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CactusWorld - 1-4 , 2011

CactusWorld - 1, 2011


Where there's a will by John Arnold

Ex situ conservation - or collection by Colin Parker

Visiting Pediocactus knowltonii in the field by Zlatko Janeba

The Sedum morganianum habitat discovered by Miguel Cházaro, David Jimeno-Sevilla & Amparo Alvalat-Botana

Notes on Gymnocalycium gaponii Neuhuber by Victor Gapon

Cacti and agaves at the Grand Canyon's South Rim by Root Gorelick

Observations on the genus Lithops by Brian Fearn

The programme for the conservation of Cuban cacti: achievements and challenges by Luis Roberto Gonzalez Torres, Alejandro Palmarola & Duniel Barrios

Forum by Bill Hildyard

Cactus Talk

Literature review

Two new Aloe taxa (Asphodelaceae) from the vicinity of the town of Ambatofinandrahana, Madagascar by Jean-Bernard Castillon


CactusWorld - 2, 2011


A new jewel in the genus Turbinicarpus: Turbinicarpus graminispinus G.F Matuszewski, V.Myšák & Z.Jiruše by Zlatko Janeba

Sackcloth and ashes by John Pilbeam

Some highlights hunting hedgehogs in northern Mexico by Peter Berresford

The Rat's Tail Cactus by Roy Mottram

Life Membership Award to John Arnold

Notes on cacti from the northwest of Bolivia with a new Echinopsis species by Martin Lowry and J Moises Mendoza F

Typification of Copiapoa conglomerata (Phil.) Lembcke by Helmut Walter

A new species of Acharagma (Cactaceae) from Mexico by Zsolt Elhart

Literature review

Forum report by Christopher Leather


Round Robins Report


CactusWorld - 3, 2011


Conserving Haworthia magnifica var. splendens in situ by Gerhard Marx

The search for the Graybeard Cactus - encounters with Echinocereus viridiflorus var. canus by Peter Berresford

The jatrophas of Jalisco, Mexico, with a commentary on Jatropha dehganii (Euphorbiaceae) by Miguel Cházaro-Basanez, Raúl López-Velázquez & Gregorio Nieves-Hernández

Moorbank Garden: decline and re-birth of an urban oasis by George Wake, Doug Berkley & Ray Stephenson

The Roan Testimonial (17 March 1951) by John Cox

Succulents of the Galapagos archipelago by Richard Gillman

Echinocereus salm-dyckianus by Alan Ritchie

A cry for help: Matucana huagalensis - new location, but still almost extinct by Holger Wittner

Forum report by Ernie Lazenby

Round Robins Report

Literature review



CactusWorld - 4, 2011


The seed list 2011/2012 by Peter Arthurs

The Black Lace Cactus - an evaluation by Peter Berresford

Rowley's bash: An extraordinary day by Roy Mottram

A new description for Adromischus x fosteri by Julian M.H. Shaw

Noteworthy sedums from Veracruz: Sedum obcordatum (Crassulaceae) by Miguel Cházaro-Basanez, Hector Narave-Flores & Jerónimo Vázquez-Ramírez

Ferocactus hamatacanthus at Big Bend by Root Gorelick

A new Aloe (Asphodelaceae) from the area of Fort Dauphin, Madagascar by Jean-Bernard Castillon

Literature review

Avonia harveyi, a new species from central Namibia by Jacques van Thiel & John Lavranos

Two Northumbrian succulent halophytes by Ray Stephenson

Winter woollies by Colin Norton



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