacMillan

    Traits and growth of liana regeneration in primary and secondary forests of Central Amazonia (pages 108–118)

    Mareike Roeder, Dirk Hölscher and Isolde D. Kossmann-Ferraz

    The age of Calluna stands moderates post-fire regeneration rate and trends in northern Calluna heathlands (pages 119–128)

    Liv G. Velle, Liv S. Nilsen and Vigdis Vandvik

    Response of blanket bog vegetation to drain-blocking (pages 129–135)

    Paul E. Bellamy, Leigh Stephen, Iain S. Maclean and Murray C. Grant

    The influence of environment, management and site context on species composition of summer arable weed vegetation in Hungary (pages 136–144)

    Gyula Pinke, Péter Karácsony, Bálint Czúcz, Zoltán Botta-Dukát and Attila Lengyel

    Spectral heterogeneity of QuickBird satellite data is related to fine-scale plant species spatial turnover in semi-natural grasslands (pages 145–157)

    Karin Hall, Triin Reitalu, Martin T. Sykes and Honor C. Prentice

    Reviewers List (pages 158–159)



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