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Biotropica - 43 (2-6), 2011


Biotropica - 43 (2), 2011


Estimating Population Density of Amazonian Titi Monkeys (Callicebus discolor) via Playback Point Counts (pages 135–140)

Anand Dacier, Ana Gabriela de Luna, Eduardo Fernandez-Duque and Anthony Di Fiore

Ancient Maya Agroforestry Echoing Through Spatial Relationships in the Extant Forest of NW Belize (pages 141–148)

Nanci J. Ross and Thiago F. Rangel

Effects of Geomorphology and Primary Productivity on Amazonian Leaf Litter Herpetofauna (pages 149–156)

Jessica L. Deichmann, Albertina P. Lima and G. Bruce Williamson

The Influence of Microtopography and Soil Properties on the Distribution of the Speciose Genus of Trees, Inga (Fabaceae:Mimosoidea), in Ecuadorian Amazonia (pages 157–164)

María J. Endara and Jaime L. Jaramillo

Vascular Epiphytes on Isolated Pasture Trees Along a Rainfall Gradient in the Lowlands of Panama (pages 165–172)

Kerstin Poltz and Gerhard Zotz

Analyzing the Spatial Structure of Broughtonia cubensis (Orchidaceae) Populations in the Dry Forests of Guanahacabibes, Cuba (pages 173–182)

José Raventós, Ernesto Mujica, Thorsten Wiegand and Andreu Bonet

Effects of Inbreeding, Outbreeding, and Supplemental Pollen on the Reproduction of a Hummingbird-pollinated Clonal Amazonian Herb (pages 183–191)

Matthias Schleuning, Mathias Templin, Vicky Huamán, Giovana P. Vadillo, Thomas Becker, Walter Durka, Markus Fischer and Diethart Matthies

Pollen Dispersal Between Isolated Trees in the Brazilian Savannah: A Case Study of the Neotropical Tree Hymenaea stigonocarpa (pages 192–199)

Mário Luiz Teixeira de Moraes and Alexandre Magno Sebbenn

The Lack of Pollinator Specificity in a Dioecious Fig Tree: Sympatric Fig-pollinating Wasps of Ficus septica in Southern Taiwan (pages 200–207)

Rong-Chien Lin, Carol K.-L. Yeung, Jonathan J. Fong, Hsy-Yu Tzeng and Shou-Hsien Li

Links between the Environment, Abundance and Diversity of Andean Moths (pages 208–217)

Jan Beck, Gunnar Brehm and Konrad Fiedler

Selecting a Hiding Place: Anuran Diversity and the use of Bromeliads in a Threatened Coastal Sand Dune Habitat in Brazil (pages 218–227)

Hélio Ricardo da Silva, André Luiz Gomes de Carvalho and Gabriela Bueno Bittencourt-Silva

Selection of Nest Trees by Cavity-nesting Birds in the Neotropical Atlantic Forest (pages 228–236)

Kristina Cockle, Kathy Martin and Karen Wiebe

Riparian Areas and Conservation of Herpetofauna in a Tropical Dry Forest in Western Mexico (pages 237–245)

Ireri Suazo-Ortuno, Javier Alvarado-Díaz and Miguel Martínez-Ramos

Conservation Assessment of Guaiacum sanctum and Guaiacum coulteri: Historic Distribution and Future Trends in Mexico (pages 246–255)

Leonel López-Toledo, Constantino Gonzalez-Salazar, David F.R.P. Burslem and Miguel Martinez-Ramos

The Long-term Impact of Timber Harvesting on the Resource Base of Chimpanzees in Kibale National Park, Uganda (pages 256–264)

Kevin B. Potts


Biotropica - 43 (3), 2011


The Role of Natural Enemies in the Germination and Establishment of Pachira (Malvaceae) Trees in the Peruvian Amazon (pages 265–269)

Paul V. A. Fine and Italo Mesones

Phylogenetic Cascades and the Origins of Tropical Diversity (pages 270–278)

Matthew L. Forister and Chris R. Feldman

Litterfall Dynamics Under Different Tropical Forest Restoration Strategies in Costa Rica (pages 279–287)

Danielle Celentano, Rakan A. Zahawi, Bryan Finegan, Rebecca Ostertag, Rebecca J. Cole and Karen D. Holl

Limited Edge Effects Along a Burned-Unburned Bornean Forest Boundary Seven Years after Disturbance (pages 288–298)

J. W. Ferry Slik, Marloes van Beek, Caroline Bernard, Frans Bongers, Floris C. Breman, Charles H. Cannon and Kade Sidiyasa

Distinct Leaf-trait Syndromes of Evergreen and Deciduous Trees in a Seasonally Dry Tropical Forest (pages 299–308)

