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Annals of Botany - 109 (3), 2012



New perspectives on the evolution of plant mating systems
 Karron, Jeffrey D.; Ivey, Christopher T.; Mitchell, Randall J.; Whitehead, Michael R.; Peakall, Rod; Case, Andrea L.

How much better are females? The occurrence of female advantage, its proximal causes and its variation within and among gynodioecious species
 Dufay, Mathilde; Billard, Emmanuelle

Gender plasticity and sexual system stability in Wurmbea
 Vaughton, Glenda; Ramsey, Mike

Gynodioecy to dioecy: are we there yet?
 Spigler, Rachel B.; Ashman, Tia-Lynn

Functional characterization of gynodioecy in Fragaria vesca ssp. bracteata (Rosaceae)
 Li, Junmin; Koski, Matthew H.; Ashman, Tia-Lynn

The relative importance of reproductive assurance and automatic selection as hypotheses for the evolution of self-fertilization
 Busch, Jeremiah W.; Delph, Lynda F.

Effects of floral display size on male and female reproductive success in Mimulus ringens
 Karron, Jeffrey D.; Mitchell, Randall J.

Dichogamy correlates with outcrossing rate and defines the selfing syndrome in the mixed-mating genus Collinsia
 Kalisz, Susan; Randle, April; Chaiffetz, David; Faigeles, Melisa; Butera, Aileen; Beight, Craig

Tests for the joint evolution of mating system and drought escape in Mimulus
 Ivey, Christopher T.; Carr, David E.

Broad geographic covariation between floral traits and the mating system in Camissoniopsis cheiranthifolia (Onagraceae): multiple stable mixed mating systems across the species' range?
 Dart, Sara R.; Samis, Karen E.; Austen, Emily; Eckert, Christopher G.

Mating system shifts on the trailing edge
 Levin, Donald A.

Variation in inbreeding depression and plasticity across native and non-native field environments
 Murren, C. J.; Dudash, M. R.

Clarifying Baker's Law
 Cheptou, P.-O.

Non-additive effects of pollen limitation and self-incompatibility reduce plant reproductive success and population viability
 Young, Andrew G.; Broadhurst, Linda M.; Thrall, Peter H.

Unusual heterostyly: style dimorphism and self-incompatibility are not tightly associated in Lithodora and Glandora (Boraginaceae)
 Ferrero, V.; Arroyo, J.; Castro, S.; Navarro, L.

The natural history of pollination and mating in bird-pollinated Babiana (Iridaceae)
 de Waal, Caroli; Anderson, Bruce; Barrett, Spencer C. H.


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