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Plant Ecology and Evolution (continuation of Belgian Journal of Botany) - 144 (1-3), 2011


Plant Ecology and Evolution (continuation of Belgian Journal of Botany) - 144 (1), 2011


Comparative study of the reproductive ecology of two co-occurring related plant species: the invasive Senecio inaequidens and the native Jacobaea vulgaris
Vanparys, Valérie; Cawoy, Valérie; Mahaux, Olivia; Jacquemart, Anne-Laure

Patterns of hybridization and hybrid survival in the invasive alien Fallopia complex (Polygonaceae)
Saad, Layla; Tiébré, Marie-Solange; Hardy, Olivier J.; Mahy, Grégory; Vanderhoeven, Sonia

Grazing impact on plant spatial distribution and community composition
Kohyani, Pejman Tahmasebi; Bossuyt, Beatrijs; Bonte, Dries; Hoffmann, Maurice

Deep sequencing of Ptilidium (Ptilidiaceae) suggests evolutionary stasis in liverwort plastid genome structure
Forrest, Laura L.; Wickett, Norman J.; Cox, Cymon J.; Goffinet, Bernard

Morphology and development of spikelets and flowers in Cyperus and Pycreus (Cyperaceae)
Vrijdaghs, Alexander; Reynders, Marc; Muasya, A. Muthama; Larridon, Isabel; Goetghebeur, Paul; Smets, Erik F.

Revision of the African genus Isomacrolobium (Leguminosae, Caesalpinioideae)
Breteler, Frans J.

New and overlooked Acanthaceae taxa from D.R.Congo, Rwanda and Burundi: (1) the genus Barleria
Champluvier, Dominique

Avian fruit ingestion differentially facilitates seed germination of four fleshy-fruited plant species of an Afrotropical forest
Lehouck, Valérie; Spanhove, Toon; Lens, Luc

Novitates gabonenses 77: A new Eriosema (Leguminosae-Papilionoideae) from Gabon and adjacent Congo
Van Der Maesen, Jos; Walters, Gretchen M.

Scat analysis reveals a wide set of plant species to be potentially dispersed by foxes
D'hondt, Bram; Vansteenbrugge, Lies; Van Den Berge, Koen; Bastiaens, Jan; Hoffmann, Maurice

A new taxon of the genus Salvia (Lamiaceae) from Turkey
Celep, Ferhat; Kahraman, Ahmet; Dogan, Musa

The genus Coccochondra (neotropical Rubiaceae) expanded
Taylor, Charlotte M.

Book Review: Peter Leins, Claudia Erbar (2010) Flower and Fruit. Morphology, ontogeny, phylogeny, function and ecology
Vrijdaghs, Alexander


Plant Ecology and Evolution (continuation of Belgian Journal of Botany) - 144 (2), 2011


The endemic and non-endemic vascular flora of Madagascar updated
Callmander, Martin W.; Phillipson, Peter B.; Schatz, George E.; Andriambololonera, Sylvie; Rabarimanarivo, Marina; Rakotonirina, Nivo; Raharimampionona, Jeannie; Chatelain, Cyrille; Gautier, Laurent; Lowry, Porter P.

Coastal dry forests in northern Mozambique
Timberlake, Jonathan; Goyder, David; Crawford, Frances; Burrows, John; Clarke, G. Philip; Luke, Quentin; Matimele, Hermenegildo; Müller, Tom; Pascal, Olivier; de Sousa, Camila; Alves, Tereza

Adaptive strategy of a spreading gynodioecious plant species (Origanum vulgare, Labiatae) in a riparian corridor
Van Looy, Kris; Honnay, Olivier; Breyne, Peter

The geophytic Peperomia subgenus Tildenia (Piperaceae) in the Andes with the description of new species in a phylogenetic framework
Samain, Marie-Stéphanie; Mathieu, Guido; Pino, Guillermo; Symmank, Lars; Cieza, Nelson; Neinhuis, Christoph; Goetghebeur, Paul; Wanke, Stefan

Towards a revision of Trianthema, the Cinderella of Aizoaceae
Hartmann, Heidrun E.K.; Meve, Ulrich; Liede-Schumann, Sigrid

Diversity and origin of medicinal exotic flora in Cape Verde Islands
Romeiras, Maria M.; Catarino, Luís; Torrao, Maria M.; Duarte, Maria C.