Elizabeth G. Pringle, Rachel I. Adams, Eben Broadbent, Posy E. Busby, Camila I. Donatti, Erin L. Kurten, Katherine Renton and Rodolfo Dirzo

Fine-scale Population Genetic Structure of Two Dioecious Indian Keystone Species, Ficus hispida and Ficus exasperata (Moraceae) (pages 309–316)

Suma A. Dev, Finn Kjellberg, Martine Hossaert-McKey and Renee M. Borges

Sex Ratio and Sex-specific Latitudinal Variation in Floral Characteristics of Gynodioecious Kallstroemia grandiflora (Zygophyllaceae) in Mexico (pages 317–323)

Eduardo Cuevas and Sergio López

A Dated Phylogeny Complements Macroecological Analysis to Explain the Diversity Patterns in Geonoma (Arecaceae) (pages 324–334)

Julissa Roncal, Anne Blach-Overgaard, Finn Borchsenius, Henrik Balslev and Jens-Christian Svenning

Frugivory, Post-feeding Flights of Frugivorous Birds and the Movement of Seeds in a Brazilian Fragmented Landscape (pages 335–342)

Marco A. Pizo and Bruno T. P. dos Santos

Weighing Defensive and Nutritive Roles of Ant Mutualists Across a Tropical Altitudinal Gradient (pages 343–350)

Genoveva Rodríguez-Castaneda, Rebecca E. Forkner, Eric J. Tepe, Grant L. Gentry and Lee A. Dyer

Coexistence and Habitat Preference of Two Honeyeaters and a Sunbird on Lombok, Indonesia (pages 351–356)

Daniel W. Carstensen, Redmond Sweeny, Bodil Ehlers and Jens M. Olesen

Home Range and Movement Patterns of Toucans: Implications for Seed Dispersal (pages 357–364)

Kimberly M. Holbrook

Use of Tropical Dry Forests and Agricultural Areas by Neotropical Bird Communities (pages 365–370)

Ian MacGregor-Fors and Jorge E. Schondube

Gray-headed Lemur (Eulemur cinereiceps) Abundance and Forest Structure Dynamics at Manombo, Madagascar (pages 371–379)

Steig E. Johnson, Christina Ingraldi, Fidimalala B. Ralainasolo, Hubert E. Andriamaharoa, Reza Ludovic, Christopher R. Birkinshaw, Patricia C. Wright and Jonah H. Ratsimbazafy

The Sounds of Silence as an Alarm Cue in Túngara Frogs, Physalaemus pustulosus (pages 380–385)

Amy L. Dapper, Alexander T. Baugh and Michael J. Ryan

Evaluating Genetic Diversity for the Conservation of the Threatened Galapagos Endemic Calandrinia galapagosa (Portulacaceae) (pages 386–392)

Patricia Jaramillo, Rachel Atkinson and Gabriele Gentile


Biotropica - 43 (4), 2011


Life After Logging: Strategic Withdrawal from the Garden of Eden or Tactical Error for Wilderness Conservation? (pages 393–395)

Raphael K. Didham

Social Immunity in Amphibians: Evidence for Vertical Transmission of Innate Defenses (pages 396–400)

Jenifer B. Walke, Reid N. Harris, Laura K. Reinert, Louise A. Rollins-Smith and Douglas C. Woodhams

Mycorrhizal, Endophytic and Ecomorphological Status of Tree Roots in the Canopy of a Montane Rain Forest (pages 401–404)

Dietrich Hertel, Lars Köhler and Matthias C. Rillig

Patterns and Determinants of Floristic Variation across Lowland Forests of Bolivia (pages 405–413)

Marisol Toledo, Lourens Poorter, Marielos Pena-Claros, Alfredo Alarcón, Julio Balcázar, José Chuvina, Claudio Leano, Juan Carlos Licona, Hans ter Steege and Frans Bongers

Distribution Patterns of Tropical Dry Forest Trees Along a Mesoscale Water Availability Gradient (pages 414–422)

Patricia Balvanera, Sandra Quijas and Alfredo Pérez-Jiménez

Above- and Belowground Carbon Stocks in a Miombo Woodland Landscape of Mozambique (pages 423–432)

Casey M. Ryan, Mathew Williams and John Grace

Influence of Precipitation on Soil and Foliar Nutrients Across Nine Costa Rican Forests (pages 433–441)

Silvia Alvarez-Clare and Michelle C. Mack

Liana Abundance Patterns: The Role of Ecological Filters during Development (pages 442–449)

Anselmo Nogueira, Flavia R.C. Costa and Carolina V. Castilho

Effects of Hurricanes on Rare Plant Demography in Fire-Controlled Ecosystems (pages 450–458)

Eric S. Menges, Carl W. Weekley, Gretel L. Clarke and Stacy A. Smith

Effects of the Physical Environment and Primate Gut Passage on the Early Establishment of Ampelocera hottlei Standley in Rain Forest Fragments (pages 459–466)

