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Annals of Botany - 109 (7), 2012



 Plant Cuttings
 Chaffey, Nigel

 Handbook of maize: its biology
 Kynast, Ralf G.

 Handbook of maize: genetics and genomics
 Kynast, Ralf G.

 Transgenic maize: methods and protocols
 Jones, Huw D.

 Water status and associated processes mark critical stages in pollen development and functioning
 Firon, Nurit; Nepi, Massimo; Pacini, Ettore

 The influence of pre- and post-zygotic barriers on interspecific Corymbia hybridization
 Dickinson, Geoffrey R.; Lee, David J.; Wallace, Helen M.

 Seed colour loci, homoeology and linkage groups of the C genome chromosomes revealed in Brassica rapa-B. oleracea monosomic alien addition lines
 Heneen, Waheeb K.; Geleta, Mulatu; Brismar, Kerstin; Xiong, Zhiyong; Pires, J. Chris; Hasterok, Robert; Stoute, Andrew I.; Scott, Roderick J.; King, Graham J.; Kurup, Smita

 Functional aspects of floral nectar secretion of Ananas ananassoides, an ornithophilous bromeliad from the Brazilian savanna
 Stahl, Juliana Marin; Nepi, Massimo; Galetto, Leonardo; Guimaraes, Elza; Machado, Silvia Rodrigues

 The cyanogenic syndrome in rubber tree Hevea brasiliensis: tissue-damage-dependent activation of linamarase and hydroxynitrile lyase accelerates hydrogen cyanide release
 Kadow, Daniel; Voß, Karsten; Selmar, Dirk; Lieberei, Reinhard

 Wait or escape? Contrasting submergence tolerance strategies of Rorippa amphibia, Rorippa sylvestris and their hybrid
 Akman, Melis; Bhikharie, Amit V.; McLean, Elizabeth H.; Boonman, Alex; Visser, Eric J. W.; Schranz, M. Eric; van Tienderen, Peter H.

 Genotypic differences in pod wall and seed growth relate to invertase activities and assimilate transport pathways in asparagus bean
 Liu, Yong-Hua; Cao, Jia-Shu; Li, Guo-Jing; Wu, Xiao-Hua; Wang, Bao-Gen; Xu, Pei; Hu, Ting-Ting; Lu, Zhong-Fu; Patrick, John W.; Ruan, Yong-Ling

 Floral development of Hydrocera and Impatiens reveals evolutionary trends in the most early diverged lineages of the Balsaminaceae
 Janssens, Steven B.; Smets, Erik F.; Vrijdaghs, Alexander

 Round and large: morphological and genetic consequences of artificial selection on the gourd tree Crescentia cujete by the Maya of the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico
 Aguirre-Dugua, Xitlali; Eguiarte, Luis E.; González-Rodríguez, Antonio; Casas, Alejandro

 Peperomia leaf cell wall interface between the multiple hypodermis and crystal-containing photosynthetic layer displays unusual pit fields
 Horner, Harry T.

 A molecular phylogeny and classification of Leptochloa (Poaceae: Chloridoideae: Chlorideae) sensu lato and related genera
 Peterson, Paul M.; Romaschenko, Konstantin; Snow, Neil; Johnson, Gabriel

 Signal honesty and cost of pollinator rewards in Dalechampia scandens (Euphorbiaceae)
  Pélabon, Christophe; Thöne, Patrick; Hansen, Thomas F.; Armbruster, W. Scott

 Phylogenetic relationships and generic delimitation of Eurasian Aster (Asteraceae: Astereae) inferred from ITS, ETS and trnL-F sequence data
 Li, Wei-Ping; Yang, Fu-Sheng; Jivkova, Todorka; Yin, Gen-Shen

 Contemporary gene flow and mating system of Arabis alpina in a Central European alpine landscape
 Buehler, D.; Graf, R.; Holderegger, R.; Gugerli, F.

 Parental environment changes the dormancy state and karrikinolide response of Brassica tournefortii seeds
 Gorecki, M. J.; Long, R. L.; Flematti, G. R.; Stevens, J. C.

 A role for PHANTASTICA in medio-lateral regulation of adaxial domain development in tomato and tobacco leaves
 Zoulias, Nicholas; Koenig, Daniel; Hamidi, Ashley; McCormick, Sheila; Kim, Minsung

 Tests for the joint evolution of mating system and drought escape in Mimulus
 Ivey, Christopher T.; Carr, David E.


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