Studies in Perenniporia s. lat. (Basidiomycota). African taxa V: Perenniporia alboferruginea sp. nov. from Cameroon
Decock, Cony; Mossebo, Dominique C.; Yombiyeni, Prudence

Chlorophytum burundiense (Asparagaceae), a new species from Burundi and Tanzania
Meerts, Pierre

A new species of Pancovia (Sapindaceae) from Central Africa
Belesi Katula K., Honoré; Stoffelen, Piet


Plant Ecology and Evolution (continuation of Belgian Journal of Botany) - 144 (3), 2011


Proceedings of the XIXth AETFAT Congress (Madagascar 2010)
Robbrecht, Elmar

The applicability of Relative Floristic Resemblance to evaluate the conservation value of protected areas
Wieringa, Marc J.; Sosef, Jan S.M.

Patterns of plant species richness of temperate and tropical grassland in South Africa
Siebert, Stefan J.

Structural and floristic typology of the forests in the forest-savanna mosaic of the Lopé National Park, Gabon
Palla, Florence; Picard, Nicolas; Abernethy, Kate A.; Ukizintambara, Tharcisse; White, Elizabeth C.; Riéra, Bernard; Rudant, Jean-Paul; White, Lee

Effectiveness of conservation areas in protecting Shea trees against hemiparasitic plants (Loranthaceae) in Benin, West Africa
Houehanou, Thierry Dehouégnon; Kindomihou, Valentin; Sinsin, Brice

Phytotoxic effects of a dominant weed Ligularia virgaurea on seed germination of Bromus inermis in an alpine meadow community
Wu, Gao-Lin; Ren, Guo-Hua; Shi, Zhi-Hua

Negative effects of forest fragmentation and proximity to edges on pollination and herbivory of Bomarea salsilla (Alstroemeriaceae)
Valdivia, Carlos E.; Bahamondez, Alejandra; Simonetti, Javier A.

Conservation credit for plant species diversity of small nature reserves in an agricultural matrix
Helsen, Kenny; Van Meerbeek, Koenraad; Honnay, Olivier; Hermy, Martin

Variations in CSR strategies along stress gradients in the herb layer of submediterranean forests (central Italy)
Catorci, Andrea; Vitanzi, Alessandra; Tardella, Federico M.

Factors controlling germination and dormancy processes in dimorphic fruits of Atriplex inflata (Chenopodiaceae)
Atia, Abdallah; Rabhi, Mokded; Debez, Ahmed; Barhoumi, Zouhaier; Abdelly, Chedly; Smaoui, Abderrazak

Long-term effects of grazing exclusion on aboveground and belowground plant species diversity in a steppe of the Loess Plateau, China
Zhao, Ling-Ping; Su, Ji-Suai; Wu, Gao-Lin; Gillet, François

Germination ecology of Sison amomum (Apiaceae) at the northern edge of its distribution range on the European mainland
Van Assche, Jozef A.; Cornelissen, Dominique; Vandelook, Filip

Taxonomic changes in C3 Cyperus (Cyperaceae) supported by molecular data, morphology, embryography, ontogeny and anatomy
Larridon, Isabel; Reynders, Marc; Huygh, Wim; Bauters, Kenneth; Vrijdaghs, Alexander; Leroux, Olivier; Muasya, A. Muthama; Simpson, David A.; Goetghebeur, Paul

The Cyperaceae in Madagascar show increased species richness in upland forest and wetland habitats
Muasya, A. Muthama; Larridon, Isabel; Reynders, Marc; Huygh, Wim; Goetghebeur, Paul; Cable, Stuart; Simpson, David A.; Gehrke, Berit

Jumellea pailleri (Orchidaceae), une espece nouvelle endémique des Comores
Rakotoarivelo, Fanny; Andilyat, Mohamed; Faliniaina, Lucien

Barleria superata (Acanthaceae): a new suffruticose herb endemic to Burundi
Darbyshire, Iain

Staelia culcita (Rubiaceae), a new species from Minas Gerais, Brazil
Cabral, Roberto M.; Cabral, Elsa L.

François Malaisse (2010) How to live and survive in Zambezian open forest (Miombo Ecoregion)
Groom, Quentin


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