Ana M. González-Di Pierro, Julieta Benítez-Malvido, Moisés Méndez-Toribio, Isela Zermeno, Víctor Arroyo-Rodríguez, Kathryn E. Stoner and Alejandro Estrada

Host Plant Specialization and Species Turnover of Caterpillars Among Hosts in the Brazilian Cerrado (pages 467–472)

Helena C. Morais, Edison R. Sujii, Mario Almeida-Neto, Plauto S. De-Carvalho, John D. Hay and Ivone R. Diniz

Beta-Diversity of Termite Assemblages Among Primary French Guiana Rain Forests (pages 473–479)

Thomas Bourguignon, Maurice Leponce and Yves Roisin

A Complex Metacommunity Structure for Gastropods Along an Elevational Gradient (pages 480–488)

Steven J. Presley, Michael R. Willig, Christopher P. Bloch, Ivan Castro-Arellano, Christopher L. Higgins and Brian T. Klingbeil

Foraging Strategy within African Elephant Family Units: Why Body Size Matters (pages 489–495)

Leigh-Ann Woolley, Bruce Page and Rob Slotow

Forest Fragmentation and Seed Germination of Native Species from the Chaco Serrano Forest (pages 496–503)

Lorena Ashworth and María L. Martí

Rehabilitation of Logged Rain Forests: Avifaunal Composition, Habitat Structure, and Implications for Biodiversity-Friendly REDD+ (pages 504–511)

Felicity A. Ansell, David P. Edwards and Keith C. Hamer

The Abundance of Large Ateline Monkeys is Positively Associated with the Diversity of Plants Regenerating in Neotropical Forests (pages 512–519)

Pablo R. Stevenson


Biotropica - 43 (5), 2011


Bottom-up Conservation (pages 521–523)

Navjot S. Sodhi, Rhett Butler and Peter H. Raven

A Modest Proposal for Wealthy Countries to Reforest Their Land for the Common Good (pages 524–528)

Erik Meijaard and Douglas Sheil

Short-term Impacts of Fish Removal from Small Amazonian Forest Streams (pages 529–532)

Helder M.V. Espírito-Santo, William E. Magnusson, Jansen Zuanon and Thaise Emilio

Vegetation Zonation in a Neotropical Montane Forest: Environment, Disturbance and Ecotones (pages 533–543)

Patrick H. Martin, Timothy J. Fahey and Ruth E. Sherman

Inter-specific Variation in Foliar Nutrients and Resorption of Nine Canopy-tree Species in a Secondary Neotropical Rain Forest (pages 544–551)

Tana E. Wood, Deborah Lawrence and Jessie A. Wells

Plant Functional Traits and the Distribution of West African Rain Forest Trees along the Rainfall Gradient (pages 552–561)

Surya K. Maharjan, Lourens Poorter, Milena Holmgren, Frans Bongers, Jan J. Wieringa and William D. Hawthorne

Tree Regeneration and Understory Woody Plants Show Diverse Responses to Forest–Pasture Edges in Costa Rica (pages 562–571)

Claudia Bouroncle and Bryan Finegan

Individual Canopy-tree Species Effects on Their Immediate Understory Microsite and Sapling Community Dynamics (pages 572–581)

Nancy R. Mejía-Domínguez, Jorge A. Meave, Carlos Díaz-Ávalos and Edgar J. González

Dioecy, Monoecy, and Their Ecological Correlates in the Littoral Forest of Madagascar (pages 582–590)

Laura B. Vary, Daniel L. Gillen, Miramasonadro Randrianjanahary, Porter P. Lowry II, Ann K. Sakai and Stephen G. Weller

Epiphyte Biomass and Canopy Microclimate in the Tropical Lowland Cloud Forest of French Guiana (pages 591–596)

Christine Gehrig-Downie, André Obregón, Jörg Bendix and S. Robbert Gradstein

Tree Species Composition and Diversity at Different Levels of Disturbance in Popa Mountain Park, Myanmar (pages 597–603)

Naing Z. Htun, Nobuya Mizoue and Shigejiro Yoshida

Incidence of Fungal Necrotrophic and Biotrophic Pathogens in Pioneer and Shade-tolerant Tropical Rain Forest Trees (pages 604–611)

Graciela García-Guzmán and Francisco J. Espinosa-García

Fire Increases Insect Herbivory in a Neotropical Savanna (pages 612–618)

Caue T. Lopes and Heraldo L. Vasconcelos

Pileated Gibbon Density in Relation to Habitat Characteristics and Post-logging Forest Recovery (pages 619–627)

Rungnapa Phoonjampa, Andreas Koenig, Warren Y. Brockelman, Carola Borries, George A. Gale, John P. Carroll and Tommaso Savini

