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Caryologia - 64 (1-2), 2011


Caryologia - 64 (1), 2011


KOHLI RASHMI, MONIKA SHARMA and SUDARSHAN CHAUDHRY - DNA Fingerprinting and Phylogenetics of Five Species Of Genus Culex Using ITS2 Sequence (Diptera: Culicidae)

DONG LUO, DAN LIU, BO XU, ZE-LONG NIE, HANG SUN and ZHI-MIN LI - A karyological study of six species of Silene L. (Caryophyllaceae) from the Hengduan Mountains, SW China

CHATTERJEE AVIJEET, SUDHIR SHUKLA, ANU RASTOGI, BRIJ K. MISHRA, D. OHRI and S.P. SINGH - Impact of mutagenesis on cytological behavior in relation to specifi c alkaloids in Opium Poppy (Papaver somniferum L.)

KUMAR PUNEET, SINGHAL VIJAY KUMAR, RANA PAWAN KUMAR, KAUR SHUBHPREET and KAUR DALVIR - Cytology of Ranunculus laetus Wall. ex Royle from cold desert regions and adjoining hills of North-west Himalayas (India)

SOMANATH PADHI, RAJLAXMI SARANGI, PRANATI MOHANTY, RUPA DAS, SUKUMAR CHAKRAVARTY, RAGHUMANI MOHANTY and RACHEL THOMAS JACOB - Cytogenetic profile of pediatric acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL): analysis of 31 cases with review of literature

KARIMZADEH GHASEM, MARYAM DANESH-GILEVAEI and MAJID AGHAALIKHANI – Karyotypic and Nuclear DNA Variations in Lathyrus sativus (Fabaceae)

OZCAN MELAHAT, SEMA HAYIRLIOGLU-AYAZ and HUSEYIN INCEER - Chromosome reports in some Cirsium (Asteraceae, Cardueae) taxa from north-east Anatolia

WANG YI, HOU-YANG KANG, HAI-QIN ZHANG, XING FAN, LI-NA SHA, RUI-WU YANG and YONG-HONG ZHOU - Distribution of chromosome numbers in BC2 and BC1F1 progenies derived from Triticum aestivum × Psathyrostachys huashanica

RAWAT DEEPIKA, SANTOSH KUMAR SHARMA, ARMAN MAHMOUDI and SATYAWADA RAMA RAO - Cytogenetic Rationale for Probable Amphidiploid Origin of Dipcadi erythraeum Webb. & Berth. - A Rare and Endemic Plant of Indian Thar Desert

DIAO YING, CHEN QINGFU, LIN XIANMING, LIAO CHAOLIN, HU ZHONGLI and YOUWEI WANG - Karyotype characterization of Epimedium species (Berberidaceae) by fl uorescent banding and physical mapping of 45S and 5S rDNA

YOSHIKO KONO, YOSHIKAZU HOSHI, HIROAKI SETOGUCHI, MASATSUGU YOKOTA and KAZUO OGINUMA - Distribution patterns of rDNAs and telomeres and chromosomal rearrangement between two cytotypes of Lysimachia mauritiana L. (Primulaceae)

ISMAILOGLU ISIL and MERAL UNAL - Structural and cytochemical analysis of female reproductive development in Ornithogalum sigmoideum Freyn & Sint

SOUSA SAULO M., ARYANE C. REIS, PÂMELA S. SILVA and LYDERSON F. VICCINI - An increment in the Duranta repens L. (Verbenaceae) knowledge: DNA content, karyology, meiosis and palynolog

DUYGU AKDENIZ and ALI ÖZMEN - Antimitotic effects of the biopesticide oxymatrine

MARTINEZ JULIANA F., ROBERTO L. LUI, DANIEL R. BLANCO, JOSIANE B. TRALDI, LUCIANA F. SILVA, PAULO C. VENERE, ISSAKAR L. SOUZA and ORLANDO MOREIRA-FILHO - Comparative cytogenetics of three populations from the Rhamdia quelen species complex (Siluriformes, Heptapteridae) in two Brazilian hydrographic basins

WAHEEB K. HENEEN, Two DVDs on ”The Beauty of Mitosis”


Caryologia - 64 (2), 2011


Spectrum of chromosomal configurations in pollen mother cells of Rhoeo spathacea (Swartz) Stearn

Koul, Kuldeep Kumar, Ranjna Nagpal and Alok Arun

First nuclear DNA amounts in diploid (2n = 2x = 14) Corchorus spp. by fl ow cytometry: genome sizes in the cultivated jute species (C. capsularis L. and C. olitorius L.) are ~300% smaller than the reported estimate of 1100-1350 Mb

Debabrata Sarkar, Avijit Kundu, Anindita Saha, Nur Alam Mondal, Mohit Kumar Sinha and Bikash Sinha Mahapatra

Cytogenetic studies in Podocnemis expansa and Podocnemis sextuberculata (Testudines, Podocnemididae), turtles of the Brazilian Amazon

Cleiton Fantin and Luiz Alberto dos Santos Monjeló

A karyomorphological study on two newly recorded taxa of Lycoris (Amaryllidaceae) in Anhui province, China

Liu Kun, Shoubiao Zhou**, Ying Wang and Dong Zhang

Development and programmed Cell Death in the Filament Cells of Lathyrus undulatus Boiss.

Vardar Filiz and Meral Ünal

Micronucleus analysis and mitotic index in a Jordanian population exposed to pesticides of organophosphate: malathion and chlorpyrifos

Omari Yousif I.

Karyotypic studies of Meriones dahli Shidlovsky, 1962 (Rodentia: Muridae) from Turkey

Nursel AŞan Baydemir, Yasin DemirbaŞ, Nahit PamukoGlu, Irfan Albayrak and Tuba YaGci

Cytological study the genus Chesneya Lindl. (Fabaceae) in Turkey

Hakan Sepet, Canan Özdemir and Bahittin BozdaG

Morphometric pattern of somatic chromosomes in three Romanian seabuckthorn genotypes

Truta, Elena, Gabriela Capraru, Craita Maria Rosu, Maria Magdalena Zamfirache, Zenovia Olteanu and Ciprian Manzu

The arrangement of pericentromeres during meiotic prophase I in the permanent translocation heterozygote Rhoeo spathacea

Hieronim Golczyk

Karyotype studies in Mimosa (Mimosoideae, Leguminosae) from Southern South America and ecological and taxonomic relationships

Morales Matías, Arturo F. Wulff, Renée H. Fortunato and Lidia Poggio

C-heterochromatin variation and NOR distribution in the karyotype of water vole, Arvicola terrestris (Mammalia, Rodentia)

Arslan1 Atilla, Tarkan Yorulmaz, Kubilay Toyran, Serdar Gözütok and Jan Zima

Cytogenetic and histological approach for early detection of “mantled” somaclonal variants of oil palm regenerated by somatic embryogenesis: first results on the characterization of regeneration system

Giorgetti Lucia, Monica Ruffini Castiglione, Alessandra Turrini, Vittoria Nuti Ronchi and Chiara Geri

A Simple Technique for Chromosome Preparation from Embryonic Tissues of teleosts for Ploidy Verification

Padmaja Jayaprasad Pradeep1, Thekkeparambil Chandrabose Srijaya, Rosnah Binti Mohd Zain, Alessio Papini and Anil Kumar Chatterji


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