Impact of Road Clearings on the Movements of Three Understory Insectivorous Bird Species in the Brazilian Atlantic Forest (pages 628–632)

Paulo Roberto Ramos de Oliveira Jr., Carlos Camargo Alberts and Mercival Roberto Francisco

Interactions Between Competition and Predation Shape Early Growth and Survival of Two Neotropical Hylid Tadpoles (pages 633–639)

Sergio C. Gonzalez, Justin C. Touchon and James R. Vonesh

Population Status and Reproductive Success of an Endangered Epiphytic Orchid in a Fragmented Landscape (pages 640–647)

Victor Parra-Tabla, Carlos F. Vargas, Celina Naval, Luz M. Calvo and Jeff Ollerton

Remembering Navjot S. Sodhi (1962–2011) (page 648)

Lian Pin Koh and Tien Ming Lee


Biotropica - 43 (6), 2011


Minimizing Bias in Biomass Allometry: Model Selection and Log-Transformation of Data (pages 649–653)

Joseph Mascaro, Creighton M. Litton, R. Flint Hughes, Amanda Uowolo and Stefan A. Schnitzer

Evidence for Seed Dispersal by Rodents in Tropical Montane Forest in Africa (pages 654–657)

Aisha Nyiramana, Irene Mendoza, Beth A. Kaplin and Pierre-Michel Forget

An In Situ Leaf and Branch Warming Experiment in the Amazon (pages 658–665)

Christopher E. Doughty

Early Regeneration of Tropical Dry Forest from Abandoned Pastures: Contrasting Chronosequence and Dynamic Approaches (pages 666–675)

Susana Maza-Villalobos, Patricia Balvanera and Miguel Martínez-Ramos

High Mortality for Rare Species Following Hurricane Disturbance in the Southern Yucatán (pages 676–684)

Karen L. Vandecar, Deborah Lawrence, Dana Richards, Laura Schneider, John Rogan, Birgit Schmook and Henry Wilbur

Effect of Host Tree Traits on Epiphyte Diversity in Natural and Anthropogenic Habitats in Ecuador (pages 685–694)

Nils Köster, Jürgen Nieder and Wilhelm Barthlott

Which Extent is Plasticity to Light Involved in the Ecotypic Differentiation of a Tree Species from Savanna and Forest? (pages 695–703)

Maíra F. Goulart, Maria B. Lovato, Fernanda de Vasconcellos Barros, Fernando Valladares and José P. Lemos-Filho

Subtle Land-Use Change and Tropical Biodiversity: Dung Beetle Communities in Cerrado Grasslands and Exotic Pastures (pages 704–710)

Sabrina Almeida, Julio Louzada, Carlos Sperber and Jos Barlow

African Elephants Loxodonta africana Amplify Browse Heterogeneity in African Savanna (pages 711–721)

Edward M. Kohi, Willem F. de Boer, Mike J. S. Peel, Rob Slotow, Cornelis van der Waal, Ignas M. A. Heitkönig, Andrew Skidmore and Herbert H. T. Prins

Seed Dispersal Spectrum of Woody Species in South Ecuadorian Dry Forests: Environmental Correlates and the Effect of Considering Species Abundance (pages 722–730)

Andrea Jara-Guerrero, Marcelino De la Cruz and Marcos Méndez

Effects of an Epiphytic Orchid on Arboreal Ant Community Structure in Panama (pages 731–737)

Stephen P. Yanoviak, Stefanie M. Berghoff, K. Eduard Linsenmair and Gerhard Zotz

Structural Complexity and Distance from Source Habitat Determine Invertebrate Abundance and Diversity (pages 738–745)

Roger P. Mormul, Sidinei M. Thomaz, Alice M. Takeda and Rômulo D. Behrend

Stable Isotope Ecology of Extant Tapirs from the Americas (pages 746–754)

Larisa G. DeSantis

Conservation Value of Cacao Agroforestry Systems for Terrestrial Herbaceous Species in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia (pages 755–762)

Daniele Cicuzza, Michael Kessler, Yann Clough, Ramadhanil Pitopang, Daniela Leitner and Sri S. Tjitrosoedirdjo


Is Tropical Ecology Special? (page 763)

John G. Blake

Restoring Forests, Livelihoods, and Resilience in Tropical Landscapes (page 764)

Robin L. Chazdon

Balancing the Issues in Conservation Science (page 765)

Jaboury Ghazoul

Management of Forest Landscapes for Biodiversity Conservation (page 766)

Chris J. Kettle

Amazonian Wetland Ecology (page 767)

Ernesto Medina

A Conservation Imperative (page 768)

Sarah Otterstrom


2011 Alwyn Gentry Awards, Bacardi Award and ATBC Honorary Fellow (pages 769–770)


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